r/Mounjaro Aug 17 '22

Can I ask why none of you bother to read the sub before making redundant posts?

Literally 90% of the questions asked here could be answered by a >1 minute scroll though the sub OR a brief scroll through the manufacturer’s website.

How are you responsible enough to inject yourselves with anything if you can’t even be bothered to read any of the READILY AVAILABLE information about the medicine.

It’s all over the internet, it’s included with each box of the drug.

What is it about this medicine thats making people act so dumb?



u/brayonce Aug 17 '22

The facebook groups are 100000 worse lol


u/Eltex Aug 17 '22

I think we all have our favorite groups here on Reddit. My current favorite limits almost all posts, and requires they get posted in the ‘daily’, weekly, or ‘help me’ posts. It is easier to scroll inside a single giant post than a stream of 500 separate posts in Reddit. Some people hate it, but it keeps the subreddit rather clean.


u/Pywebb Aug 17 '22 edited Aug 18 '22

Well dont go to the groups on FB you will blow a gasket.


u/That215jawn Aug 17 '22



u/mynameistag Aug 17 '22

Can we start a FAQ for the sub?


u/UnwiseRedditor 5 mg Aug 18 '22

And what would you put in this FAQ besides the sticky post about the coupon?


u/mynameistag Aug 18 '22

Off the top of my head: Common side effects, 2.5 mg being a pre-therapeutic dose, modes of action, online prescribers, suggestions for what to eat when Mounjaro makes you feel like eating nothing...

I'm sure we could come up with a few more.


u/c828 Aug 17 '22

this kind of stuff is inevitable anywhere, we need a pinned FAQ thread


u/QuietmyChaos 2nd Week on 5mg Aug 17 '22

I have been lurking in the sub for a long time, but my Mounjaro is due to arrive this afternoon. Personally, I have enjoyed the redundant posts because each one seems to get slightly varied answers since different people appear to be around on various days/weeks to answer and people don't often scroll back or care enough to answer posts that have been shuffled down due to time and other questions/posts. The only people that see a lot of those are people specifically looking for them. So asking again often gets replies from new people or a new take on things from what I've gleaned in my searches thus far.


u/justrock54 Aug 17 '22

I came here because my PCP was clueless and unwilling to help me. Thanks to this sub I have my first script and took my shot on Monday. I would never have believed I could get a script on line except for seeing it here over and over. I was going to use Push, but because of the "redundant" posts found out Alpha was cheaper. Now I stay to help others who have questions I had a few weeks ago. I come here now to give, not just take. It's a form of gratitude to those who were here before me


u/Ridolph Aug 17 '22

Did you just pick your head up out of the sand and notice human behavior just now?


u/The_Domestic_Diva Aug 17 '22

Dude, this is what reddit is.

Some people need the reassurance, some people want to hear it from multiple sources, some people may need to hear it 3 times before it sinks in.

If it is annoying, don't click on it.


u/panicatthe_disco Aug 18 '22

Yeah, this. It’s reddit. Some people are anxious / excited and don’t have the mental space to search to find answers, so they post a quick question or problem or thought. Slightly annoying to me but in the scheme of things it’s not a big deal. If the OP thinks they are “dumb” then OP is getting triggered for some other reason, might be time for OP to do some self reflection.


u/VuzEAjAy9yFD Aug 17 '22 edited Aug 17 '22

This isn't just about Mounjaro, and it's not really a new thing, I find this is common with most things.

I've seen and personally experienced some go into a rage when instructed to do 1 simple Google search. <gasp> HOW DARE YOU! Or, in the case of Mounjaro specifically, not look at the pamphlet inside their Mounjaro box or at the pictures printed inside the box showing how to inject this med.

Also, importantly, on Reddit and every other platform, getting people to read FAQs can be challenging (assuming a forum has an FAQ and assuming it's pinned right to the top) -- note that this particular subreddit does not have an FAQ.


u/InsertCoolUserName78 Aug 17 '22

You’re getting downvoted, but you’re not wrong. I think a wiki would be super helpful, but it’s a smaller subreddit with only two mods. Eventually there will probably be one.


u/amacatokay Aug 18 '22

You’re getting downvoted by the people asking the redundant questions lol. I totally agree.


u/Prestigious_Law_4421 Aug 18 '22

I completely agree OP. Asking where can you get a rx if you have/don't have insurance, are there side effects, what time should I inject, etc... are redundant. The answers don't vary much. Part of the problem is that many people don't like to do research (read.) Half the US population can't read beyond an 8th grade level anyway. The newer generations grew up with search engines (Google) and are accustomed to just "getting an answer" versus those that had to read books, encyclopedias. Thinking critically and analytically is a great skill to have. People are different and have different ways of doing things I guess. I do worry about some folk though.


u/Which-Map-6818 Aug 17 '22

What I think everyone can agree on if they really stop and think about it is: we all lose when there are dozens of redundant posts -- because they get lost in the sauce. Each one isn't getting the attention it deserves, and it makes it harder to filter through for new questions, thoughts, and ideas.

