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Season 4 Vol 2. Discussion

Part 2 Avatars

Reddit is back with four more Stranger Things Avatars to celebrate Part 2 of Season 4!

In addition to the Demogorgon, Eleven, Hopper, or Scoops Ahoy Steve, you can now update your avatar to Eddie, Lucas, Max or Vecna! Or you can try mixing and matching them :D

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Discussion Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Series Discussion


In this thread you can discuss the entirety of season 4 Volume 2 without spoilers code. If you haven't seen the entire season yet stay away!!!

What did you like about it?

What didn't you like?

Favorite character this season?

What do you want from season 5?

Part 2 Avatars

Reddit is back with four more Stranger Things Avatars to celebrate Part 2 of Season 4!

In addition to the Demogorgon, Eleven, Hopper, or Scoops Ahoy Steve, you can now update your avatar to Eddie, Lucas, Max or Vecna! Or you can try mixing and matching them :D

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Is this the all time best subtitle of the series?

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Underrated yet the strongest character in the show (in my opinion). Will is the first and only person survived in Upside-Down. Knowing how to protect himself with the gun despite of young age, first person knowing how to communicate by the electricity, draws Mind Flayer in pieces to connect tgt

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congratulations Steve 😂

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What do you guys think happened to doctor Owens?

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Who was your first favorite character? Mine was and still is Will

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The people whose name that starts with a B always gets it the bad

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Top 5 Lucas moment for sure

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The woman who played Angela got allot of hate

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3D printed and painted this DM…

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Max mayfield in pencil

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SPOILERS Why did this kill feel so brutal to me? Almost villain-like.

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By no means is she “the bad guy” in this situation, but the way she played with her victims before the kill is just off-putting. Ironically this season is her lowest kill count but it seemed like she always had the understanding that the workers of Hawkins lab are just doing their job. Almost every time it was to protect her friends. Meanwhile in this scene, her eyes are just filled with pure hatred. Spinning them around before slamming them was just too much. They didn’t even know what was happening. They didn’t know who she was or the fact she had powers. It was certainly an important scene for her character but it definitely showed a loss of innocence.

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Don’t understand why the bullies called her “the local snitch” in this scene when she literally told the teacher she tripped?

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I mean come on.

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Nancy Wheeler, digital painting by me

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#2 and #7 most watched shows on Netflix

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Mah heart...

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I still think Nancy's character arc throughout the show isn't talked about much

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In Defense of Mike Wheeler: Season Three


Roughly a month ago I made a post expressing my appreciation for Mike Wheeler as a character. I also asked for feedback from members of this subreddit on why they do or do not like Mike, as I had discovered that many within the Stranger Things community were not fans of him. I concluded this post by saying I was going to do a re-watch of the full series and do my best to deeply analyze Mike Wheeler as a character. This is exactly what I have done, and I must admit it was quite an enjoyable experience.

This post will be a season-by-season analysis of Mike Wheeler's character traits, journey, and relationship with other characters that will recount Mike's most defining moments and attempt to add informative commentary on how each moment shaped him as a character. I hope to address the many criticisms that are frequently presented regarding Mike, and also shine some light on what I believe are some phenomenal aspects of his character. This post ended up being quite extensive, so I will attempt a comprehensive TL;DR at the bottom of the post/each section; however, I implore you to take the time and read what I have to say if you have the time. Thank you!


Mike and Eleven's relationship has reached a new stage in season three. We first see them making out in Eleven's room, with Mike briefly pulling away to sing along with the song playing in an attempt to make Eleven laugh. The two are now spending every day together, which becomes something that causes trouble within the group, and was also a large criticism of Mike and S3 as a whole.

While it is entirely fair to make the point that Eleven and Mike are spending an excessive amount of time together at the start of season three, I think it is only fair to consider the context. Mike and Eleven are 13/14 years old at this point, and have just recently been reunited after thinking they would never see each other again. Mike was truthfully just some nerd who met an incredibly special girl and developed feelings for her after taking her in. Eleven reciprocated these feelings because Mike treated her so kindly and protected/stood up for her when no one else did. All of this considered, it makes perfect sense for two young teenagers to be obsessed with each other and the story behind Mike and Eleven's relationship would only further this constant yearning to be with the other. I am not justifying Mike blowing off his friends to be with Eleven, but one must admit that it is quite realistic for him to do so.

After infuriating Hopper, Mike eventually leaves to meet up with the other kids. He promises to come see Eleven again the next day, just like he has every other day since they were reunited. Mike meets up with the others at Starcourt Mall. They are meeting there to see the premier of Day of the Dead, which they sneak in to with the help of Steve. While watching the movie, Will senses the mind flayer. Mike immediately notices, asking him if he is okay.

