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Ideas for a Blockchain MMORPG ~ need some feedback MMO IDEA

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u/dreffen Jul 28 '21

Everything doesn't need a blockchain.


u/zeanox Jul 28 '21

I disagree, i need a blockchain pizza.


u/Vermillion08 Jul 28 '21

My train of thought is that by putting it on a blockchain, there could be a way to stack computational power through nodes. by putting the strain across the board could it be possible to scale stuff like server limits and server side computation (which i believe will limit client side manipulation such as in Path of Exile where everything is calculated server side but if you make a build thats too crazy the server lags)


u/PM_me_PMs_plox Jul 28 '21

Distributed computing existed before blockchain


u/Kekker_ Jul 28 '21

Yep. 99% of people looking at using a blockchain need to do a lot more research. If you understand what a blockchain is, it becomes very clear very fast that it is worthless for most computing applications. It's very very good at what it does, but it's limited in scope in a way that people tend to not understand.