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Injection Quick Reference Guide

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Catching up on r/mounjaro activity from today…


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Experience Pharmacist Response UPDATE!


I was the OP who posted about the changes to the savings card.

Not a Pharmacist, mother is for thirty years.

Pharmacies can officially bypass the PA requirement with the new savings card so long as your doctor has submitted the proper ICD-10 code alongside your script.

This is usually the case, but can explain why with the new card you are having an issue. It's likely it's either keyed incorrect or is missing entirely.

Lilly is allowing the bypass with the following ICD-10 codes (There are many).

R79.9 << Diabetes

E08.65 << Diabetes

E11.9 << Diabetes

Z71.3 << Weightloss Management

The best way to ensure that you are getting approval is to ensure that your prescribing physician is entering the correct ICD-10 code.

Also for those who are contacting Eli Lilly, stop. They will never disclose any steps for off-label use. Confirming or denying usage of the card for any purpose other than T2D is against their policy.

So the news is good, Lilly is still allowing the savings card to be used. The likelihood behind the change is so that Lilly can keep track of patients who are using the prescription for one or the other.

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On week 7 of Mounjaro (started at 2.5 now on 5) and down 27.5 pounds. Truly incredible results!! My cravings for sugar are virtually gone, I’ve completely changed my relationship with food, I eat less. This med is a MIRACLE!


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COME ON!!! Facebook Kills Me


This kills me seeing this in FB groups. “Should I be taking a vitamin while I eat 400 calories a day?” For the love of everyone, please educate yourself on the body and nutrition. I know you dont feel like it, but if you are on this med for weightloss YOU HAVE TO EAT. You are going to absolutely wreck your metabolism from not eating. As we have already learned, this may not be forever for the weightloss crowd. Do yourself a favor and get in the healthy habit of solid caloric intake and exercise. You are doing yourself an injustice by starving yourself today with no activity. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but by starving yourself now, your metabolism is going to absolutely bucket. If youre ever off of this med, youll gain MORE, and it will be harder to lose after the damage youve done. Nutritional advice should be an absolute requirement for getting Mounjaro. Sigh

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Savings Card Update


I’m about to cry tears of joy walking out of Walgreens with another month supply. I do not have T2D and I’m using it for weightloss. Every month it seems like no one knows what’s going on and I spent hours on the phone today but it finally went through (old savings card, not the new one everyone is wondering about).

I know people are anxious so I just wanted to add another positive story. Hopefully the savings card continues to work for everyone after next week!

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Experience Please remember that the more tools you have at your disposal, the better your outcome!


We are all thrilled that we can continue to use Mounajro off-label and using the savings card is largely unchanged.

But remember, if you are having issues down the line with regards to getting your script filled, make sure the diagnosis codes for the script are included on the script and that may be the reason you are having difficulties!

Let's support each other and not tear each other down through name calling, gaslighting or making people feel guilty for fear that this life saving medication could be taken from them.

This is our community! Let's not be the Facebook group!

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Bye bye alcohol


Since I have been on 15 mg, this is my second week, I cannot drink alcohol without getting nauseous and vomiting. Hello, sober October!😂 It’s just not worth it.

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Seriously just stop it isn't helping anything. We will all find out soon if the card still works.

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Today i celebrate being overweight


Because I am no longer OBESE 😬🥳🪩

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2nd refill with existing savings card- no issues!


I just picked up my 2nd refill from H-E-B and they used the savings card I had on file no problem! I was concerned there would be a hiccup since the new savings card came out, much like many others on this page so I just wanted to share some reassuring news if anyone else has similar circumstances.

*edit- wanted to add I do not have T2D, and I do have private insurance that does not cover the med.

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A doc on Mounjaro.


Hey guys. Currently been on Mounjaro for 5 weeks. 33 yo M, 222 lbs at start. Currently about to take my 6th injection (2nd one at a dose of 5mg).

Last weight was yesterday which was 208.8. just shy of 6% weight loss.

I am also a practicing family medicine doctor. I have started ~10 people on this in the last month. Most have had good results.

My wife just took her first 2.5 shot last week as well.

I'll try to update this periodically. If you guys have any questions, let me know. I'll try to check back as frequently as possible.