It also concerns me that people turn to the wild, wild interwebz for serious questions about dosing, drug interactions, etc. when they don't understand the manufacturer guidance (and here I'm giving people the benefit of the doubt in assuming that they made a good faith effort to understand). I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a prescriber who takes the time to explain things thoroughly, but asking unqualified strangers on Reddit or Facebook miiiight not be the safest or wisest next step.

I have, however, delighted in finding proactive, smart, funny, like-minded friends through these groups and we've been able to share more in-depth research and commiserate through private messaging! So for those who agree the various fora can get frustrating, I recommend that route! (Hint: You can spot them easily because they spell your/you're correctly.)


u/VuzEAjAy9yFD Aug 17 '22

The Department of Redundancy Department approves of your advice! ;D


u/justrock54 Aug 17 '22

Can I ask the OP why you follow this sub if all the questions have been asked/answered to your satisfaction? Between the newness of the medicine and the state of healthcare/insurance in the USA it's hard to even know what questions to ask let alone how to search for them if you aren't a regular Reddit user. Just scroll on by if you think a post is not useful to you. It may be useful to 100 other people.


u/clyde2003 7.5 mg 39/M/5'-9" SW:260|CW:233|GW:175 Aug 17 '22

First time on Reddit? Lol


u/Six_OneSS Aug 17 '22

Clearly OP has spent very little time on Reddit. Or maybe the internet in general.


u/mybiglife Aug 17 '22

I hate reading through all the extra fluff words. Kind of like going to a recipe site and having to read the entire life story of the chef/cook/blogger/whatever just to get to the actual recipe.


u/karrun10 Aug 17 '22

Maybe be a little more helpful and post the redundant questions, instead of just being b*tchy?


u/maxiipuff Aug 17 '22 edited Aug 17 '22

It’s not my responsibility to hold anyones hand. We’re all able to access the same information, I guess for some it’s easier to keep shouting the same nonsense into the void than to take 5 seconds to educate yourself.


u/JulieS_65 Aug 17 '22

Mean mean jelly bean!


u/That215jawn Aug 17 '22

No one’s asking you to hold their hand. This is an open forum. Grow up.


u/raksha25 Aug 17 '22

Then why are you asking (complaining) about something that affects you for .02 seconds. We aren’t here to hold your hand. Keep scrolling.


u/alxlwson Aug 17 '22

It's honestly how many of us ended up being overweight in the first place, lmao. Not turning the bag over and seeing that a handful of chips has 14g of fat and 250 calories, and proceeding to eat half the bag followed by a chocolate bar, and then a salad covered with a cup of ranch dressing at dinner. Can't expect folks to scroll/read, and open information booklets if they can't turn over the food package and read the Nutrition Facts.

Seriously though, couldn't agree with you more. +1


u/jettman333 Aug 17 '22

But wait a second, how long after my first shot will it start working??? Also, will my insurance cover it? And what if I have some nausea on the day after the shot, is that normal??


u/Crysc79 Aug 17 '22

Depends on your body but I think most ppl felt some nausea after the 1st shot-I did. Just took first shot of 5mg yesterday and within 5-8hrs I was very nauseous (woke up at 2am feeling sick - ugh). You’ll have to contact your insurance company to see if they cover. Call the # on the back of your card. I think nausea is the most common side effect but it wasn’t unbearable and it subsides.


u/theredheadclinician Aug 17 '22

It’s still a very new medication-things like process, coverage etc are bound to change and I actually have gotten so much help from Reddit in terms of understanding the process etc. that’s just me though p


u/maxiipuff Aug 17 '22

I understand that, especially because everyone has different insurance. But questions like what the medicine is, when and where to inject, drug interactions, where to find the savings card… like come on.


u/murderinobetty Aug 17 '22

Lol I love this post. I’ve thought it so many times.


u/iNap2Much Aug 17 '22

AGREE 1000%


u/arbu0017 Aug 18 '22

But what side effects do you get?? And did I inject it all? I only waited 30 seconds with the pen pressed into my thigh


u/ErinsIslandDaytona Aug 17 '22

Is it hurting you in any way? Seems like a harsh take. Yes, some questions are easily answered by reading, but this is something new and exciting, and sometimes scary for people and I don't blame any of them for wanting answers quickly. People have different experiences with their journey and it's nice to have perspective outside of a label on a box. I hope you find inner peace lol.


