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Zambian dude walks up to complete strangers waiting in line and just Wholesome Moments

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u/TheChalbs Feb 05 '23

Last dude was checking to see if his wallet was still there


u/OutwithaYang Feb 06 '23

He's the smart one. The rest didn't question it.


u/3DNZ Feb 06 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

Yeah wallet thieves are known to wear Hi-Viz vests


u/elly996 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

considering there were social experiments done where if you had hi vis, or a ladder, you could literally just walk in and steal something. its possible.

the other commenter is right, wallet thieves confuse people to get their attention away from their wallet.


u/5MOKE5_III Feb 06 '23

My father in law used to take his work truck around and steal antique house lamps. He claimed he was the electrician hired by manager for inspection. (Loooong time ago)


u/elly996 Feb 06 '23

of all things, antique lamps xD

well if youre gonna steal something, why not an awesome old lamp. both cool to look at, and worth money


u/Lespuccino Feb 06 '23

Good luck tracking one.


u/5MOKE5_III Feb 07 '23

He'd give them to his mom, who sold antique stuff online. (She didn't know they were stolen) he'd make 150-400$ on them things!


u/elly996 Feb 06 '23

that too lol

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u/Spartz Feb 06 '23

Wallet thieves are known to create highly confusing situations to distract their targets. They then pass the stuff over to unseen accomplices. Beware.


u/iSuckAtMechanicism Feb 06 '23

Can confirm. I’m such a horrible wallet thief that it confuses people and makes them think I’m just joking around. They always let me go.

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u/Sithstress1 Feb 06 '23

Oh no, there was one dude about 3 back from the last one in a brown jacket that looked at him like he was sus, too. Lol


u/IknowKarazy Feb 05 '23

I would too


u/multiarmform Feb 06 '23

not a single person smiling down with the tom foolery and hijinx, everyone like wtf this guy think he doing


u/afa78 Feb 06 '23

Not a single person decked him either. Here in Los Angeles, he wouldn't get past person #2.


u/This-is-Life-Man Feb 05 '23

Everyone seems so happy...


u/JacaToPraca Feb 05 '23

I legit though he pulled a gun out 💀 You can even kinda hear like a silent revolver cock


u/just_fish_ass Feb 06 '23

Don't comment on my silent revolver cock...I'm insecure.


u/Imaginary_Ad_7318 Feb 06 '23

I think that was him closing his flip phone. Looked like an old Motorola razor 😂

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u/freddotu Feb 06 '23

That was my thought through the entire video. In some places on this planet, one will walk away with a broken arm at best.


u/PeopleOfBuffaloNY Feb 06 '23

We can call out those places: one of which is NYC 😭🤣🤣

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u/nbburgess Feb 05 '23

It’s the vest.


u/whooo_me Feb 05 '23

The power of a high-vis jacket. If he had a clipboard too, he’d be unstoppable.


u/LazyMoniker Feb 05 '23

Give him a ladder and they’ll let him go anywhere he wants.


u/Electrical-Yak-3888 Feb 05 '23

Ladder + clipboard = unstoppable


u/MrPhuccEverybody Feb 06 '23

You are forgetting the powers of the legendary lanyard/ID combo. S tier.

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u/educated-emu Feb 05 '23

Loads of videos like this lol



u/rosco2155 Feb 06 '23

Welcome….to LADDERS!

standing ovation


u/professor-sunbeam Feb 06 '23

I know this reference like I know the back of my Chang.


u/pringle_mcbigbuns Feb 06 '23

Now you're talking my Changuage

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u/Formal-Exercise8299 Feb 05 '23

Yes……clipboards have the most power…couldn’t agree with you more


u/MdnightRmblr Feb 05 '23

I refused a clipboard at work last night waiting on a large group. I’m an idiot. Always take clipboard.


u/NinjaGrizzlyBear Feb 05 '23

I actually had something like this happen at a Comedy Central live audience show my older sister took me too...but they just (seemingly) arbitrarily were walking down the line and stamping people's hands. We both got stamps, and it turns out the stamped ones looked decent enough to be reseated the front row or something , or easily made fun of.

