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This is the follow up to the "I have on my husband" post. Very Reddit

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u/ScrambledEggs_ Jul 09 '22

"I dunno bro, she's kinda out of your league"


u/Roscoe_P_Trolltrain Jul 09 '22

Go for it dude! I hear she’s trying to get out of some sham marriage.


u/Forsaken_legion Jul 10 '22

“bruh I totally hit that. Sexually of course.”


u/KeepLkngForIntllgnce Jul 09 '22

Friend’s def an MVP here


u/SnooPears3463 Jul 09 '22

Sometimes things are that simple


u/Ulsterman24 Jul 09 '22 Helpful Rocket Like

Thankfully I'm already in the bath, so the water soaks up the tears of loneliness and spilled whisky.


u/ShittyShitRoyale28 Jul 09 '22 Wholesome

I love you bro/sis


u/hawt_but_w_a_t Jul 09 '22

Award this man


u/asharkonamountaintop Jul 09 '22

It is absolutely essential to know which brand of whisky


u/Ophukk Jul 09 '22

Doublewood by The Balvenie Distillery. Trust me.


u/asharkonamountaintop Jul 09 '22

I counter with Edradour Ballachin. Glorious, peaty goodness


u/Ophukk Jul 09 '22 edited Jul 09 '22

Are we talking Laphroiag levels of peat? If so, your dead frogs shall remain yours.

e. spelling


u/asharkonamountaintop Jul 09 '22

Laphroiag? Are you kidding me? If I want to taste a rotting cask I'll bite into one!


u/Ophukk Jul 09 '22

If nothing else we will agree on, Laphroiag went too far.


u/Ulsterman24 Jul 10 '22

Mortlach 20, cask.


u/asharkonamountaintop Jul 10 '22

Ah, Speyside! Very solid.


u/_whIsk3y Jul 09 '22

Real men pour the whiskey into the sponge and then, together with the human soup water and soap, squeeze it out into their mouths, the french call it poutiné


u/shenanigans2day Jul 09 '22

Im out of whiskey, so the award will just have to do. 🍻


u/bendubberley_ Jul 09 '22

original post

Edit: Mistake in the title ("I have a crush on my husband")


u/Standard_Mark1890 Jul 09 '22

Actual original post

The original post OP is mentioning


u/bendubberley_ Jul 09 '22

Thank you :)


u/icodeusingmybutt Jul 09 '22

I'm gonna copy that, just need a wife.


u/danceswithwool Jul 09 '22

And a supportive friend


u/SpacelyHotPocket Jul 09 '22

And a job.


u/No_Tomorrow_6538 Jul 09 '22

And a water cooler.


u/allagrl Jul 09 '22 Silver

And my axe


u/oddfellowfloyd Jul 09 '22

And my bow. 😆


u/Professional-Age-536 Jul 10 '22

If this is the will of the council, Gondor will see it done


u/_whIsk3y Jul 09 '22

And if you somehow magically manage to acquire all of that you'd probably just wake up, next to a watercooler perhaps


u/No_Tomorrow_6538 Jul 09 '22

With or without pants and/or your wallet. We'll just have to see how the day starts.


u/CuriousGuyOnTheNet Jul 09 '22

I’m gonna need a new heart, mine just melted…


u/Chewychoey Jul 10 '22

You can have mine ;)


u/BurnerForJustTwice Jul 09 '22

If it was my luck, my wife would have said no because she’s busy and maybe another time only to go home to see her eating Cheetos while watching a friends rerun.


u/trou_bucket_list Jul 09 '22

Womp Womp. Maybe your wife is exhausted and just needs a break. Maybe you can watch friends and eat Cheetos with her


u/BurnerForJustTwice Jul 09 '22

The couple in the OP didnt go out or do anything. It was just fooling around like they had just met. Also, I said it in jest. My wife probably would have played along.


u/Wemblerry Jul 09 '22

I also choose this guys dead wife.


u/El-17 Jul 09 '22



u/Scarlaymama0721 Jul 09 '22

I think I’m gonna do something like this to my husband today. Sidle up to him while he’s getting his coffee and ask him Shyly if he’ll go out on a date with me. It sounds like fun LOL


u/mcketten Jul 09 '22

My wife and I do this stuff all the time. If one of us is coming home and spots the other in the yard or on the porch, we'll roll down the window of the car and yell out things like, "Hey cutie, you free tonight?"

One day I just happened to be opening the door when she was coming home and she looked up, without missing a beat, and said, "Hey, handsome, is your wife home?" I laughed and said, "Nope. She's at work." "Her loss, then. Shouldn't leave such a fine man alone when there's women like me about." Etc.