u/Ambitious-Winter Aug 17 '22

Some need reassurance from fellow patients going through the same issues. There is nothing wrong with that. Some providers offer no support to self administration of injectable meds. That can be daunting for many. I am a nurse. Diabetes training is one of my duties. I frequently need to repeat training with patients and I have no problem doing so. It can be difficult to grasp all details when people are having anxiety at the prospect of self admin. Totally natural. I have learned many tips and tricks from this sub myself. Maybe we need to remember that not everyone is a reddit super-user also. The level of public flogging on this platform is unacceptable and just unkind. People come here for help. Maybe we can be helpful or scroll past if we have nothing to share.


u/pobre210 Aug 17 '22

::standing ovation::


u/jenspa1014 Aug 17 '22

I think you may be Hangry. Don't read the redundant posts???


u/Dawnydiesel Aug 17 '22

For human contact. The reassurance, maybe comforting, seeking , but mostly just human contact. Some people are lonely, ridiculed, sad, unhappy with themselves, etc…

Being overweight is hard. It sucks. Whether it’s due to a gluttonous lifestyle, hormones, or anything else, it fucking sucks and it’s hard. So a repetitive question was asked. So? Honestly, does it hurt you? It took you longer to make your post than it would have for you to shake your head and scroll on. But in making your post, you purposely demeaned others who are already fucking struggling. This post says a lot more about you than the others asking questions.

I sincerely hope you take as much time to apologize as you did to make this post. If you don’t? That’s ok too. I hope you have a better day than you deserve to.


u/ImpressionHungry6321 Aug 17 '22

I wonder why you are so miserable that you care so much? Have you ever thought the fact that maybe people are so uncomfortable with where they are at that they ask questions simply for relief? I’m not even on Mounjaro just getting information on meds but what I do know is that you must be pretty miserable to write on this sub about peoples intelligence…


u/pimentoplanes Aug 17 '22

I’m sorry you’re having a bad day.


u/Crysc79 Aug 17 '22

It’s not hurting anything. Ppl that are helpful will answer. Ppl that are bothered just keep scrolling. It’s not hard. There are far worse things than to have to scroll past redundant questions. Sometimes it’s difficult and time consuming to find the answer in a sea of responses to questions that are concerning you and time sensitive. This is a support group. Chill - it’s ok.


u/kamekukushi Aug 17 '22

The mods are super inactive. I'm honestly working on making another subreddit with a wiki to go with it. The repeat posts are ridiculous and the ones that are legitimately looking for guidance get piled underneath those. At some point, organization needs to come into play.

There should've been post flairs, FAQ, etc, etc. Some people have legit questions about Prior Authorizations, sharing their side effects and experiencss with the med, their progress etc. I don't wanna see a post asking about the coupon every <1 minute scroll when there's one literally pinned at the top of the sub.

Then there's that one weirdo who made that post basically flexing the fact that he had diabetes and could the med without issue while other people with endocrine/hormonal issues that this med isn't FDA approved for are struggling to get insurance coverage.

Sub is turning into a circlejerk and seems like the never-do-wells from Facebook are migrating over here and nothing is being done about it.


u/amacatokay Aug 18 '22

Because BOOMERS. That’s why.


u/Independent-Act-6432 Aug 18 '22

I’ve definitely noticed that some really unintelligent people are being put on this medicine (primarily from what I’ve witnessed in a Mounjaro facebook group).


u/Hey_hi123 Aug 18 '22

What is it about this forum that makes you so rude? Maybe people are in a full meltdown and have had a really hard day or maybe they don’t have the capacity to do more than ask. Maybe they don’t have searching skills or energy. Maybe a bird flew into their open car door and they just got out of the hospital after crashing into a mailbox. Just scroll on and be freaking kind. I promise you, everything will be okay.


u/Chamoycattoy Aug 17 '22

Checking the post history of the people butthurt in the comments, must have hit a nerve because they’re exactly the type of dumb to spam redundant questions.


u/Erestella Aug 17 '22

Is it that serious momma? It’s not that serious at all and there’s no reason to be a baby about it, grow up lmao


u/BellDesperate4485 Aug 17 '22

I do have one question that I’m having a hard time finding an answer to…I had taken 3 doses of 2.5 mg and then got Covid and have been so sick for couple weeks so have not taken for 2 weeks… I have 1 dose left and then the 5 mg is waiting for me at the pharmacy… is it ok to start up with remaining 2.5 and then go on to the 5 mg?