We got roasted during the break when they asked if we were on a date and I blurted out hell no she's my sister lol.

I'll say that everybody in the line in this video looks good enough for the front row though


u/MermaidOfScandinavia Feb 05 '23

Don't forget the helmet. That would give him supernatural powers.


u/thunderingparcel Feb 05 '23

A dolly with some boxes or a walkie-talkie


u/SqueeMcTwee Feb 05 '23

I’d be so bummed if he skipped me.


u/anhedonis539 Feb 05 '23

An important tenet.


u/BeefNChed Feb 06 '23

We live in a twilight world


u/No_Recognition8375 Feb 06 '23

You joke but the power of the clipboard is so true. In the military if you’re an NCO with a clipboard and soldiers see checking name tapes, they’ll go out their way to avoid you.


u/ManUFan9225 Feb 06 '23

A hard hat would also do the trick


u/PrestonHM Feb 06 '23

"With a hi-vis vest and a clipboard, you can get almost anywhere."

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u/PtrJung Feb 05 '23

Yeah, when people see the safety vest, they’re like he must be legit.


u/Unholyalliance23 Feb 05 '23

They are all passing the vibe check


u/DreadlockMohawke Feb 05 '23

Hahaha i was totally natrating in my head ....

"Does this one pass the vibe check?" Nods. This one passes the vibe check. Next person. "Does this one pass the vibe check?" Nods. This one passes the vibe check. Next person. "Does this one pass the vibe check?" ...

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u/mydeadbody Feb 05 '23

Vibe inspector, coming through.


u/This-is-Life-Man Feb 05 '23

The vibe is considered "casually pumped, but suspect"


u/Muze69 Feb 05 '23

Not much of a vibe is he ?


u/velesi Feb 05 '23

Sure he is! Look at how many people gave a small smile or a smirk as he walked away


u/Muze69 Feb 05 '23

Most of them were looking like what is this dude doing?

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u/Simple-Strategy-3320 Feb 05 '23

Stoic vibes


u/Banfing Feb 05 '23

A vibe is a vibe

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u/eastern_rising1890 Feb 05 '23

That dead stare


u/AkaGurGor Feb 06 '23

Does he even BLINK?


u/lemonysnickett12 Feb 05 '23

His from Kenya not Zambia ,to the best of my knowledge 🤗


u/Outrageous_Cap_6186 Feb 05 '23

Ah, you're right. I just checked his tiktok.


u/yungvxder Feb 05 '23

how did you conclude he was zambian lmfao

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u/Downtown_Asparagus14 Feb 06 '23

I don’t know if I’ve ever knowingly seen a person who’s from Kenya before, but holy shit, Kenya has some beautiful people.


u/Ultrafoxx64 Feb 06 '23

Right? The fucking cheekbones and chiseled ass jaws, dude wtf.


u/Downtown_Asparagus14 Feb 06 '23

It’s insane. Even the proportions of the eyes, lips, and noses of each person is perfect for the shapes of their heads and structures of their faces. The richness of the skin tones and how every single person has different natural highlights to their faces. I’m curious if everyone might’ve been lined up for a casting call or a modeling opportunity of some sort, because that’s the only way it makes sense that not a SINGLE person was even slightly unattractive whatsoever.


u/TedBK Feb 07 '23

As a Kenyan, i appreciate the hype up. 😂 All we ever hear about is our "big forheads", so thank you.

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u/theonereveli Feb 07 '23

🤣you can't be real. I didn't know we're that beautiful. Thanks


u/Downtown_Asparagus14 Feb 07 '23

Any time! 😂 you’re beautiful, Kenya seems like a beautiful place with gorgeous people. You should definitely be proud of it!!