This scene between Mike and Will in the theater was very brief, but I still feel this was the perfect example from episode one to point out to those who believe that Mike just all of a sudden stopped caring about Will and the rest of his friends. Will was hardly expressing the fear that he was feeling, but Mike was still able to pick up on it right away and keep him grounded in reality.

The first day Dustin is back in Hawkins, the kids head to "weathertop" to set up Dustin's new Cerebro. Before they reach the top of the hill they are planning to install the Cerebro on, Mike and Eleven claim that they have to leave because of El's curfew. The two are clearly lying, which upsets the rest of the group except Max.

Mike frequently ditching the others to be with Eleven has seemingly become the norm over the summer, and it is something that many viewers criticize Mike for. This is where it is again important to consider the story from a realistic perspective. Mike and Eleven are teenage lovers who have only been reunited for a couple months. Mike is still making an effort to hang out with his friends, but it is perfectly understandable for him to prioritize this girl who he loves so much over doing things with his friends.

Back at Hopper's cabin, Mike and Eleven are again making out in her room. Hopper knocks on the door, planning to give the speech that he prepared for them. Mike continually interrupts Hopper in a disrespectful manner, causing Hopper to lose his temper. He lies to Mike about Mike's grandma being unwell, causing Mike to become worried and urgently rush to get home. When Hopper reveals he was lying, Mike loses his own temper and becomes lashes out at Hopper verbally. Hopper then threatens to stop Mike from ever seeing Eleven again if he doesn't shut up and listen.

Eleven calls Mike the next day, as he did not show up at the usual time they meet. Mike hesitantly uses the lie about his grandma that Hopper made up. Eleven detects that he is lying, but he denies it.

Mike later confides in Lucas about the situation with Hopper and Eleven, clearly upset with himself for lying to El but not seeing any other option. Mike, Lucas, and Will head to Starcourt Mall to find something for Eleven to make up for it.

Throughout their time together, Mike and Lucas seemingly ignore Will and shut down his frequent requests to just go play D&D. Mike and Lucas both could have considered Will's feelings more during this time, but Mike is understandably on edge due to this presumably being his and Eleven's first real rough patch in their relationship. Will clearly just wants to have fun with his friends like they used to always do, but Mike and Lucas are much more involved with their girlfriends.

Upon encountering Eleven and Max at the mall, Mike questions why Max would bring Eleven there. The two accuse Mike of treating El like a pet, but Mike denies as he is only worried about her being spotted and causing the government to come looking for her. Mike also lies about his grandma again, but includes that they were at the mall to get a gift for Eleven, adding that it has been difficult to find something that he can afford. Eleven then accuses Mike of being a liar and dumps him, to which Mike is visibly shocked.

In this scene, Mike was genuinely concerned for Eleven and angry with Max for even bringing her there. This did not come off as controlling as much as it did Mike being very cautious about Eleven being spotted by the wrong people, which would likely lead to her being taken away again.

We next see Mike in his basement, stress eating and trying to rationalize what it was that he did wrong to make Eleven break up with him. They eventually join in on a game of D&D with Will, but are not very interested in the campaign. Will becomes fed up with Lucas and Mike's unwillingness to do anything with him and storms off. Mike follows, urging him to come back and stating that they can keep playing. Will accuses Mike of neglecting the party to "swap spit with some stupid girl," which angers Mike. Mike lashes out with his own choice words, declaring "It's not my fault you don't like girls!" Mike instantly regrets what he said, and tries to quickly apologize to Will and explain himself. Will rides off into the ongoing rainstorm, with Mike and Lucas eventually following.

This scene is one that is frequently used to criticize Mike, as his insult towards Will is seemingly rooted in homophobia. There is no way to justify what Mike said, but he clearly regrets saying it. As soon as he realizes what he has said, he calmly tries to explain himself and reason with Will, and doesn't hesitate to follow Will into the storm in an attempt to make up for the way he acted/what he said. Mike is far from perfect, so it is important to remember that he is a teenager and real teenagers say and do very insensitive, ignorant, and hurtful things.

Mike and Lucas eventually find Will, who reveals to them that mind flayer has returned. Mike immediately calls Max and Eleven to inform them that they need to come to his house right away. He makes it abundantly clear that he is not messing around and they need to come as soon as possible.

The group heads to the pool to spy on Billy. It is here that Mike comes up with one of his most ingenious plans: the sauna test. He explains the plan to the others and how it will help them determine whether or not Billy is the host, and they begin setting up the trap.

