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Megathread Community Megathread - June 17 [READ THIS FIRST]


Welcome to the thirty-fourth Community Megathread!

You can view the last Community Megathread here.

This thread lists the new Q&A and Complaints Megathreads, along with other important community links. Since we may only have two threads stickied at a time, this allows the Moderation team to highlight other important posts without having to unsticky the Megathread details.


Beginner's Q&A Megathread - June 17

Complaints Megathread - June 17

Other Important Links:

Alliance Recruitment Megathread

Official MSF Discord Server

Developer Response Tracker

Please note: redundant submissions posted outside of the Megathreads will be removed by the Moderation team. Basic questions/complaints flood the submissions, the vast majority of which have been addressed many times.

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News Check out the Weekly Blog Featuring the October event with orbs and SHARDS of Spider-Man 2099




Updated 9/30/22 2:10PM PDT (Banner Added to Blight Barrage Blitz)

Greetings Commanders,



Fast track your Roster into a utopian world of tomorrow with the next month-long milestone event: Future Shock! Your October events will consist of:

  • 4 Main Milestone Events
  • 4 Quick Rumble Milestones
  • 2 Alliance Milestones

Make progress in these 10 events to earn points toward Future Shock, which is your chance to recruit Spider-Man 2099 and earn his fully crafted Gear Tier 16 gear. Keep an eye out for the Daily Web Milestone, which'll also reward event progress. You can prepare now by linking your game to your Scopely Account in the "Options" menu.


We'll have more information about each event closer to their start date, but in meantime, you can check out the schedule (dates listed in PDT):

Main Milestone Events

  • Rogue's Gallery - October 3rd 
  • Helicarrier Clash - October 10th 
  • Night of the Spider - October 17th 
  • Midnight Haunt - October 24th 

Quick Rumble Milestone Events

  • Genetic Marvels (Marauders) - October 7th
  • Spider-Space (Symbiotes) - October 14th
  • Web of Shadows (Shadowland) - October 21st
  • Something Wicked (Supernatural) - October 28th

Coordinated Assault Alliance Milestones

  • October 7th to October 13th
  • October 20th to October 26th


Earn a huge amount of points by collecting the following special items from the October events: Spliced Spider-Genes, Light Byte Cloth, Organic Webbing, Death's Head Mask, and Day of the Dead Costume. Completing the Future Shock Milestones earns Spider-Splicer Orbs, which have a chance to drop 100 shards of Spider-Man 2099. The milestones also reward Teal Gear and Spider-Man 2099's fully crafted Gear Tier 16 pieces.



Rack up at least 200,000 points to qualify for this Leaderboard. The top 25 will earn Gold Orb Fragments, Teal Raid Orb Fragments, Milestone II Orb Fragments, and Gold Promotion Credits. Competitors at other ranks can earn Gold Orb Fragments, Teal and Orange Raid Orb Fragments, Milestone II Orb Fragments, and Silver Promotion Credits.




The first Future Shock event swings your way on October 3rd at 2:00PM (PDT) with Rogue's Gallery. You don't want to miss this rewards double-whammy, as you'll not only earn Future Shock progress, but also shards, gear, and more to help you prepare for the second run of Famine Scourge Event.

Horseman Harvest Orb

Earn Horseman Harvest Orbs from select Campaign nodes and the Blight Barrage web milestone, and then open them to earn roster-changing rewards. The orbs include character shards for Young Avengers, A-Force, and Inhuman characters, along with Gold, gear, and Training Modules.

Rogue's Gallery Milestone

Score points toward this 7-day milestone by opening Horseman Harvest Orbs to earn:

  • Light Byte Cloth
  • Spliced Spider-Genes
  • Skill gear
  • Shards for Spider-Man (Miles) and America Chavez
  • T2 and T1 Iso-8 Orb Fragments
  • Elite 5 Credits




Blitz to rack up points toward this 7-day web milestone. You'll earn more points with Young Avenger characters equipped with Gear Tier 13+. Rewards include Horseman Harvest Orb Fragments and more!




Coordinated Assault returns on October 7th at 2:00PM for its first run during Future Shock. Work together with your Alliance by spending Iso-8 Campaign Energy to earn points (1 Energy = 1 point) toward a 7-day Alliance Milestone that rewards T2 Level 4 Ions, T2 Level 1 Ions, T1 Ions, and Spliced Spider-Genes for progress in Future Shock.




Activate your Mutant gene and prepare for the Genetic Marvel Quick Rumble. The event kicks off on October 7th at 2:00PM (PDT) and the featured trait will be "Marauder." Along with Quick Rumble rewards, you can plunder Spliced Spider-Genes, Blitz Credits, Basic Orbs, Legacy I Orbs, Legacy II Orbs, and Mega Orb Fragments. Accelerate your progress through the milestones by winning with characters who possess the Marauder trait at 5 Stars (1,840pts) or go even faster with those characters at 7 Stars (4,120 pts).