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u/Technogummybear Feb 05 '23

The last dude 🤣🥲


u/Keefyqueef Feb 05 '23

That’d be close to my reaction. Get your hands off me dude


u/Western_Dare1509 Feb 06 '23

Same here, if you don't know me....don't touch me.


u/zephenthegreat Feb 05 '23

He failed the vibe check


u/BumWink Feb 05 '23

Everyone else failed the wallet check.


u/Fuweddf Feb 05 '23

that Dave Chapelle.


u/Impressive-Project59 Feb 05 '23

What are they waiting in line for?


u/m1dlife-1derer Feb 05 '23

To get a selfie with this dude


u/Outrageous_Cap_6186 Feb 05 '23

Ha. It's a bus line.


u/SaraSlaughter607 Feb 05 '23

What are you serious 😭 christ is this just to buy a ticket or to actually get on and go? That line is brutal


u/Brake_Handle655 Feb 05 '23

Could be he is randomly documenting passengers in case the bus does not make it. /s Sorry, too much Final Destination watching…


u/Outrageous_Cap_6186 Feb 05 '23

Sinister tendencies I see


u/Majulath99 Feb 05 '23

Great name for a band


u/Outrageous_Chicken95 Feb 05 '23

Thats what I was wondering. And is he trying to cut in front of them all? Lol seems to be working

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u/Successful_Ranger_19 Feb 05 '23

Those 10 to 14 seater Taxi or a Bus.

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u/MurderBot2 Feb 05 '23

Check for your wallet.


u/Old_Television6873 Feb 05 '23

This is hilarious to me and I don’t know why. I think it’s great that the people don’t overreact.


u/s0rtajustdrifting Feb 05 '23

Same. It's the dude's emotionless face paired with the sage nodding


u/InfiniteLeftoverTree Feb 06 '23

“Sage nodding” 😂 perfect description.


u/anonymoususer98545 Feb 05 '23

Same. i couldn't stop laughing.

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u/Bingonight Feb 05 '23

I’m absolutely dead watching this it’s so funny. I’m going to send it to my friends and they will send me back “wtf?” But I don’t care it’s funny as fuck.


u/caspershomie Feb 06 '23

i think so many people are cool with it when they realize it’s not just them getting targeted. they get to watch it happen to people in front of them too

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u/NotThisAgain21 Feb 05 '23

Was the last guy pulling him back?


u/MapUnitKey Feb 06 '23

Just to run an inventory check before letting him go. If Khajiit has found your coin, it’s best to not let him get a running start.


u/Skoopy__ Feb 06 '23

Wait they steal my money? Is that why I always see them running

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u/InternationalBand494 Feb 05 '23

I liked how the last guy immediately checked his pockets


u/cmband254 Feb 05 '23

This is Kenya, not Zambia. I know that Safaricom sign anywhere. And they're speaking Swahili 🤗


u/Abject_Serve_6847 Feb 06 '23

That's right. I'm from Kenya


u/cmband254 Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Naishi hapa, lakini mimi si Mkenya. 🤗


u/Abject_Serve_6847 Feb 06 '23

Ooh, wewe ni wa wapi


u/cmband254 Feb 06 '23

The US originally


u/Abject_Serve_6847 Feb 06 '23

Ooh, wow. That's amazing


u/sdforbda Feb 05 '23

I have zero clue why this would make you smile.


u/PsychedelicDemon Feb 05 '23

I noticed pretty much the only people who ended up smiling was after he did his little head nod and they saw him move on the the next person, almost everyone looked uncomfortable when he was actually next to them


u/Catsdrinkingbeer Feb 06 '23

Yeah. Because it's super weird to have a random stranger touch you. Nothing about this made me smile.


u/pm-me-pizza-crust Feb 05 '23

This honestly made me pretty uncomfortable, I would not appreciate a stranger touching and recording me without consent.


u/GD_Bats Feb 05 '23

Same; I wasn’t fond of it before the Pandemic, sure as fuck don’t try that with me now.


u/Caerum Feb 05 '23

Same. Very uncomfortable and awkward. Even after the nod and him walking off I'd still feel confused and weirded out.


u/Bekiala Feb 05 '23

That is kind of my reaction too but damn those people are good looking.


u/pipboyover9000 Feb 06 '23

I think y’all have been screwed over too many times. I wish this wouldn’t have to make people feel uncomfortable, but I understand.

there was a dude I was scared of down the block, just had a goofy vibe to him, he stared a lot. One day I was walking home with my head down, had the worst week I can remember, wasn’t paying attention, was probably kicking rocks I can’t really remember. The guy came up, squeezed my shoulder a bit, didn’t hurt or anything, and he said “ hey man, it’ll get better, keep working and you’ll make it.” I said “thanks man” and he said “take it easy on yourself, and good luck”, he went home and I didn’t really see much more of him.

