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discussion Released 40 years ago today, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones' 'Thriller' remains the best-selling album of all time - and is back on the charts.


Way ahead of #2 - AC/DC's Back in Black - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_albums#40_million_copies_or_more
In hindsight, some white music critics don't look like very good music critics at all - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thriller_(album)#Critical_reception

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discussion What artist left a band and went on to have a more successful solo career?


I'd give an example, but I can't think of any! I'm looking for some of the best solo careers out there, and to learn more about artists than I know now. Have at it!

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article Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Returns To Billboard Top 10 After 38 Years

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article Elton John described John Lennon 'whirlwind romance' as 'a dream come true for me'

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article Metallica Announces New Album, '72 Seasons,' and Two-Year World Tour

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custom Who do you think has the greatest sophomore album?


Everyone talks about the sophomore slump? What band completely avoided it and released a classic for album number two?

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discussion What bands had a successful Lead Singer change?


What bands started on for a bit, did alright but had to change the lead singer if something happened to them or whatever reasons, then became more successful with the replacement afterwards, the band went on to conquer the world

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music download I've uploaded my full music library with 100+ songs to choose from ALL GENRES. You can FREELY use them in your games or anywhere else.


This is my Holiday present for all of you in r/Music! I've produced, composed, played, recorded, mixed, and mastered all of the songs.

If you wish to support me. Give some of my games on Steam a wishlist: SAIVO

Dreams of Pain

The link to the full library is HERE!

You can use all the songs in any way you want. Mix them, edit them, cut them, and use them in your game. I would appreciate it if you would credit me (SuloSounds) but it's totally fine if you don't!

The library will be available to download for the rest of the year!

License: Creative Commons CC0 (More info below)

Creative Commons

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discussion Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band


I love the vibe of this song. What are some others that are in this realm? Any band or artist is welcome.

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discussion {non-music audio} How Ticketmaster Is Destroying Live Music

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music streaming Rancid - Brad Logan [Punk Rock]

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music streaming Metallica - Lux Æterna [Metal] [New Release]

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discussion Who in your opinion is deserving of the title ‘musical genius’?


There’s so many ways to go about looking at this one. Obviously going as far back as classical music, all of those folks were up there, especially Mozart.

Then you’ve got jazz greats like Duke Ellington, Miles, Coltrane, etc…

And with the era of pop and rock music you have amazing artists like Brian Wilson, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder

And after that you have the development of alternative music forms which gave rise to even more multidimensional sounds and creators. Hip hop also enters the discussion as well.

My absolute faves are Coltrane, Miles, Brian Wilson, John & Paul, Stevie, Thom Yorke, and Q Tip

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discussion Songs from both sides of the same relationship


One of Bob Dylan's most admired songs, Visions of Johanna, is widely believed to be about his relationship with Joan Baez, while Baez's standout ballad Diamonds and Rust is about her breakup with Dylan. Listening to them back-to-back is really interesting, and gives a much richer portrait of their partnership.

Are there other examples of pairs of songs like this? I know there's a whole hip-hop subgenre of diss-track feuds, but what about songs inspired by more substantial relationships?

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music streaming Dr. John - Such A Night [Soul] (1973)

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discussion Albums that sound sinister?


Idc what genre it is. Everything works, metal, rock, rap, pop etc. It should just sound evil and maybe have dark lyrics.

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video The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You [Doo-wop]

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video Found God in a Tomato - Psychedelic Porn Crumpets [psychedelic rock]

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music streaming ALASKALASKA - Still Life [Alternative]

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music streaming The Beths - "Dying To Believe" [Indie Rock]

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video Bon Iver - 715 - CRΣΣKS [Indie] | Covered by Dweller, Tor

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music streaming Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come [Soul]

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AMA - verified [crosspost/ r/iama] We're Fred and John from CREEM. We just relaunched America's only rock 'n' magazine and we put all the back issues from 1969-1989 on the internet. Ask us anything about CREEM, the current state of rock, and why radio bands sucks.

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video Izzy - Feeling Human [soft indie] [2022]

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