If you're looking for Red Stars to help power up your Bionic Avengers and Gamma teams, the Elite Store will soon have you covered. Starting on October 4th at 5:00PM (PDT), Hulkbuster, Brawn, and Abomination will all be entering the Elite Store. Make sure you stop by and use your Gold and Silver Promotion Credits to promote these characters to higher Red Stars. 


Sink your teeth into character shards with these upcoming character moves that go live on October 5th at 2:00PM (PDT). Morbius will be setting up shop in the Blitz Orb and replacing Silver Samurai. To accommodate the move, Silver Samurai will be moving to the Blitz Store and available for purchase for 500 Blitz Credits. 

Also starting on October 5th, you'll find Viv Vision in the orbs of Basic, Ultimus, Mega (replacing White Tiger), and Premium, in addition to the Supplies Store.

On October 6th at 5:00PM (PDT), bundle up for battle as Black Widow’s “Snow Suit” will be added to the Costumes Store. If you previously missed out on this costume, you can pick it up for 40,000 Costume Credits.


The Web Access code option in the menu on Android devices will be deactivated on October 7th at 5PM (PDT). Going forward, if you wish to link your game account to the website, please create a Scopely Account and link it. If you have already linked your game to the website, no further action is needed. However, if you log out or use a different browser where you haven’t logged in yet, you will have to log back in using Scopely Account.

Here are the instructions on how to create a Scopely Account and link it to your game:

  1. Go to https://www.marvelstrikeforce.com and click/tap on the “MILESTONES” button in the upper-right corner
  2. Click/tap on “Log in With Scopely” in the white bubble
  3. Enter your email address and it will walk you through creating a Scopely account

Once you have your Scopely account set up, it will tell you that your game account is not connected yet. Next:

  1. Login to MARVEL Strike Force on your preferred device, and tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner
  2. On the left side of the screen, tap the white button, “Sign in with Scopely"
  3. Sign in with the account information you just set up in the previous step and your game account will be linked

Go back to the main “MILESTONES” page on the web and login. Now, your game is linked to the Website.


Payday Flash Event

  • Start Date: October 1st at 2:00PM (PDT)
  • Rewards: Gold
  • Required characters: Mercenary

Locks of Terror Blitz

  • Start Date October 3rd at 2:00PM (PDT)
  • Rewards: Scream character shards

Gamma Raids

  • Start Date: October 3rd at 2:00PM (PDT)
  • Reward: Gamma Raid Orb, featuring Villain Bio and Villain Mystic characters

Like, Totally Jubilee Legendary Event

  • Start Date: October 4th at 2:00PM (PDT)
  • Reward: Jubilee character shards
  • Requirements: 5 Pym Tech characters, who must be a minimum of 5 Stars to unlock Jubilee

Quick Rumble (Marauders)

  • Start Date:  October 7th at 2:00PM (PDT)
  • Rewards: Blitz Orbs, Gold, Legacy Orbs, Basic Catalyst Parts, and Raid Health Packs
  • Featured Trait: Marauder

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

**Please note that the information in this blog is subject to change before going live in the game.**

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News 5000 Power Cores When and Where? Read all about it here:



Updated September 30th at 4:10PM. (Clarified the dates of the Milestone events and made it easier to read.)
Previously we reported that we would be giving the 5000 Power Core offer to all players who didn’t get a chance to claim the free offer. Only some players were only able to claim this free offer on the Web Store and if players tried to claim this offer in game, it did not reward the offer.

The free offer will be brought back to the Web Store today, September 30th PDT. We will also be extending the Ethereal Arms Milestone for 24 hours, till 2PM October 1st and the Hulk Hunter event for 3 hrs to 5pm PDT on October 1st.

We understand the frustration this caused players who felt left out by not getting the offer, and some may have felt seeing other players spend Power Cores and getting credit towards the Ethereal Arm Milestone event. Hence why the team has decided to extend the Ethereal Arms Event another day, so if a player chooses to spend Power Cores, they have the option to do so like everyone else who got the offer early.

We apologize for the confusion. Thank you for playing Marvel Strike Force and we appreciate your patience while we work to address the issue.

r/MarvelStrikeForce 9h ago

Discussion Spend my 5000 cores on Spiderman 2099 orbs


f2p player.....spent my 5000 cores from today and bought as many Spiderman 2099 orbs as I could before they take it away.....got 74 shards total.....26 shards left when his event starts.....I figured since it was free I might as well use them to get ahead for the event.....was this a bad or smart move?

r/MarvelStrikeForce 11h ago

Discussion Hot Take PD >>>>> Tower


PD rewards are way better and it takes less time than tower curious to see everyone take on this if the scopley mods don’t take this down

r/MarvelStrikeForce 20h ago

Discussion 6 blogs in the month of September addressing bugs/issues


How is it acceptable that there have been so many bugs in 30 days where there had to be 6 blog posts that addresses bug/issues. We have a blog coming out today and who knows if there will be a statement about something else that goes wrong as well.

There needs to be a player acknowledgement about all of the issues and we need something else that isn't just lip service. Tell us how you plan to improve the QA because whatever is going on currently obviously is not working. What is going on is insanity since Scopely/Boundless keeps doing the same thing every day expecting different results.