I think he must have saw my school bag or something, still kinda confused about it. That was by far the hardest semester I had and I probably would’ve dropped out in the near future. Glad I didn’t and I’m glad that guy came up and did that weird thing.

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u/Bingonight Feb 05 '23

This video struck me as super funny and I honestly have no clue why.


u/Lupo_Bi-Wan_Kenobi Feb 05 '23

Idk where you've lived your whole life but I grew up and have lived the majority of my life in Fresno California. There's a lot of pissed off people here, idk why that is but this video made me smile because you could never even think to pull this stunt off here.

You'd be lucky to get to the 2nd guy before "The fuck you doin dawg? You got me fucked up! I ain't the one! The fucks wrong with you?" And you're sure to be in a physical altercation within another attempt or two.

I once moved away from here and it was startling to me when someone said "How ya doin?" As they walked by on the SAME side of the street as me. Like wtf it's 10pm they didn't cross the street or anything they just walked right by and GREETED me too?

So yeah, shit like this makes someone like me smile. Knowing there are places in this world where people aren't so ready to throw down just because you accidentally made eye contact for a second and they wanna know what the fuck you're looking at.

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u/Sol33t303 Feb 06 '23

Yeah i'd just think he's a weirdo.


u/Crisis007 Feb 05 '23

Made me smile, its silly/random and just my kind of humor I guess.


u/blckJk004 Feb 05 '23

Idk either but I'm laughing lmao

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u/Red217 Feb 05 '23

Okay so everyone from Kenya is stunning


u/crnhs Feb 06 '23

And chill apparently!


u/Red217 Feb 06 '23

Lol seriously, so chill.

Would be a whole different video if this was NYC 😅😬

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u/briergate Feb 06 '23

Agreed! Just a line of people who are gorgeous to look at! And cool. Do this in the UK and no one would just run with it 🤣


u/[deleted] Feb 06 '23

Seems like youve found your type!


u/Red217 Feb 06 '23

Hahah perhaps, I have dated various races. Idk what it is recently but at my 35 years of age now I just see so many beautiful people - men and women!

Idk if it's my age or what but I'm just seeing this beauty in so many humans and I'm thoroughly enjoying this new lens I've got on hahah

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u/greihund Feb 05 '23

I'm so glad to see this video, because it confirms what I've always thought: nobody really wants to be in these videos. It's universal. I have no idea why this would have 'made you smile.' Nobody here is happy about being in this video, in case you are autistic or something and lack the ability to read other people's reactions


u/Too_Bad_Peanutbutter Feb 05 '23

I have no idea why this would have 'made you smile.'

I was wondering the same thing. Not once did I smile watching this video.


u/not_this_time_satan Feb 05 '23

I watched the whole dang video waiting for a contagious smile... there weren't any.

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u/sadicarnot Feb 05 '23

He should have went through and got buy in from each person. I was waiting for someone to smile. Then I was like how long is this video? When is someone going to pull the what the fuck dude?


u/timbotheny24 Feb 05 '23

Mate, I'm autistic and even I can tell no one is happy about it. At the very least they have a "WTF is this?" look on their face.


u/007mememan Feb 06 '23

There are a couple people who started laughing and smiling. But the majority were looking confused.


u/ImportanceCertain414 Feb 05 '23

What it looks like to me is no one wants to be anywhere. They weren't smiling before or after.