While preparing the trap, Mike and Eleven have a brief interaction. Mike tries to explain himself to Eleven, but she seems annoyed with him and says that maybe Hopper was right about them spending too much time together, adding that maybe it would also be better for her to spend more time with Max instead of Mike, referencing what Mike said about girls being "a different species." Mike realizes she was spying on him and is angry that she did so, but Eleven seemingly does not care.

Mike lures Billy to the sauna by calling out to him in a taunting manner. They trap him inside and begin the test. Billy eventually breaks out of the sauna, proving to be in a state so strong he momentarily overpowers Eleven's abilities. Billy begins to strangle Eleven, but Mike intervenes, attacking Billy with a pipe. This buys Eleven enough time to recover and she throws Billy through a wall, collapsing into Mike's arms in tears as Billy runs off into the night.

Mike's unwillingness to back down from a fight he knows he cannot win is something we see time and time again from his character. He sees someone who he cares about, in this case Eleven, in danger and jumps in without a moment of hesitation. Billy could very well have killed him in a split second, but Eleven needed help and that was enough for Mike to get involved. Mike is not physically imposing in the slightest, but his sheer loyalty and heart gives him the courage to take on anyone and anything when he has to even if he does not win.

The group is trying to figure out where the flayed are at, causing Mike to come up with the idea to let Mrs. Driscoll go back to wherever she is so insistent about returning to. They all head to the hospital, where Mrs. Driscoll is being treated after Nancy and Jonathan found her eating fertilizer.

At the hospital, Eleven helps Mike get snacks from the vending machine after it gets stuck. Lucas and Mike conclude that now is Mike's chance to make up with El, and Mike approaches her, making a joke out of his previous insensitive comment about girls being a different species. Eleven smiles and the two share some M&Ms. Mike compliments her new look, and Eleven thanks him. The two have seemingly reconciled, or at the very least are on good terms again.

Now in Hopper's cabin, Eleven is searching for the flayed with her powers. A large pile of bloody tissues is shown, revealing that Eleven has been searching for the flayed for quite a long period of time. Mike expresses concern about Eleven using her powers so much, but Max accuses him of being controlling. The argument escalates, and Mike becomes increasingly defensive when Nancy agrees with Max. Mike accuses them all of treating her like a machine, and expresses how he is worried about her because he loves her and cannot bear to lose her again.

This scene was the first time Mike verbally professed his love for Eleven, and despite Max and Nancy labeling him as controlling, Mike was correct in retrospect. Due to the group encouraging Eleven to continue looking for the flayed and to contact Billy, the mind flayer was able to locate Eleven and attack the group. Eleven also ends up losing her powers at the end of the season, likely due to either overuse or the mind flayer's parasite he attached to her.

When Eleven finds Billy, Mike worries that Eleven might not be safe to go near Billy even in her mind. She asks him to trust her, and he agrees. After being antagonized by the mind flayer who is speaking through Billy, Eleven takes off her blindfold in a panic and breaks down in Mike's arms.

The mind flayer now knows where the kids are, leading to it attacking the cabin. It attaches itself to Eleven during the attack, but Mike quickly grabs hold of her, shortly followed by everyone else. Part of the mind flayer embeds itself in Eleven's leg, but Mike tears it off of her.

After fleeing to a nearby store to gather supplies to treat Eleven's wound, Mike sits with Eleven and applies pressure to her injury. Mike apologizes to her for his possessive behavior, stating that he is happy that she and Max are friends. He explains that he has never been in love with someone before and says that they say love makes you crazy (despite not being able to say the word love to Eleven in this scene).

This scene sets up much of Mike's season four character arc, as it establishes how authentic and deep Mike's love for Eleven is, but how he cannot bring himself to say the words "I love you" to her. The reasoning for this is addressed in season four, but it is clear that there is a deeper reasoning as to why he can't say it. Mike is sincerely apologizing for his previous behavior, and recognizes that there is absolutely no problem with Eleven being her own, independent person. He attempts to reaffirm to Eleven that everything he says and does to/for her is rooted in love, but it is unclear if the message is properly received due to Mike tippy-toeing around that spooky L word.

Now at Starcourt Mall, the mind flayer, accompanied by Billy, has launched another attack on the group. Billy corners Mike, Eleven, and Max, who were split up from the rest of the group during the attack. After knocking Max out, Billy begins approaching Eleven. Mike "The Heart" Wheeler once again throws all caution to the wind and rushes Billy in an attempt to protect Eleven but is quickly defeated.

After defeating the mind flayer, Eleven and the Byers family are moving away to California. Mike and El are discussing plans to see and speak to each other as frequently as possible. Eleven reveals that she heard what Mike said at the cabin, but he acts oblivious, not wanting to address the topic of love. She tells him she loves him too before they kiss. They embrace one last time outside and say their goodbyes, both in tears.