Edit: New blog for 5000 cores issue from yesterday is posted so that is 7 blogs in September in regards to bugs/issues.

Edit 2: Another issue reported for Avengers Tower, but dated for Oct 1st even though it was posted today. This is now 8 blogs for the month of September.

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Guide Red Hulk Scourge Tips and Tricks for Last Minute Score Hunting!


Hello again friends, it's been far too long since my last post and...... Reddits on fire again. Good job Scopely, proud of you. That being said, this isn't a rage post, it's a guide to the current Scourge event for Red Hulk, War Horseman of the Apocalypse. I'll be providing a per node breakdown of the tactics I used to complete my 417 scourge run that currently has me at 19th on the leaderboard. Now, I don't expect most people reading this to be either a) insane enough to push for that score or b) necessarily have the roster to push for that score, but these tricks and tips are very much capable of locking in a lower, but still very reasonable score and you might be surprised how far you can go once you know what you are doing. I also wanna give a big shoutout to Dorky Dad for putting out some excellent videos on the scourge content (even though I disagree with some of his tactics!) that should help players of any level looking to improve.

As always, if you are looking to join a great community of players who work to help each other manage the games available content you can come and join us in the Tahiti Discord where I am always available if you have any questions I have not answered in my posts/comments on Reddit. If you feel Tahiti is too "late game focussed" for you, I'd also like to take this opportunity to shout out the VBH Discord community which is a fantastic place to hang out if you are looking to improve your game knowledge regardless of your progression in the game. If you want to keep up with all of my written content you can also follow my profile which will help you keep track of my new posts. Both servers really shine during events like Scourge with some of the best players in the game collaborating to develop strategies, provide advice to struggling players and cheer on people's big wins and you are much more likely to succeed if you join one or both of them.

Scourges you should use and scourges you should avoid:

There are a couple of completely "free" scourges due to bugs and these are marked in game, beyond this Stay Down is almost completely irrelevant and worth a ton of points, so take that, Unstoppable Force isn't as bad as it sounds, Power Syphon I doesn't do much, weakened is typically not a big issue and Not So Fast doesn't really seem to matter either. In addition to these, specific segments of this guide rely on you using Overcharged, Unkillable, Fight or Flight, Vile Resurgence II, When it Rains and Rope a Dope.

You should ABSOLUTELY AVOID Experimental Serum I and III because hp vastly increases the difficulty of your run for almost no points whatsoever, these were the last two scourges I added to complete my max scourge run and it was a brutal hike in difficulty. Experimental Serum IV is a different story and probably should be used - it's still the 40% hp the other two give but for FOUR TIMES as much score, additionally you need SOME bonus HP or stuff will die too fast and you may not recover cooldowns effectively, true first world problems! If you have a smaller Young Avengers it's wise to skip out on Power Fatigue II as you really need that Squirrel Girl special and as a dovetail to this skipping Off Balance will help a lot too. Finally Gloating can be skipped if you have a smaller roster as you may rely on sacrifice hits to clear some nodes, but realistically it should be free points, just avoid summoning minions unless otherwise told to by the guide.


This guide is written with a developed roster in mind, as it is aimed to provide players pushing for a higher score with a solid core set of strategies. I will lay out Iso's on a per node basis and unless otherwise noted it is expected (and in a couple of cases MANDATORY) that these are at blue 3. Characters should be at or above level 85 and T15 with relevant T4's unless otherwise stated. If you are significantly below this, or are just looking for an unlock on Red Hulk, this isn't the guide for you, I'm aiming to help people squeeze the maximum score out of their rosters, this may seem elitist but I just don't have the experience or roster to try and squeeze through a smaller run so I wouldn't be able to provide realistic advice. If you are just looking to get your unlock though, please join us on the VBH Discord server mentioned in the opening - there is a whole community who will be willing to help. I will state on each node what cooldowns and health state you should be expected to have prepared for future nodes and these strategies require you to reset clears if you don't meet these, or you will fail future nodes, aggressive resetting is just a part of pushing for higher scourge scores. Most turns you'll be just doing basic attacks unless otherwise EXPLICITLY mentioned as cooldown management is super important, especially if you are using the scourges that debuff you on special/ult use and/or the extra cost for these abilities.

Node 1: Bio

Gamma are the CLEAR winners here and having Red Hulk unlocked and built will be night and day to the difficulty you will experience. If you don't have Abomination built (or even unlocked) he's not needed so don't worry at all. Brawn is much more key to success but even he doesn't need to be big, I have one red star on mine due to bad RS orb luck and he helped carry a 411 scourge run at 80k power, he's just THAT good. She Hulk and Hulk need to be fairly sizeable though as they do a lot of heavy lifting. If you are not using Abomination Phylla Vell makes a great add-in on node 1 and Invisible Woman is solid on node 2. They will both likely die so don't expect the world, but honestly you can use any fifth as long as you don't need them later (If you use Squirrel Girl she needs to survive with 80%+ hp and have her special available so take care of her!). Brawn and Hulk are Healer Iso, She Hulk is Skirmisher and Red Hulk is Striker, truly only Brawns really matters if you have different Iso you will probably be fine. left to right lineup is: Hulk/Red Hulk/She Hulk/X/Brawn where X is your add-in or Abomination.