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u/BootyWol5 Feb 05 '23

I’m pretty disappointed ngl I was hoping he’d compliment them or do something that was anticlimactic


u/WildWezThy Feb 05 '23

When i have to show pictures of my “friends” on a dating site to not seem like a complete loser who can’t get any…


u/Sartres_Roommate Feb 05 '23

That kicked in my ASMR reaction a bit, very calming.

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u/Poopfiddler81 Feb 05 '23

That first guy looked just like him.. All the rest I was disappointed


u/CaptainRazer Feb 06 '23

He got through a lot of people not questioning it before getting to a guy who reacted like everyone I know would.


u/Important_Box5685 Feb 05 '23

As a black American I’ve never witnessed being in a nation were most of the people look like me. What stood out most to me was seeing people who look like me the whole time.

I’m so use to being the minority ( population wise) in America it doesn’t register at times How much I’ve become accustomed to seeing white people and when I do see black people it’s so rare.

Right now as I type this im observing my surroundings and unless I go to the hood or certain black areas I’m not seeing black ppl this frequently and you all are so beautiful.

This video made me emotional.


u/Luckystar222 Feb 06 '23

They also look handsome


u/knarfolled Feb 06 '23

As I have become more race aware and educated in black (American) history my eyes have been opened to just how many damn white people there are in tv and movies in my life (55 years old) and I can’t imagine how this feels to you.


u/Important_Box5685 Feb 06 '23

Respect to you for the kindness. That says a lot about you. In a good way.

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u/cardcomm Feb 05 '23

Wholesome Creepy Moments

Fixed that for you, OP.


u/kajorge Feb 05 '23

Everyone in this video looks as uncomfortable as I feel watching it.


u/Affectionate-Cut5716 Feb 05 '23

Did anyone notice how no one‘s reaction was violent or aggressive or in anger? If he would have done that in the United States, he probably would’ve got beat up by the second person he tried that on. crazy how us Americans are so full of hatred! I think it’s the food


u/musabbb Feb 06 '23

I mean wht the dude in the video did was annoying and innapropriate, but certainly not worthy of getting physically attacked or shot

I feel like the difference is reaction time. Western culture just seems to be on edge, fight or flight mode. Where as the people in the video, before reacting gave that 1 second to assess whats going on & thats the difference

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u/Icy_Recover2094 Feb 05 '23

Smooth operator


u/JealouslyElated Feb 05 '23

my introvert ass would never


u/ketanmehra Feb 06 '23

Midway through the video I started nodding with the guy... Did I pass the vibe?


u/onthe-fence Feb 06 '23

Why are we not discussing the tower of three people in the background?

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u/Meowskiiii Feb 06 '23

Why does this make you smile? 🤨


u/Steelthahunter Feb 06 '23

I love the look like they're just waiting for him to say something and then he just walks off


u/KongFooJew Feb 06 '23

Not even a single smile..


u/AurorasTreasures Feb 06 '23

Is it me or did that first guy look like he could be his twin


u/Unhappy-Craft-2609 Feb 06 '23

I love how no one says a word. it's completely silent up until the last guy. I wonder how the rest of that went down!


u/TitanJazza Feb 06 '23

You can’t dislike this guy


u/holeefookh Feb 05 '23

No one in this video nor am I smiling


u/Sad_Video_2734 Feb 05 '23

Hahaha I love this video


u/CaffeinatedTech Feb 06 '23

Capturing their face ID.


u/ColombianMarchingBlo Feb 06 '23

Idk why that made u smile


u/Jazzlike_Profit3272 Feb 06 '23

I dont know why i found this so funny


u/billibobbrewster Feb 06 '23

I guess at least one of us smiled.


u/TroubleLevel5680 Feb 06 '23

They’re all so gorgeous ♥️


u/echo_army7 Feb 06 '23

seems like a vibe check of some sort lol


u/bigquinnyg13 Feb 07 '23

What kind people. In America you wouldn’t get past the second person without getting cussed out at least. I’m speaking for Atlanta specifically but I think this would apply to most American cities at the very least.


u/erobin64 Feb 05 '23

Is the first dude his twin?