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Just picked up new script!


It’s Friday, Sept 30th. I just picked up my new script for 7.5mg from Walmart with no issues. I have a coupon from August and a PA was required. Pharmacy overrode and it was $25. 👏🏼

Don’t give up!

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Week 2


Hey all! I’m starting officially my week 2! My doctor started me at 10mg! I’d been taking Trulicity for almost 2 years previously with very little affect on my weight but got my A1c down to a 7.0. My first week was a little rough. I was experiencing some extreme constipation (for about 4 days) and finally felt normal. Just took my 2nd injection this past Thursday and have been still experiencing upset stomach issues. Nausea being number 1 issue. I haven’t really seen any weight loss yet. I felt normal up until practically today. Food seems disgusting to me right now (because of all the tummy aches I’ve been getting)!

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Update on pick up this morning (following the new coupon issues)


I had a pick up this morning at CVS for my second set of shots but new script for 5mg. All went perfectly fine and I paid the $25. I will say I had a previous coupon on file that I used a month ago. Idk if that is what made it easier I just wanted to update for people who were wondering!

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Day three and four pounds already??? Bananas.


Day three and feeling good. I was fully prepared for brutal side effects, and have had almost none aside from an hour of minor queasiness last night, a little cramping at the injection site the day of, and a minor headache this morning (which I attribute to dehydration as I exercised outdoors and sweat a ton yesterday). I did drink a lot of water, and continue to do so. Down four pounds?! I don't know if I'm happy (okay, I am) or a little scared (because that's a crazy amount of weight to lose in three days, even if most of it is water weight), or both. Interested to see how the appetite suppression goes latter half of the week.

HW 229 SW 197.4 CW 193.2

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If you're nervous, call Lilly



You'll feel better. The rep said they've been getting calls all morning. That people who have used the card can continue to use the card.

Just call them. Don't get all worked up because of social media. Go straight to the source.

There's also a chat function on the Mounjaro website.

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Question Mounjaro for Diabetes


I know that the majority of this sub is people who are taking Mounjaro for weight loss - which is great, I'm glad there's something available to help folks with that. (I say that as someone who's struggled with my weight my entire life.) But because of that all I see are weight loss posts and rarely any discussion from those of us who are diabetic.

So I wanted to start a post where those of us who take Mounjaro primarily for diabetes can discuss how it's affecting our BG levels, our overall health, etc.

I'm a newly diagnosed T2 diabetic as of June - when I started taking Mounjaro my sugar was easily in the upper 300s and topping out at close to 400 after most meals. My doctor put me on this medicine because she wanted to help me avoid becoming insulin dependent and said that while Metformin would help, it wouldn't help as drastically as Mounjaro could. My A1C started at 12.1 and as of a couple weeks ago, it was 8.

As soon as I was diagnosed I changed my diet radically because I don't want diabetes to do to me what I've seen it do to family and friends who didn't take care of themselves. Exercise has been limited but I'm slowly adding it in and I'm really enjoying the new energy levels I have now that my sugar is under better control.

And yes, I have lost weight, but that is a happy side affect that my doctor said would help with my diabetes. For me I am primarily concerned with getting my levels down and hopefully avoiding ever having to take insulin. I'll happily stick with a once a week shot for as long as I need it.

What about y'all? How has taking Mounjaro helped (or not helped) with your diabetes?

(Also, mods, could we add a flair for diabetes please?)

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Alto Pharmacy woes


UPDATE: They processed it for $25!!!! So I’m not a very emotional guy, but I actually cried with relief. The stress of the past two days has been unreal.

Woof, I’m having a very hard time getting my pharmacy to run the coupon this morning. For clarity, I’ve used the same pharmacy for 2.5 mg, 5.0 mg, 7.5 mg and now I’m trying to get my 10 mg filled. When I called to see what the hold up is, they told me the original coupon info I’ve had for ages was giving an error message saying “not activated” and they asked me to download a new coupon with a new code, which I did this morning. I gave them that Member No. and then apparently “all these error messages popped up.” She’s sent it to the billing team at the pharmacy to try and resolve. Feeling very deflated like this isn’t going to work. I’ll keep you updated.