Our goal on this node is to get Red Hulk to drop his ult before he hits 5 stacks of charged so you can ult the first wave, get your 5th stack of charged and ult the second wave. Focus down Sunfire hard with Red Hulk special, Brawn special and She Hulk special, then basics. Keep Hulk taunted as often as possible. If anyone gets dangerously low use Brawn ult on the enemy with the most health and it will keep you alive. Once Red Hulk drops the meteor its game over for your enemies so just focus on beating down (with basics) whoever is closest to death, repeat his ult on wave 2 then continue basics only to recover cooldowns for node 2. If you are extremely lucky you will have Red Hulk close to or at ultimate going into node 2, everyone else should have full cooldowns apart from Abom/X who is probably dead (or alive and kicking if you have a big Abomination, mines still being built so he's meat sadly).

Node 2: Bio

Same as above, with potentially a different fifth as noted above. Iso's and line up are the same and so is the general strategy.

Focus on Shang, Sharon (reset if she gets a stun on Red Hulk at any point), Ghost rider then Kestrel from wave 2. If you need a Brawn pick-me-up ult Cull as he has a bonkers amount of HP. Using Red Hulk, She Hulk and Brawn special targeted at Mordo is a great way to start this wave, get Hulk taunt up at the same time and then rip out Red Hulks Ult asap, if you can do this before he hits 5 charges you can do it again once the second wave drops and you are basically locked in for the win. Bio really is THAT easy with Gamma. If you used Squirrel Girl, once again make sure to have her cooldowns and health in a good spot for the coming nodes.

Node 3: Avengers

Your Ideal team here is some old friends from the Rogue Scourge - Young Avengers, though we drop America and pop Captain Sam in her spot. Lineup left to right is: Sam/Miss Marvel/Kate/Echo/Squirrel Girl and Iso's are Skirmisher Sam, Miss Marvel and Kate, Striker Echo and Healer Squirrel Girl.

Open up by murdering the entire right side of the wave - Squirrel basic into Moon Dragon, Sam ult into Dagger, Kate special into Valkyrie Echo basic into Dagger, Kate will move again and basic Valkyrie and then Miss Marvel can ult to clear up all three. If you have less/no health scourges and a big enough team you might even sneak a kill on Magneto or Coulson as a bonus if you have attacks left over! Reset here if Valkyrie gives safeguard to the other Asgardians. The next wave will drop, our goal is to clear Red Guardian taunt, though we likely won't have enough gas in the tank to kill Cloak before he ults. Pop Echo special ahead of Cloak ult to mitigate as much damage as possible, ideally this will also allow you to avoid Thors stuns on ult. Try and squeeze a Squirrel girl and special in between his ult and Heimdall dropping his ult so you can heal before you are heal blocked, get Sam taunt up with his special and focus on killing Magneto and Coulson to reduce incoming damage, then kill Cloak and Heimdall, Jane and finally the Thors. Try and get another Squirrel girl heal off to top everyone off as soon as healblock expires and then ride out the last few turns to recover cooldowns. Sam in particular needs to be at 80-90% health and have his ult ready and special within a turn of ready, though all of your Young Avengers should be in the best health you can manage (70%+), Squirrel Girl needs to be within a turn or two of her special.

Node 4: Avengers

It's Young Avengers again here, only we are dropping Sam for America and sliding her in where Miss Marvel was who takes Sam's spot on the end, she has striker Iso and at least her special T4'd.

We do not expect Young Avengers to survive this node, though they can with a bit of luck and skill, so we'll be pitching in Bionic Avengers as clean-up, they use their standard lineup and iso's as per the Tahiti Infographic.

Our first target is Brawn, you've probably seen those photos of Hulks with 700 regens floating around and most of that is his problem, so we kill him asap to solve that issue. Basic's all the way from everyone except America who should use her special on Deathpool, with a bit of luck she should die or be close to it to finish off second. Despite being a giant meme, Morbius is next on our hitlist as PvE Morbius are no joke and will MORB out all over your face. Human Torch is made of literal paper (which is maybe why he's on fire, paper is quite flammable...) even at 80% hp he falls over to incidental damage. She Hulk will taunt at some point so kill her when she does and use Echo special as soon as possible. IF YOU ARE RUNNING OFF BALANCE DO NOT PRESS KATE SPECIAL unless you have just healed with Squirrel Girl, I lost more than a few runs healblocking myself with that at a bad time because apparently I'm a big dummy. When the final wave drops focus Scream then Electro and try and make sure if you are going to die, you only leave 2 Hulks, Abomination and Doc Ock alive. If you do need to Bionic Avenger clean up go after Doc Ock with extreme prejudice and then the rest should be easy - ensure you do not use Iron Man ult as this is a huge cleanup tool for node 10.

Node 5: Hero Asgard (and some other dudes we don't use)

I'm reliably informed Ravagers are amazing here and if you are one of the nutters that built three minions in THIS ECONOMY all power to you, but my strategies for 5 and 10 rely on using Hero Asgard on both nodes, so you'll have to figure out an alternate strategy.