Trust me, it works.


u/MidnightFruitBath Jul 09 '22

I ask my husband some version of "you've got a cute butt, shall we get married about it?" at least once a week hahaha we've been married 3 years, together for 9 😊 he still says yes


u/Scarlaymama0721 Jul 09 '22

Lol I love that


u/PrivateIsotope Jul 09 '22

My wife does this to me in public all the time. I tell her I'm married and when she keeps pressing, I say something like "Away, you hussy" or something.


u/JudgementKiryu Jul 10 '22

😭 “BEGONE, woman!”


u/Cashew-Gesundheit Jul 09 '22

You're never going to know if you don't go for it, again


u/oldohioguy Jul 09 '22

My wife and I are both 71, we’ve been married for 48 years, and I still flirt with her. And she is still startled and giggles when I do. 😀


u/hotmasalachai Jul 09 '22

This is what I want. 😍😍💗


u/price3985 Jul 10 '22

Congratulations on being married for 48 years. That’s awesome! Besides the flirting you do, what other things have you done to have a long lasting marriage? I have been married going on 15 years this November but I am always looking advice so I can have a long marriage like yourself.


u/oldohioguy Jul 10 '22

I think we were lucky in how we met. We lived in the same dorm at college and became friends first. Spent a lot of time just talking about life, the future—like one does when you’re young. A romantic relationship came later. She’s my best friend and says I’m her best friend.

We’ve been through a lot together. Serious cranial surgery for me and breast cancer for her—with good outcomes for both of us. Raised a child together. Supported each other through grad school. That sort of thing builds trust in your partner. We’re not focused on material success. We’re not rich but we have a good life.


u/yellowpeanut22 Jul 09 '22

Anyone else being happy for them but at the same time being sad because you don't have such a relationship with someone yourself, and it doesn't seem like you will find one any time soon?


u/dirkalict Jul 09 '22

I’m happy for them but sad because I did have this relationship but my wife passed away 5 years ago and her birthday was last week and I’ve been in a funk, but I also can smile remembering her. I hope you find someone to share your love and life with. I never expected it and then I was blessed with 25 years with a true partner in every way.


u/RaoulPorfavorny Jul 09 '22

The pollen in here - it's making my damn eyes water . . . .!


u/JinkoTheMan Jul 09 '22

You just had to call me out huh?😭🤦🏾


u/Ok_Technology_1294 Jul 09 '22

Made me smile so big!


u/FlexibleCreative Jul 09 '22

Very great. Where was the date?


u/danmalek466 Jul 09 '22

Update: Husband was brought into HR and is suspended without pay pending completion of sexual harassment awareness training… jk


u/Zabuzaxsta Jul 10 '22 edited Jul 10 '22

My girlfriend still mentions a stunt I pulled like this once.

We booked a flight, and for whatever reason couldn’t choose seat assignments when we booked it. The day of the flight comes, and we decide to get there early so we can request seats together. There’s nobody at the gate, so we go and have a couple drinks at the nearest bar in the terminal. Finally, a couple of employees show up at the gate and start getting everything ready. We close out, go over to the gate, and I kinda loudly whispered (with hand to the side of my mouth for complete cheesiness) “Hey so I met this really hot girl behind me at the bar and we’re on the same flight…I think I have a shot with her, do you think you could put us together?” and she rolled her eyes and said “Oh my God” but still laughs about it to this day.

Thankfully both the employees picked up on what I was doing. We got seats together, lol. As we walked off, the male gate agent said “Good luck, my man!” which elicited another eyeroll from my girlfriend. Legend


u/marimba79 Jul 09 '22

That’s frigging adorable!


u/static1053 Jul 09 '22

I do that periodically with my fiancee. Randomly I'll walk into a room and ask if she comes here often then ask her out.


u/hotmasalachai Jul 09 '22

Strong Jim and pan vibes


u/straks Jul 09 '22

Reminds me of the time when I was volunteering in an organization as a student and clicked with a girl. Some people noticed, but didn't say anything.

One night, we confessed our attraction/interest in each other, and became a couple. All in love, the whole thing. I was in heaven.

The thing this post reminds me of is the next day, there was a meetup in the org. I entered the room, she was there working on someting and a friend of ours was there as well (it was just the 3 of us), friend came up to me and the conversation went:

Him: "You like her, don't you?"

Me: "Yeah... I do"

Him: "Just ask her out man, she's into you... Just go for it!"

Me: "Are you sure? I should go for it?"

Him: "Yeah, absolutely!"

