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Official Buy/Sell/Trade/Give It Away concert tickets thread.


Moving forward, let's keep all ticket sales etc. in this thread. This will keep the sub cleaner, and make it easier to just have one place to look for these types of things.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update on User Flairs


Hey there,

We discovered an issue with our awesome image user flairs on old reddit. They are not showing on mobile and new reddit.

So, we have decided to make the transition and work with the new reddit system on this.

We have setup new flairs based on band members and albums.

You maybe thinking… "Hey I want a Wet Sand flair." Well you’re in luck.

We have opened the user flair system up so you can set your own custom flair.
You can set the text, background colour and add emoji’s.

Now, just one thing…. Please please don’t abuse this and have profanity or something offensive. This should be pretty neat and add individuality to the sub. But it would be a real pain if people abuse this customisation as we will have to turn it off again.

So have fun with it!!!

Show off your new custom flair in the comments!

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I found an article about John Frusciante's divorce that features a picture of Josh Klinghoffer

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[SHIT POST] 14 days left until Return of the Dream Canteen

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[APPRECIATION] John Anthony Frusciante cleaning it up in 1989

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Fake as [email protected] leak confirmed by Kleinfeldt

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Kleinfeldt confirmed the Fake As [email protected] leak on discord.gg/rhcp. He has preview access to the album.

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Desecration Smile


I’ve really been feeling this song lately, so much so that’s definitely in my Top 5 Chili Pepper songs right now. It’s got a great chorus, wonderful JF backing vocal harmonies, a great solo, and a beautiful video to go along with it. It’s full of emotion to my ears, and I really wish they would break it out of the vault to play live again.

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[APPRECIATION] Prayers for our former Pepper, Mr. Navarro. Wishing him nothing but the best and a speedy recovery!

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Sikamikanico is so energetic song live


It's kind of similar to nobody weird like me. I wish they would rotate these 2 songs. But yeah, nevermind is also amazing live and so is stone cold bush etc. Sad that they don't play their older more energetic stuff more:(

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[SHIT POST] Huhwhatthefucknow?

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looks like i’m hosting whole lotta fans!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

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RESULTS: Grading all RHCP Songs


Earlier this week I sent out a link to a google form to grade every RHCP song - thanks to everyone who participated. Overall, we got close to 100 responses so I figured I'd post some results. Not trying to be divisive here, but the most interesting way I thought to split the data was by the era each responder was first introduced to the band. I split them into two groups - John Era (Stadium Arcadium and before) & Josh Era (Post-Stadium Arcadium). Overall, there were 56 "John Era Fans" and 39 "Josh Era Fans" although not all ranked every song.

I posted some charts and was a bit surprised that the John Era Fans ranked IWY and TG exactly the same as the Josh Era Fans and all the other albums decently higher (especially OHM, not a huge shocker there). I also posted the list of songs that averaged a score of 8 or higher for each group. One list is much larger than the other. That said, both groups' ratings followed a similar trend, which was not surprising - we all know BSSM through Stadium Arcadium is the golden era.

You can go back to the original post for links to the form and results. Interested to hear your opinions.



EDIT: Updating with another breakdown of Pre-BTW Era (27 responses) vs. BTW Era fans (68 responses).


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[DISCUSSION] Thoughts on john not playing songs from josh/dave era?


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Top RHCP songs for gettin freaky


Pretty self explanatory. GF wants to make a playlist for gettin freaky. Other than Give it Away, which is basically funk porn, what chilis songs get y'all in the mood?

Edit: I can't tell how many of these suggestions are either sarcastic or purely based on the title but I'm gonna give them all a shot. Keep 'em coming

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[APPRECIATION] It’s crazy how RHCP can change your mood in one second


It’s unbelievable how many times RHCP got me out from the deepest sadness and hopelessness just by listening to them. Thank God for RHCP

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One of Anthony's best chorus melodies, I swear. Great creative backings from Josh as well!

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This is ace, do you agree you bastards of the light?

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[APPRECIATION] Dream Canteen - Reach Out review from Kleinfeldt

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Spinal Tap - The sights, the sounds, the smells

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[DISCUSSION] what non-rchp song sounds like under the bridge?


I swear to god i've heard a song that sounds so much like the start of under the bridge in particular that guitar chord. at first I thought it might be hotel california but I don't think that was it. but it just sounds so familiar to me. thanks for any help!

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Has anyone been at a concert of theirs and got the drumsticks, what does Chad smith play with, are they the funk blasters or or those just marketing schemes.


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[LIVE] The RHCPs look prepped to take off in this image...

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[APPRECIATION] Dream Canteen - Shoot Me A Smile | Review from Kleinfeldt

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[SHIT POST] Repost: AK

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rocking out Dani California on the street

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I don't even own a record player but I couldn't resist

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[POLL] Poll - I´m With You - Results


Hey guys, a while ago I posted a song ranker for I´m With You and here are the results:

  1. Brendan´s Death Song
  2. Factory Of Faith
  3. Monarchy Of Roses
  4. The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
  5. Meet Me At The Corner
  6. Police Station
  7. Did I Let You Know
  8. Look Around
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Annie Wants A Baby
  11. Goodbye Hooray
  12. Even You, Brutus?
  13. Happiness Loves Company
  14. Dance, Dance, Dance

And here is my personal ranking of the album:

  1. Factory Of Faith
  2. The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
  3. Did I Let You Know
  4. Even You, Brutus?
  5. Monarchy Of Roses
  6. Police Station
  7. Brendan´s Death Song
  8. Happiness Loves Company
  9. Look Around
  10. Annie Wants A Baby
  11. Goodbye Hooray
  12. Ethiopia
  13. Meet Me At The Corner
  14. Dance, Dance, Dance

There was also a question about skips - the average number of skips was 3. I have 5 skips on this album - Annie Wants A Baby, Goodbye Hooray, Ethiopia, Meet Me At The Corner, and Dance, Dance, Dance. I like this album more than The Getaway, and overall I like this album a lot. Some of the songs are just not my type of tea but I guess that happens with every album :D I don´t have a lot to say about this, I mostly agree with the list except for the fact that Even You, Brutus? is so low because I love this song and Meet Me At The Corner is so high because I don´t like it as much. Feel free to discuss the list in the comments and more polls are coming soon!