Lineup is Sif/Heimdall/Thor/Valkyrie/Jane. Iso's are Healer Sif (Fortifier is fine too, as are probably most other choices), Heimdall is a Raider or a Fortifier depending on investment and can be as low as T14/85 but he needs to be big enough to survive this node, Thor is a Raider, Jane and Valkyrie are Strikers. There's another handy Tahiti Infographic for their t4 advice, make sure to have Heimdall special and Thor basic T4'd though.

There are many ways to skin this cat but my favourite is to go like the clappers right out of the gate and wipe out the first wave before you have to deal with their nonsense. This is also the first node (but not the last, sorry) where we will be aggressively resetting if we do not get the perfect opening, so get used to quitting if it doesn't go your way early. Things we NEED to happen: Thor or Sif get targeted by Omega Red special, either is fine, but its better if it hits Sif as Thor and Valkyrie won't get offence down if this happens. Strange WILL target Sif with special (this seems keyed to happen, I've never seen him hit anyone else, but reset if he does). Samurai ults Sif - this is usually the reset point as it's a 1 in 5 chance and we can only tolerate him hitting poor old Sif.

Assuming all of the above happened we are away to the races - use Thor basic on Omega Red to flip his defence up, Valkyrie special on Heartless Strange to buff the team and then Jane ult into Omega Red to flip everyone's buffs, rip a ragged hole in the wave and probably activate Thor passive to add injury to, well, injury. Heimdall basic to kill Psylocke and use Sif special as soon as she's available to get taunt and defence up out. Kill Maddy ASAP and then Sinister and anyone he clones, we plan to leave Dazzler and the two Fantomex clowns till last as they are no threat and take a while to kill, letting us recover health and cooldowns. Heimdall needs to special ASAP as you are probably healblocked and need to recover health as you wind down the node. It is VITAL that he has this back ready to use on his first turn of node 10, Sif should have special ready to go too, but all other cooldowns are irrelevant. You should aim to have everyone above 80% hp as you clear this node, but no one will shed a tear for Heimdall if he's a little lower (spoiler, we WANT him to die in node 10 anyway, but he has one job to do first).

Node 6: Villains

This and node 7 are the "free bingo squares" of this scourge and I'm not gonna insult your intelligence by breaking them down with blow by blow guides. Use your biggest villains and ROFLSTOMP this and next node (DO NOT USE ANY SKILL VILLAINS). If you've made it this far enjoy the low stress of blazing through with characters like Doom, Omega Red and Morgan, it's really easy, just keep an eye on health and cooldowns after the first node so the second is fine too.

Node 7: Villains

See above. Sorry that this isn't all that comprehensive, but I barely had to think about these nodes and just overpowered them as they are far less limited than the other restrictions. Cop out? Maybe, but these guides take an AGE to write up and I'd be wasting both our time by teaching you to suck eggs.

Node 8: Skill

Oh boy, this is where it gets REALLY spicy, these two nodes are by far and away the hardest in the whole run, in my opinion as Skill is surprisingly restrictive and the nodes are VERY difficult at high scourges - my 417 run took me around 10 hours to perfect this node trying a bunch of strategies. Lineup is: Sam/Kestrel/Shang Chi/Kingpin/Zemo. Skirmisher Zemo, Striker Kestrel, Fortifier Kingpin, Skirmisher Cap Sam and Raider Shang. Kingpin doesn't have to be incredibly built, mine is only level 70, gear tier 13 but he does have his special T4'd.

If you thought you reset a lot last node, this one is a whole new ballpark. Things we need to happen: Zemo passive HAS to strip immune from Dagger, it strips three buffs and she has four, so this can and will fail, Reset if you don't. Ult Sabertooth with Zemo and watch his chain hits carefully, you HAVE to hit and slow both Dagger and Emma. Reset if you don’t. Kestrel special into SaberTooth. This will kill him with the Striker hit even if he has deathproof due to the percentage damage from the skirmisher blue 3/striker blue 3 interaction. Sam ult into Cable (this is important but we get to why later). Kingpin ult whilst aimed at Negasonic to give you a chance to call Kestrel as an assist. Shang basic Dagger. When ST died the new wave should have dropped.

Kestrel basic into X-23. If you chain into Cloak it’s a happy bonus, if you chain into Cable watch his health carefully, we need him to take a turn. Kingpin basic Negasonic. Use Zemo to hit either Dagger or Emma to trigger kestrel passive. This should be enough to kill both Emma and Dagger (use Zemo special to strip deathproof if needed). Sam special whilst pointed at Negasonic. If at some point Negasonic has gotten defence down the node is now super easy, if she didn't, we might need a reset. Cable should finally have taken a turn and he’ll have developed a ton of buffs because he was low hp and had vulnerable. Use Shang ult whilst pointed at Cable (it does extra damage per buff on primary target). This should kill X-23, Cloak and Negasonic. If this has happened the node is basically won. Use kestrel ult into Maddy and Kingpin special then dump everything into killing Maddy. Run clean up leaving Samurai till last - you should have some Kingpin minions alive to help and to absorb his attacks. This is your time to recover cooldowns - you NEED Zemo ult, Sam cooldowns, Kestrel special and Shang cooldowns all ready and you need all four of them to be above 60% hp, more is better. I know this node was convoluted but it really is the hardest node in the run at high scourges and if you've cleared it in good shape its downhill from here!

