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Actor Ray Liotta died today. His family member leaked the news to r/movies before TMZ did. Is he a clout chaser or does everyone need to stop judging him? Users debate.


Another celebrity death hoax

Is this true? what are the details? This is a cunt thing to do

You wanna venmo me money?

You're this thirsty for attention that you do this?

Ray hated TMZ and loved reddit. He would have wanted it this way

That guy sucks for doing it

The post was made 4 hours ago. 2 hours later, the news officially hit. Lots of r/agedlikemilk material. OP tried to spread the word but moderators took the post down. OP will not tell you Liotta's reddit account (I know, I wish I knew too) and he is related to him via marriage. According to him, the rest of the family was ok with what he did. Already there are people trying to doxx him and he really wants them to stop that.

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"I feel like all of you are just angry because you're are old and dont know how modern technology works": a user gets lost on Mount Hood and gets torn apart by r/Portland


for context, Mount Hood is notorious for killing inexperienced climbers who underestimate it. here's an article from 2018 about the death rate. edit: maybe it's not actually that dangerous (i'm not a hiker) but that is the local reputation.

OP is a 19 year old who made a post about their first hike on Mount Hood with their dog. the top comments are mostly stories about near-disasters on the mountain and warnings about taking nature seriously, but OP isn't having it.

"Yeahhhh i mean normally i do plan but"

"Omfg yall are so dramatic"

"It means I'd rather be 💀 on the side of a mountain becoming one with nature where vultures and ants will pick apart my body than 💀 in an apartment after working a 10 hour shift where my body will be sent off to a crematorium and then my ashes thrown out." bonus dog drama in this thread

OP thinks they are fine because they had their phone with them: "I feel like all of you are just angry because you're are old and dont know how modern technology works."

"Sorry im not a dumbass city dweller who needs 50 pounds of expensive gear to do a relatively simple hike."

emojis and sass abound throughout the entire thread, enjoy

edit: reveddit link to a followup in askportland courtesy of u/Ol_Man_J

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The most divisive r/SkincareAddiction has ever been: sunscreen is not a choice and let me hate the sun in peace vs stop demonizing the sun and obsess over sunscreen


r/SkincareAddiction is divided over people who are "obsessed with sunscreen and it's not a choice to not wear it" vs people who are sick of "the sun being demonized and you can choose to go sunscreen-less"

Stop posting your hot takes about how we're all too obsessed with sunscreen and just let me hate the sun in peace vs The way some people demonize the sun and obsess over sunscreen is really starting to irritated me

Followed by people defending sunscreen and showing how they protect themselves from the sun: Share me your UV protection “fashion” ideas! Haha this is when I walk the dogs

People are arguing about how sunscreen can be worn for anti-aging purposes or if sunscreen does nothing for anti-aging

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A picture of Jack White's concert rules is posted. r/MildlyInteresting debates on whether handing over your cellphone makes for a better concert experience or disadvantages people with emergencies and health risks.


I know it's paranoid but the idea of there being these choke points everyone has to go in an emergency to access the thing to that allows them to contact help just doesn't sit right with me

Was just at a show that did this. Getting them unlocked was an absolute shitshow. Pushing 10k+ people through two choke points made the process take nearly 45 minutes. In an emergency, that's absolutely a problem. It was such a headache that if another show does it, I may choose not to go just because of it.

comedy club is different than a concert. A concert with friends getting lost or trying to meet up.

How did people ever manage to find anyone or meet up before mobile phones? Were our ancestors in the 90s perpetually lost at concerts? Was it just a sea of people all constantly screaming for their loved ones?

A friend of mine recently went to a concert with this rule and they tried to take his wheelchair controller because it looks kind of like a smartwatch. He tried to explain once and then just went in anyway.

As a type 1 diabetic that would be really problematic for me lol. I have a continuous glucose monitor that sends readings every 5 minutes and alert me if I’m going really low or high. Kind of important.

I'll turn my phone off for you, but like shit am I putting it in a vault pouch.

As a mom of young kids I would not be ok with this. I need to be reachable. But it’s not like I’m going to concerts or shows these days anyways so who am I kidding.