So I walked up to her with him looking, she looked at me, I said "Hey!" and we kissed, right in front of him and he just lost it "Wow! Is that how you 'go for it'‽ And it worked‽". She picked up on what was happening and played along. Took us a week before telling him what had really happened. The whole week, he kept making remarks on how surprised he was that tactic worked.


u/Fit-Inevitable6907 Jul 09 '22

i grinned the entire time whilst reading this


u/Forgotmyusername85 Jul 10 '22 edited Jul 10 '22

My husband likes to randomly ask me out on dates. Most of the time I say yes but once in a while I answer, maybe or no. I like to keep him on his toes🤣


u/mandym123 Jul 10 '22

This is like on parks and Rec when Ben and Leslie say “I love you and I like you”. #unexpectedparksandrec


u/OutragedBubinga Jul 09 '22

I am absolutely loving this 🥰


u/BlueCollarGuru Jul 09 '22

A good man always has a great hype man.


u/OrcRampant Jul 09 '22

My wife and I do shit like this all the time. We been married 16 years.


u/bigoz_07 Jul 09 '22

That is super sweet! I am happy for you guys!


u/Wilhelt21 Jul 09 '22

Alright, I’m gonna start crossing the road without looking from now on


u/Phoenix__Wings Jul 09 '22

I wish my wife loved me that much.


u/theythembian Jul 09 '22

I wish I had a spouse at all


u/Phoenix__Wings Jul 09 '22

You can have mine


u/No_Tomorrow_6538 Jul 09 '22

Aw. I'm sorry.


u/mlhender Jul 09 '22

This is creepy as hell


u/goatgirlie20 Jul 09 '22

How is it creepy?


u/Typical_Golf3922 Jul 09 '22

This is so beautiful...💕


u/[deleted] Jul 09 '22


u/keepitdown12 Jul 09 '22

Super sweet 🥰


u/Sea_Spinach2109 Jul 09 '22

I love this💖


u/potatoes4chipies Jul 09 '22

This is adorable.


u/ENFJPLinguaphile Jul 09 '22

Y’all are adorable!


u/TomiTomate424 Jul 09 '22

This is truly wholesome


u/Beneficial_Swing487 Jul 09 '22

Relationship Goals


u/Cyanide_Skiesx Jul 09 '22

This made me so happy. There's still so much good in the world


u/instinctive56 Jul 09 '22

The post above this on my Reddit fyp was the I have a crush on my husband post


u/[deleted] Jul 09 '22

🙄 Cue the copycat posts…


u/Th3tluv_jazzz Jul 09 '22

If my husband ain’t like that then I don’t want him 😭


u/Fasciola007 Jul 09 '22



u/Cry_Baby15 Jul 09 '22

This gave me hope


u/Ashutosh-Rai Jul 09 '22

Vroo after reading that Handsome word in first post I didn't gone for other words cuz that's not the case here🙃


u/Vernawhite Jul 09 '22



u/greyrobot6 Jul 10 '22

Sometimes I introduce my husband as my boyfriend. We’ve been married for 22 years.


u/dr_duck69 Jul 10 '22

I want a relationship like this!!!!!


u/SuckerForNoirRobots Jul 10 '22

Far less heartwarming, but a few weeks ago when my husband was mowing the lawn outside I waved to him through the bedroom window and then flashed him. He got the most genuinely surprised and pleased smile on his face, it made me feel so good. It was obvious that he was genuinely pleased and wasn't just smiling to be nice. I hope we're always in love the way we are now.


u/That-Freedom896 Jul 10 '22

I like reading about how other people keep things going, when I failed miserably. It's cute, and kudos


u/janehoe_throwaway Jul 10 '22

Imagine saying "no can do, I'm already married."


u/silverbrewer07 Jul 10 '22

Why in the Hallmark channel did I read this


u/sextmessagebreakup Jul 10 '22

I’ve been single so long these posts just make me sad :( my own problem, it’s a cute story and one I’ll probably never experience but I hope one day I do


u/Scp-Link2345 Jul 10 '22

Is this persons husband Samuel Rodriguez


u/skaterbunz Jul 10 '22

This is so cute! Sometimes after a dinner date with my fiancé I'll ask him if I can come back to his place (we live together).


u/Ill_Earth8585 Jul 10 '22

I am the one who shared the post you mentioned.

And hey, this is great.


u/siaforya Jul 10 '22

lucky af


u/Tabalugibugiwuu Jul 10 '22

Ha! G444y! ;)


u/JingleKitty Jul 10 '22

I do stuff like this with my imaginary husband all the time. We are adorable together.


u/SE_raerae Jul 10 '22

Very sweet.


u/FeatheringAwayy Jul 10 '22

God, do you still remember me?? When is it my time


u/Mondesi123 Jul 11 '22

This story is cute. I’ve walked up to three girls in my life with a similar pickup line & they all walked away.. I now know I messed up by not asking my wife out instead


u/[deleted] Jul 09 '22



u/offultimate Jul 09 '22

i’m sorry for your loss


u/Profopol Jul 09 '22

My bad lol I thought this was gonna be like the rest of Reddit didn’t wanna make anyone sad I’ll delete it


u/MyBunnyIsCuter Jul 09 '22

I really hope this lasts. I do Because as high in the clouds as she is, if he ever cheats on her she'll hit the pavement, face first at 300ph.

I always cheer people on when they find love like this; it's such a rare thing and makes me happy for them. It's just that some of us have seen the reality of life in harsh, first-person perspective, so we're always waiting for the other shoe


u/HuanghouJichengren Jul 09 '22

Hugging the toaster in my bathtub rn