Node 9: Skill

Compared to the last node this one is easy street. We use up to three teams here as follows:

One team, ideally skill military, whose sole job it is to bring Bishop down below 70% hp (lower is better) and to hurt both Black Bolt and Crystal (with Punisher ult) so that they start the next attack with less than 100% hp, as this stops Crystal from healing them back to full health.

Kestrel is back on raider here and so is Zemo. Lineup is Kestrel/Maria/Shang/Zemo/Sam.

Daredevil will ult you and this is actually a boon as the deflects should heal up a lot of the missing health from the previous node. Zemo ultimate into Dazzler and hope he bounces around her a lot to strip evades. Kestrel special into Echo. Sam ultimate aimed at anyone who does not have vulnerable. Shang ultimate whoever has the most buffs for the same reasons as above. This should DEMOLISH the first wave. Try and kill Dazzler before she ults even if you have to use Maria special on her, she CANNOT be allowed to ult or she will slow Maria who will likely not get another turn until around the time this scourge gets a rerun.

From here just focus on cleaning up pyros and bishop if he’s still alive. Leave Fantomex and Magneto till last. You should get Maria ult off just in time to pull you back from the brink and keep you in the fight - use it as soon as possible. Don’t worry about killing Fantomex - I ended up in a 1v1 between him and Kestrel and lost, but he’s a free clean up with remaining skill characters like Corvus/Proxima/Moondragon/Kingpin/Taskmaster - their unavoidable hits (and weight of numbers from Kingpin summon) don't care about evades/dodge chance.

Node 10: Hero Asgard (and a clean up crew).

We run the same lineup as node 5. We reset hard if Iron Heart targets anyone other than Thor with her special, we will also reset if Valkyrie doesn't get the coinflip 50% chance to trigger her passive or if the wrong person dies. We reset a LOT. Note that Valkyries kit is a giant mess and doesn't work properly - her passive only heals if she dies, not anyone else, so don't rely on this. Her basic also doesn't transfer deathproof to your most hurt member. If she worked as intended this node would be SO MUCH less frustrating, but thats not the game we play or the developer who makes it /endrant.

So, Iron Heart has ability blocked and turn rewound Thor (this is important as it causes Heimdall to move just after the enemy Hulkbuster but doesn't shut down any key abilities). Get Sif taunt up on her first turn, aim all damage at War Machine, we need her defence up to survive the aoe burst coming our way. Jane, Valkyrie and Thor should all basic attack War Machine until dead. Hulk Buster will ult spreading slow across your team but good old Heimdall and his special will remove this and any heal block you got from Sif's defence up (if you are running Off Balance). We slow play this first wave, killing War Machine then switching to Iron Man until Hulk Buster taunts, beat it's chonky behind into stealth then finish Ironman, bringing Hulk Buster low at the same time. At some point Heimdall will die, if its anyone else? Yup its reset time. This triggers (hopefully) Valkyrie passive buffing the whole team just in time to finish Ironman/Hulkbuster and causing wave 2 to drop. If her passive fails - reset. Wave two dropping is the GO CODE for pressing lots of buttons REALLY HARD. Valkyrie Special if you need to refresh buffs (depending on how long Heimdall has been in Valhalla), get Sif taunt up, Jane ult at Hulkbuster who is probably still taunting - this should kill him between the hit, her passive, Thors passive and her striker hit as well as doing considerable damage to the wave. Thor ult too - it might not stun, or it might get flipped due to scourges, but we are aiming to do massive damage as fast as possible, and it hits HARD. Work to clean up as many as possible - you need to leave a maximum of 2 alive for an easy clean up (though if you were that Ravager nutter from earlier it's probably ok to have more) - make sure Deathlok is dead though. On my 417 kill I died with only a low hp Hulkbuster and a 70% hp Viv left.

Clean up is dependant on roster but I used T'challa (skirmisher), Yondu (who can be quite small, his summons are the stars of the show), Iron Man, Hulk and Hawkeye (who again can be quite small). Use Hawkeye special to turn rewind the remaining enemies and strip buffs, T'challa special to defence down Hulk Buster and then Iron Man ult to show him sometimes smaller IS better. When its 5v1 Viv shouldn't last - get Yondu summons on the field and use stitchers to strip percentage health damage and boomers to turn rewind/slow and just dogpile Viv to death. Congratulations, it's over and you won and you don't need to do it again... unless you wanna add more scourges and go again for a higher score!

Well, that's that. I hope this helped! This is my first go at writing a guide for the Scourge events so please do provide feedback, ask questions, post your own working strategies, show off the shiny new scores I helped you get, whatever you feel is appropriate! Come join us in Tahiti ahead of the next scourge too, not only is it a magical place it's full of wonderful people, and Igap.