Hard fucking pass….I have kids I need to be reachable in an emergency for.

I'm a type 1 diabetic with my phone (in addition to my smartwatch) being used to constantly monitor my blood-sugar. Making my phone inaccessible might literally put me in danger, apart from the fact that my phone is unable to be silenced for certain blood-sugar notifications

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Drama on r/conspiracy: What does the recent Texas shooting has in common with war in Ukraine? They are both hoaxes.

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A user on r/dvdcollection bought a dvd. Other users are displeased with dvd's in their sub for dvdcollecting.


ACT I: introduction

r/dvdcollection is a "supposedly" safe place for users to show their old collection and new pick-ups for their movie collection, or have discussion about physical media. Examples of physical audiovisual media being dvd's, blu-ray's, 4K-br's , vhs et cetera. With about 360k subscribers it's not a small sub/club.

Also this is my first drama write-up so have mercy on me! But valid criticism is always accepted.

ACT II: The Batman Begins It All

In a post, now removed by the mods for general unpleasantness, a user shows off their recently acquired copy The Batman on dvd.

The first question asked was why the dvd version? To which the OP responds that he prefers dvd's partially for monetary reasons. This is not met well, and other users hold firm on the quality argument.

One user points out that it's strange for the hate for a dvd on a dvd sub. Op goes on to admit he gets the same flak in a Facebook group, predicting the future of his own thread even.

One users thinks it's the same as comparing a burger to a steak.

ACT III: BATMAN RETURNS in meme-format

Even though the original post was since deleted, the discourse continues when a users posts this meme.

A user explain why it's not gatekeeping.

Overall this thread is more joking, but still some hardcore format-fans.

Direct Reddit link to the meme.

Thank you for reading!

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Art snobs debate whether Putin is like Hitler and attempt to define genocide


A painting is posted that features Putin looking in the mirror and Hitler staring back. Some people are offended by the lack of creativity of the artist. Some people are offended that the Ukraine war is being compared to genocide.

Obama/Trump/Biden have slaughtered more innocent people in Yemen than Putin has in Ukraine. Where's the /r/art Hitler picture for Obama? (You will never see it, because the corporate media told you Putin bad and Obama good.) Source

This feels as propagandist as anything I’ve heard or seen by both of these monsters. Source

Don't elevate Putin to the level of Hitler. Putin can never achieve what Hitler did. Source

No, it's still bottom of the barrel commentary regardless of how true it is. It's the least original, least interesting take you could possibly have. Not thought provoking. It'd be like art of Putin wearing a dunce cap. Absolutely and completely boring and uninspired Source

Two things I've learned from reading this comment section

  1. Comparing murdering warmongers to Hitler is no longer hip and cool

  2. Nearly half of the comments in this thread are CLEARLY from russian bots. Reddit is still infested with them. Source

you really sat down and made this... Source

Thanks for letting me know that you have the iq of an orangutan. Source

Dear God the way liberals have been beating their war drums over Ukraine as if the US has ever engaged in a single war for humanitarian reasons. Source

Ohh sit down, Finnish are just itching to get out of boredom by killing Russians. The accomplished nobody who made this is indeed a propagandists. Seethe. Source

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Drama in /r/interestingasfuck. A picture was posted with fetuses, a user suggests: "Alternativelly, they should choose not to have sex at all if they don't want a child." Next comment of his: "Didn't have sex once in my life, and not planning to before being sure about staying with someone."

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Drama in r/FirstTimeHomeBuyer. redditor essentially defends developers plan to rent homes instead of buy


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A /r/SteamDeck user posts his Steam Deck, but woops! His gun is in the picture! Is this on accident as he says? Is he just a huge dork like the comments are saying? Either way, get your small bucket of popcorn for this small bite of drama.


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Huge (100 comment) drama is sparked in r/Seattle when a commenter suggests "not EVERY JOB is meant to have a 'living wage'" and "You also do not need to be a skilled laborer to pour coffee."