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Personal Experience Picking Up MJ today with new savings card


I was, like most of us, freaking the hell out this morning. Here's my situation:

I do not have diabetes. My pharmacy is King Soopers (I'm in Colorado) which is a Kroger company.

I originally went through Push and was prescribed 2.5 and 5. Then I moved to my PCP who was happy to prescribe off label for weight loss after seeing my results the first 7 weeks. I saw her yesterday and she prescribed 7.5. Last night I saw that the pharmacy had an estimated pickup date of October 5. I am leaving town that day so I called them to see if it would possibly be available sooner. I was told it was on hold for a PA due to the increase in dose. I nicely explained that I don't need the PA, that I have a savings card. I was asked for the savings card information. My previous 2 fills were approved automatically for the $25 (probably one they applied automatically) so they did not have one on file for me. I couldn't immediately find the one I had while I was on the phone with him, so I went to the MJ website and downloaded a new one. Yes, I checked the box that I have diabetes even though I don't. I read him the info and it was approved with a $25 cost. He said he'd order it and it would arrive today.

Today I have stalked the pharmacy and the second it showed as ready I hauled ass over there. Paid $25 and had no issues. Almost cried with relief.

Here's what might be important here... every time you download a new savings card the "ID#" field populates with different numbers. I compared the one I downloaded 2 months ago (found it in my email) and the one I downloaded yesterday and those numbers were different. I did it again today as a test and, yep, different number in that field. I would imagine that Lilly can track when you downloaded the card based on this number, which means that they know if you checked the diabetes box or not.

I know that Lilly has said that the "old" cards won't work after October 3. I have a "new" card. It is certainly possible that a PA or diagnosis code might be required. The language of the new card is identical to the old card, so maybe not. I don't think we'll know until then.

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7.5mg Anyone else not having any side effects on 7.5mg??


This morning I was dreading my first 7.5mg shot and 12 hours later I feel NOTHING. No nausea, queezyness, nada!! I only have some appetite suppression, but not as much (yet) as on my last 5mg shot. This is not meant as bragadocious I am just super surprised and confused after all these posts about horrible side effects.

I watched the fluid go into my belly so I am pretty sure it went in. Now I am wondering if it just sits there under my skin being released more slowly than usual.

We'll see in the morning if I jumped the gun on my excitement, but so far this is the least effect I have felt since my first shot. Hopefully the "nothing" does not extend to the appetite suppression and weightloss!!

Rant over 😁

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No issues with filling prescription


I called my usual pharmacy where i get my Mounjaro filled every month (this is my 3rd fill) and they ran my savings card and said it covered it. They are ordering my 5mg today, and I’ll pick it up Monday for the $25. It is the same card I’ve been using they have on file.

Hopefully this puts some minds at ease :)

Also the pharmacy I go to is Rite Aid in Keizer, Oregon.

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Anyone in Menopause and bleeding while taking Mounjaro?


I haven't had a period in over 3 years, but while I have been on my 3rd week of Mounjaro 2.5, I started spotting, then heavy bleeding, and it hasn't stopped for a whole week! Anyone in the same situation? I am getting worried it may be something more serious!

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Is anyone taking this for PCOS? Specifically insulin resistance?


Also, did your insurance cover it? I am currently taking Metformin for my insulin resistance. I stumbled across something about this medication and am considering making an appointment with my doctor because most of my pcos symptoms are still lingering. Has anyone had any success with this medication helping their pcos? Thanks.

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Sugar free sweetness ?


To use or not to use? Do you think they slow our weight loss down? Are they keeping us bloated. In a pinch when I’m having a caving all go for a sugar free diet DP. What are your thoughts?

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Eli Lilly Reps want testimonials?


I messaged the company this afternoon just asking which, if any, savings card I qualify for with the drugs they have out similar to Mounjaro (Trulicity for example). I ended up telling her it's helping with my pre diabetic blood sugar and had me losing 8 lbs in Less than 3 weeks. She asked for my contact info so she can pass along the info and maybe have someone reach out to me about it. I was vague in the beginning because I'm paranoid about not getting Mounjaro but did end up giving her some of my contact info.

Has anyone else experienced that?