Thanks again for reading, good luck in your eleventh hour runs, just be a gem and don't push me out of the top 50!


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Discussion Avenger towers new look! Much better.


I'm absolutely loving the new Avenger Tower look. So much cleaner and easier to view at the teams ahead and plan your next team. Thank you.

r/MarvelStrikeForce 5h ago

Miscellaneous Appreciation post for some positive changes in the October event


I'm a new player (71 days at the time of writing this). My experience has been weird. I've joined the game at a time, when the game does not seem to be in a good spot. One of the first things I noticed was how demanding the game can be even if I spend money.

I'm spending a whole lot of time and a decent bit of money on the game. But due to all the bugs and the constant goal-post moving, I was starting to feel a little worried. And the general playerbase sentiment was worrying me a little bit. I was thinking that things would just harder and harder for me as a new player to unlock newer characters.

But, I just read the October monthly events blog post and wanted to highlight a couple of changes that might positively improve the game for me.

  1. Improvements to points for Quick rumble blitz. Instead of getting a meager 40 points for a blitz win, it's now 200 for the Marauders Blitz rumble. Not only that, but there is also additional points for using 3-star toons. I cannot stress enough about how positive this change is. This means I stand a chance to max out the rumble if I do 8 rotations, and use a lot of blitz energy, as opposed to maybe (and i mean maybe) hitting milestone 2 sometimes.
  2. Some Spiderman2099 shards in the monthly milestone. Most players hated the orbs instead of shards for the monthly milestone for abomination. Now, while this doesn't go back to giving only shards, having about 30 shards in the milestone is a positive change that will make sure we can atleast unlock the toon if we are heavily engaged with the game. (Of course, this assumes that shard drop rates remain same as abomination orbs)
  3. Quick resolution of the free orb blunder. That bug really felt like a kick in the teeth yesterday. But, Scopely did quickly turn around and extend the events by a day to level the playing field (I personally had already gotten the pants, but was really happy that quick action was taken and things were remedied).

Of course, these are just my opinions. And others may feel differently here. There are still a lot of potential improvements to be made, but I just wanted to acknowledge and appreciate steps taken in the positive direction.

TLDR: In short, there seem to be improvements in the October's monthly milestone events, making it better for newer players, adding some shards to the milestones themselves, and also signs of quick turnaround for bugs.

Edit: BONUS: It's Morbin' Time!!

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Discussion Grinded a whole month for 38/40 milestones for this??


A whopping 96/100 abomination shards. Didn’t even get the unlock. Sure I missed the final two milestones but it took a lot of effort to get 38 of them, an unlock would’ve been nice. This orb change is stupid, although I’m sure those who got nice drops like it, but I didn’t get higher than a 5, and was usually 3 or 4. Feels bad man.

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Miscellaneous Goal Post moved - Coordinated Assualt


So to get all the Points for the monthly event coordinated assualt required 103K Points from the Alliance. Now we need to clear the Milestone completly. thats 141K Points. Thats a roughly ~40% increase!

Im curious how far Scooply can go until this game crashes and burns...

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Suggestion Extend Ethereal Arms until the core issue is resolved


For most of us f2p players those 5000 cores are the difference between me getting the indestructible pants and unlocking Abomination. Extend both ethereal arms and hulk hunter so we can all take advantage of the cores and gain access to a team needed for a horseman.

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Discussion For all those saying “ThE PaNtS CaN Be GoTtEn FTP” there’s a bigger picture here.


It’s not even about the pants. The people griping about it have the right to do so. If some were able to get pants solely because they burned cores they got from this fiasco it should be given to all and extended. It’s about parity. But secondly, and more egregiously, it’s about milestones 35-40. Those milestones are not designed to be finished FTP without dumping a ton of cores and the people who got the free 5k cores were able to complete them all getting 25 scarlet spider shards (the web warrior that is the Agatha of the team in terms of getting shards) 300 SBCs, 280 augmented basic catalysts (t16 basic catalyst) 20.5k blue ion orb fragments (let’s be real the ions are the major bottleneck) 125 L4 training modules, 23 EACH of augmented shoggoth ichor, and augmented celestial lattices, the scarce mystic t16 gear pieces not the common ones mind you, 240 t4 ability mats, an elite 5 orb, and 3 armory 16 orbs to put the icing on the cake. All for free. Without doing any work or spending money. And all that on top of the pants which people were able to get who had no business getting otherwise. The people upset have every reason to be and all those attacking them either didn’t grasp what actually happened, got the free cores and want to keep your unfair advantage, work for $¢0₽£€¥, or enjoy being abused.


Also, the scourge event is still going on and guess which team is the big team for nodes 5, 10? A heavy mystic team, so there are inevitably people that used this free teal gear to upgrade their Thors or Mighty Thors for a better scourge score. THAT is also ending in a day.

Edit 2

They’re doing EXACTLY what I hoped they would. Kudos Scopely on doing the right thing. This goes a long way to winning the confidence of the player base. Between this and The Summer of Thunder fix. I daresay it’s STARTING to look up. Tons of things to fix still? Sure. But this has me cautiously optimistic. Kudos.