Despite their relationship trouble throughout the season, Mike and Eleven were able to end up back together with a stronger connection than ever. Mike proved to her that he truly respects her as an individual and has no problem with her being independent, he just cares very deeply for her and will do anything he can to ensure her safety and protection.

A big criticism of Mike this season was that he lost his role as leader and was not as loyal to his friends as he had been in previous seasons. I'll start with the idea that Mike did not act as the leader this season, which I disagree with. After episode one, Mike is only paired with Lucas and Will up until meeting up with the girls in episode 4, as Dustin is off with Steve, Robin, and Erica. These episodes mostly comprise of Mike and Lucas bouncing thoughts off of each other and trying to solve Mike's trouble with Eleven. Will is sort of just along for the ride, but I don't think the boys intentionally neglected him. They are young, and Mike and Lucas are both hyperfocused on their relationships/girlfriends. They aren't considering that what they are doing might make Will feel like he is being left out or ignored, and when they do realize they have been mistreating Will, they try to make it up to him and chase after him when he leaves in frustration. As soon as the full group is back together, (and even when he is just with Lucas, Will, and the girls), Mike is instantly back to strategizing and developing plans to combat the mind flayer (sauna test, following Mrs. Driscoll to mind flayer's layer, etc).

Next is the critique that Mike is not as loyal to his friends as he used to be, which is just not true at all if you pay attention to his actions and words. Mike certainly begins spending much more of his time with Eleven instead of the usual group, but is this not understandable? Mike and Eleven are young and truly in love. Sure it might be excessive at times, but the extensive amount of time that the two spend together is perfectly realistic for a couple their age. Mike is still spending every second of his day with Lucas and Will once he and Eleven begin their argument, and as soon as he realizes how unfairly he was treating Will he goes out of his way to make up for it. Mike's loyalty has never been stronger than it is in this season, and the reason it seems this only applies to Eleven is because she is the one who is constantly in the most danger. The fact that he loves her only furthers his willingness to act when she needs aid, but I don't doubt for a second that he would do the same things for any other members of the group if they were in the same situations.

SEASON THREE CONCLUSION/TL;DR: Mike has begun spending almost all of his time with Eleven, but considering that they are a teenage couple this is very realistic. He ends up getting on Eleven's bad side when he stops seeing Eleven out of fear of Hopper, causing him and Lucas to start plotting a way to win her back. During this time, Mike and Lucas neglect Will and his wants, causing them to have a brief falling out. Mike rallies the available members of the group once it is revealed that the mind flayer has returned, as devises a plan to determine whether or not Billy is the new host. Throughout the season, Mike stays true to his fearless self and stands up against those threatening his friends even if it means certain defeat for him. Mike is seemingly the only member of the group who understands that Eleven likely shouldn't be using her powers nonstop, but some of the others accuse him of being controlling. Once he establishes that he only concerns himself with the idea that something bad could happen to Eleven as a result of this extensive usage of her powers because he loves her and wouldn't be able to bear it if he lost her again. He implore Eleven to be careful when using her powers, but leaves the decision up to Eleven in order to respect her request to trust her. Mikes eventually tries to explain to Eleven that he only treats her the way he does because he loves her and doesn't want anything bad to happen to her, but is unable to say the word "love" to her. He adds that he respects El's desire to be independent and recognizes that there is nothing wrong with her doing what she wants. Many feel that Mike lost his role as leader this season, but this was only sort of seen when the characters were divided into very small groups. Once there were enough people for a leader to be needed, Mike took that position and used his strategizing abilities to come up with ingenious plans. Mike also never stopped caring about his friends or quit being loyal to them, he was just preoccupied with the love of his life quite frequently (sometimes to an excessive degree....? Maybe). He still makes an effort to spend time with his friends, and he spends all of his time away from El with them. He frequently performs courageous acts out of loyalty all throughout this season, it just so happens that Eleven is the one who is most frequently in danger.

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One of the most Hype music in the show. Has anyone ever found this forbidden Ost?

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I Made dart having a snack ! Check it out

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How did Dr Martin Brenner survive the Demogorgon?

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I knew Vec reminded me of somebody.😂

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SPOILERS She deserves much more credit for this

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Dear Duffer Brothers


Please don’t make Henry/Vecna more sympathetic in S5.

The absolute worst thing would be if we get a flashback, and Henry is in school with Becky and Terry. They both become friendly with him, fight off bullies or whatnot. Or Heaven forbid Henry and Terry wind up falling in love or something. We got this already, with Snape and Lily in Harry Potter as well as Anakin and Padme in Star Wars. Please don’t be all soft on Henry.

It would be the absolute worst! 😣