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why do planes have a hundred switches that need to be flipped instead of just a single one that just turns it all on?


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Why is the flat Earth even a conspiracy? Like, how would the elites supposedly benefit by lying to us about the shape of the Earth? How would that really affect us?


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If your house explodes while you’re at work, would you be a allowed to take the rest of the day off?


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Why do people have a problem with men doing genital exams on underage female patients, but no one ever says anything about women doing genital exams on underage males?


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If you stare at the sun too long, can it burn out your rectums to the point where you won’t be able to see again? If so, how long would it take?



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Unanswered Does oxygen not smell like anything or are we just so used to the smell of oxygen that our brain filters it out?


Is there a way to find out?

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Why did people make fun of the lady who sued McDonald’s after getting 3rd degree burns?


When I first heard the about the case it was in 2007 when I was 6 and the lawsuit seemed ridiculous even to my child self.

But as I grew older I realised that she had been a victim of corporate greed and negligence causing a near fatal and traumatic experience. She was disfigured by the ordeal and suffered economic damages as well.

McDonald’s then put out a PR campaign to slander this poor woman and make people think she was an idiot “bEcAuSE CoFfEe HoT”.

What I never understood is why the PR campaign worked, despite this happening the 90s when people had access to the internet and could actually discuss the incident. What I also never understood was why journalists would also portray this poor woman despite the court proceedings being made public, it seems like journalists reported the tale that McD was spinning instead of the facts of the case.

I wasn’t even alive when this happened but how the hell was the media against this poor woman? With some reporters making fun of her on live tv?!?

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Can straight people go to gay bars?


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How can people "only afford fast food" if fast food is more expensive than doing groceries?


I feel like fast food is much more expensive than going to the store and buying normal food.

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Why does India seem to be closer to Russia than the west?


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Answered Why is it offensive to say "colored people" but not "people of color"?


Hello all,

Caucasian person here. Long story short, I grew up in an all white town and have not had a ton of exposure to people of different cultures/races.

I am just curious as to why one is seen as offensive while the other is seen as politically correct.

Thank you!

Edit: I have my answer.

Edit2: This is not a question to be racist so please stop with the racism in comments, it was just curiousity.

Edit3: I just got reported by someone and got a PM in my mail. lol Really just goes to show that some people cannot even have a polite conversation about history/race without people trying to censor entirely. For those who gave out great answers I appreciate it.

Edit 4: Mods you might want to lock this one. I got my answer and it seems like racists and trolls have taken over.

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Unanswered How do I deal with my older sibling moving out and going to college?


I have an older sister who is a senior in highschool. She is planning to go to a university that is 8 hours away from home; cross the state.

My older sister is one of the most if not the most important person in the world to me. She’s my best friend. We run errands together, do speech and debate together, share our secrets together, etc. although she can be an ass but just siblings stuff. I have a younger sister as well but we don’t really get along.

The thought of my older sister leaving is devastating to me. I’ve cried so many times just by the thought of it. The thought of waking up and she’s not there to annoy me makes me depressed. I’m scared that once she leaves I’ll fall into a state of sorrow.

She’s my role model and i obviously don’t want her to go but I know it’s bound to happen. How do I deal with this ? Like I cried thinking about my birthday is soon and it will be the last time in a while where she will be besides me blowing my candles out.

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I seem to have unlimited patience, what would be a good career to make use of it?


Ever since I was a child I could just sit and wait for hours, don't need a phone or book or music or anything. Mostly it was good but sometimes it wasn't, I was forgotten in Walmart when I was 9 because I was told to sit and wait for my older brother to be done and he forgot to get me, I didn't raise any eyebrows because I was calmly sitting and waiting in a chair for about 6 hours

As an adult I can sit in a hospital waiting room no problem (longest was 9 hours), I can explain the same thing to my 6 year old dozens of times over hours without losing my temper, and when my kid was a newborn I could sit and rock them while my wife slept for 10 hours or more (I was obviously tired but being bored was never a problem)

I'm picking a career, what would make very good use of what people call "my superpower"? I'm thinking maybe a social worker in a group home since I could wait out a stubborn child having a tantrum without losing it but that's all I can think of

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Are people who live in cold countries more susceptible to heat strokes, sunburns and warm temperatures?


For example: If somebody from russia were to go to australia would they have a heat stroke faster than an australian?

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Unanswered Puerto Ricos power has been out for the past two weeks due to a very destructive hurricane. Why is this not news in mainland America?


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Is it normal for boys/girls (8-13 years old) to draw warfare and guns almost exclusively?


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Am i the only one who as a kid, had random moments of ‘i will remember this’ and subsequently reason remember mundane things 20 years later


Like I distinctly remember standing at a bus stop with a mars advert on a completely regular day and saying to myself ‘ill remember this’ and i do.

Why? Is this a universal experience, if so what do you have like this memory?

Edit: sorry title was supposed to say subsequently for some reason’

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What is the point of overdraft fees? I mean, you don't have enough money, so the bank charges you more of what they know you don't have?


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Unanswered What exactly are Liz Truss' policies, and why are they reportedly tanking the British pound?


I don't know much about her, but I see a lot of people saying she's demolishing the British economy

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Does fedex deliver on Weekends or will the package be halted?


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Did anyone get charged after Alex Baldwin accidentally kill someone?


I mean criminally charged

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Why aren't there consequences for breaking election promises?


Seems strange to me that I can vote for someone with the expectation of XYZ happening, the candidate can immediately renege on that, and the punishment is for me to vote for someone else... 4+ years from now. I feel like there should be some sort of legal obligation to do what you promise.