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Suggestion Hey Marvel... take back your IP


I've been playing MSF for **checks game** over 4 years, starting just a couple of months after the game debuted. My Alliance and I are tired; we're tired of the bugs, we're tired of the monthlong events, we're tired of the incessant grind THAT NOW also features RNG for absolutely no reason. We're tired of new added game modes that suck up more time on top of the existing steady demand of multiple check-ins every day of every month that still cap out and get barely enough character shards to unlock new releases--which is incredibly important, since characters are guaranteed to be unfarmable for a year or more after their debut (@the Eternals). Pull a 6-red on a new character? Great, that will be useless for at least a year and a half, because it'll be that long before you can get them to 6 yellow stars--and by then, the character and team are liable to be useless in the unstoppable power creep that has taken over the game because the game's developers don't plan more than 2 weeks ahead at a time.

Save the Marvel name; Save the Marvel IP: ScopelessBoundley had a good run, but it's time to take back the brand, put some new people in charge, and maybe go more than 2 days without a bugged offer, free core accident, or glitched basic game node. They won't even notice; they'll be on a little getaway to create the next maligned game mode or glitched costume they'll disable upon release. Or they'll be busy on Twitter passive-aggressively insulting the players AND their own content creators/envoys for pointing out legitimate issues.

5000 free cores... in a core-spending event; it's almost as bad as glitched find nodes for over a week in an energy spending event.

Oh wait.

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Miscellaneous Good Job on the Fix Scopely


This isn’t sarcastic, I am grateful for scopely setting it right and giving everyone the cores. Because of the cores, I got to open some 2099 orbs, which game me about 50 shards, and gave me the indestructible pants, which let me get abomination. While I was marvelling at my good streak, I realised that the game can be fun, if Scopely makes it so.

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Suggestion Can we get a statement from someone of importance at Scopely?


With as many bugs there have been, especially lately, I find it hard to believe higher management doesn’t know about these issues.

Either they know and don’t care, or maybe they honestly don’t know. But it sure would be nice to hear from someone who actually cares or could makes changes happen in a positive way.

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News 5000 free cores in the store now!


Not sure if affected by time zone. Claimed on the store and in game. Go!

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Suggestion Christmas request! (yeah I know lol)


I know Christmas is a long time away, but can the Scopely Santa bless the community with a 100 shards for gambit when Christmas does roll around.

r/MarvelStrikeForce 14h ago Take My Energy

Question Did the Ethereal Arms event just get extended by a day?


I just checked the timer and it shows 1 day left. I could have sworn a few hours ago the timer was set to expire at 5 pm EST.

If so that’s good for those who need it and maybe they plan to issue the 5k cores at next reset?

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Discussion Thanks for the 5,000 cores… I got this with it


r/MarvelStrikeForce 30m ago

Discussion Finally some useful shards in Login Calendar


Ghost shards for once are actually useful as opposed to toons like Misty. She's always been a struggle to come by for me and the main lock in front of Jub and Adam, so I wanted to point out that Scopely did something (imo) right here.

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Question Mutants worth leveling


What mutant teams/toons are worth leveling? Anything apart from Astonishing, Unlimited and Weapon X? Or not even those?

r/MarvelStrikeForce 1h ago

Question What did you spend your 5k power cores on?


For me, all I did was open up Spider-Man 2099 orbs to get shards, because I don't know if I can get him via the MLE (month long event). The rest I just did the 50 refreshes for the Spider- Weaver event to open up the Vigilant orbs to get point for the Abomination event to open up orbs for him but came 2 shards short form unlocking him but I'm fine with that. (I know it's probably a waste, but idgaf).

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Discussion Valkyrie basic and passive issues


I'm not sure if I'm just paranoid or I just can't find any mention of it. But using Valkryie on Node 10 of these scourges has just made it seem like her basic and passive aren't working as described.

Basic - says that if the enemy has deathproof, attack again, give bleed and transfer deathproof. I'm not seeing the transfer working. I'll get a second attack, I'll see the bleed but no one on my side gets the deathproof. War machine has plenty to give me, just not giving it up. I don't see a resist.

Passive - says 50% chance to do all those wonderful things and the last line is lose all charges. If Mighty Thor dies, Valkryie will appear to do it....but no buffs, no heals but she will lose all charges. Shouldn't the charges remain if we don't get the benefit?

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Discussion Tower mode - cooldowns are set for server reset time, instead of event reset time.


The cooldown timer for teams in the tower mode is set to the server reset time instead of the "new event time"

-just another day at scopely.

EDIT: Resolved in a recent blog post

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Discussion Let me get this straight...


5k cores, 5 gold orbs, 100 shards... all for free... Until Scopely figures it out and takes it down because it benefits the players. So do the rest of us who either never saw it in either store or claimed it only to have empty packages in our inboxes get this deal?

When a bug happens (like the find button) that is a problem or a nuisance to players it takes WEEKS to fix it, but when it benefits and gives free stuff amazingly it gets fixed within a couple of hours. I'm also sure that someone got a HUGE reprimand or firing because of this one... fix your game!