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u/Wrong_Butterfly_7082 Feb 05 '23

Compared to all the stupid crap people pull for likes and clout ( cutting people fishing lines, spraying water on people in bathroom stalls,etc). I'd say this was exactly the kind of prank/stunt the world needs right now

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u/Typical_Golf3922 Feb 05 '23

Alien in disguise picking out "probees".


u/sunnycyde3103 Feb 06 '23

This video made me inexplicably happy


u/BuddhaGoalie11 Feb 06 '23

I love this dude's energy and it just flows straight to each guy when he nods.


u/mustbeme87 Feb 05 '23

I think OP misunderstands the point of this sub.


u/damnusernamegotcutof Feb 05 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

You know what would really have made me smile? Somebody slapping the phone out of his hands

I get what he's doing is technically harmless but your average person does NOT want to be randomly broadcast to the entire word without consent just because one person is feeling confident enough to post themselves and everybody in the vicinity all over social media. None of these people looked comfortable


u/Suspicious-Elk-3631 Feb 05 '23

It's been said but it fits here. "Other people are not your content." Try that in America and he'd likely get assaulted.


u/baxterrocky Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Bit odd….. but ok


u/Mortal_Kombucha Feb 06 '23

I was waiting for someone to smile…


u/Severe_Ad_8621 Feb 06 '23

The man just skipped like 300m of queue, good for him.


u/tulianikufinye Feb 06 '23

This is Kenya,he is Kenyan.


u/spraggabenzo Feb 06 '23

This is a kenyan dude


u/alwaysoffended22 Feb 06 '23

First guy was his twin.


u/Yogionfire Feb 06 '23

I thought this was a weird and unique way to get in front of the line and beat all those people to whatever they were waiting for


u/josuhataylor Feb 06 '23

Man’s just conducting a vibe check


u/St34m9unk Feb 06 '23

Literal vibe check


u/Wicked_Twist Feb 06 '23

Im so confused as to why this is funny honestly and why did no one say a word???? Thats weird


u/sir_duckingtale Feb 06 '23

Would have been great if it turns out that was the dude they were waiting in line for… :D


u/Capital_Run_6665 Feb 06 '23

The first one was like him


u/willystyles Feb 06 '23

Did not make him smile


u/Glittering_Ad3431 Feb 06 '23

Privacy invasions make me smile too.


u/Butterbean33 Feb 06 '23

Try this in Europe!


u/yinyangry Feb 06 '23

Zambian Dave Chappelle


u/yuyufan43 Feb 06 '23

I love all the noise in the background and yet the line is dead silent and they all look so stern. 😅😂


u/Inagreen Feb 06 '23

He keeps doing this till he gets to the front and cut the queue like a boss 😎


u/blacknyellows Feb 06 '23

Not Zambian…. Kenyan


u/New-Nefariousness234 Feb 06 '23

Couldn't do that here in the US some Karen spit in your face.


u/NoButterscotch7312 Feb 06 '23

I’m sad that nobody did the obligatory head nod back


u/RaulXSP Feb 06 '23

I got a “Yeah my good people. Shit is real” vibe


u/yeusus Feb 06 '23

Spare only the ones I choose.


u/yeusus Feb 06 '23

Vibe checkin?


u/PeopleOfBuffaloNY Feb 06 '23

Would’ve escalated quick af in NYC 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣


u/Bleepin_BooperDooper Feb 06 '23

This is hilarious.


u/nydwarf Feb 06 '23

And that is how you cut in line in Zambia.


u/fasting4me Feb 06 '23

Yeah… we don’t touch each other in America


u/JohnnySPeNT Feb 06 '23

That’s awesome…. I’m gonna try and do that here in redneck Pennsylvania just to see what happens… and tell my mom I’m sorry for driving her insane, and give all my records to all my good friends….


u/Creative_Catch_8782 Feb 06 '23

Ok this is hilarious but why is there a circus act in the background!!!!


u/PureYouth Feb 06 '23

Different breed of people, huh? In the US people would be so weirded out


u/emmiex3 Feb 06 '23

Lmao this is comedy gold