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Batman and Joker team-up? Some users of r/DCAU are horrified to find that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are not fans of Donald Trump


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Two users have been arguing about fake news and censorship for the last 26 days in a post in /r/Economy. One user has 94 comments in this post. (ongoing)

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A high ranking Russian diplomat resigns in protest against the ongoing War in Ukraine. But what about America's asgression? r/worldnews users dicuss

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Was Jesus a Jew, or just Jewish? Are white Jews called the n-word? And who are the real Jews, anyway? The sages of /r/insanepeoplefacebook hold a debate worthy of the Talmud.

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Debate over proposed homeless shelter near elementary school in r/Sacramento


This is my first post here so bear with me...

The OP shares a flyer they saw raising alarm about a proposed homeless shelter that would be built one block from an elementary school https://www.reddit.com/r/Sacramento/comments/uw5pl8/found_this_on_my_walk_yesterday/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Many comments express the sentiment that it is a shelter being proposed, not a homeless encampment, so there is little to no cause for alarm

All of the negatives written on this poster are about homeless encampments, not shelters. There’s a huge difference in those two things and this poster is totally disingenuous.

His opposition to homeless shelters stems from issues observed at homeless encampments. Think about it for two second dude, the fewer shelters there are the more encampments there will be.

Which some people disagree with

A friend of mine lives next to a safe stay site and they are fed up with it because of all the people who are living just outside of the safe stay site so they can reap the benefits without having to abide by any of the rules.

Other commenters accuse those that oppose the shelter of NIMBYism, among other things...

File this under NIMBY

I live by the school, Nimbys are using the children as pawns to stop this from helping the homeless that sleep around the corner already. If anything, the proposal will teach kids how to be kind to the misfortunate.

Nah we just don't get into garbage Fox News talking point. Roseville's old town shelter is not that far from the elementary school I lived next too and there wasn't any issues. You have no grasp of reality and it's hilarious. I'm sure you'll tell me all about how I care about addicts more than kids like on your other "Takes". I got long term firsthand experience of living nearby what you're describing. Stop it get some help. Turn off Fox.

No, people are using all these bad excuses to cover up the real reason which is they are envious that they get to live somewhere without “having to do anything”. The people who write these flyers don’t usually have high IQs and are scared of hot sauce

With a few sticking to their guns that children's safety should be prioritized despite it being unpopular in the comment thread

Very informative. I think it’s reasonable to keep a homeless shelter away from a school.

It's really simple. Remove them from an elementary school. Those two groups should not be near each other.

And lastly, a couple spicy takes

You should have torn that down. F those kids they'll be alright

I have 30K Karma y'all aren't putting a dent in my shit lol. Gtfo with your low effort content sub-6K karma havin nobody. friggin dud.

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r/food thinks this homemade breakfast post is eggregious, repeatedly drags OP for posting "toaster waffles" even after a picture is posted of them in the waffle iron


Original post: [Homemade] Breakfast, Italian sausage, apple smoked bacon, eggs, waffles with strawberry compote and a hash brown | eta: Reveddit link for nuked drama

"Not trying to be picky, but from the perspective of someone from a country where people actually spend hours in the kitchen cooking, that processed plastic fantastic breakfast looks just like that: plastic fantastically processed nastiness"

OP tries to clarify that their waffles, while circular, are in fact homemade: & posts a picture of them in the waffle iron

This does little to stem the tide of negativity:

'“Homemade” toaster waffles, frozen hash brown patty, sausage link, fruit…'

"1.2k upvotes for Eggo waffles."

"Forgot: Tomato Puree and a Maple Tree Reduction."

"Exactly which part is homemade? That you assembled the plate, in your home?"

"Your mom must be so proud of her big boy."

A defender: "OP posted pics that shows the waffles are clearly homemade. Just cause you can't make waffles that look like that does not mean it's not homemade. I guess you want them to have raised the pig for the meats? I mean cmon."

While there are many other comments calling OP out for "eggo" waffles, there are other criticisms about their breakfast choices:

"Where is the compote? I know it's not the strawberries that clearly haven't been cooked into compote form, so where is it?" ... "I added fresh berries on top of the compote"

"My guy that “compote” is dryer than my mom in her urn."

"Individually these things look just fine, but why on earth would you want a strawberry compote with a savoury breakfast?"

"ketchup belongs on none of these if they are all properly cooked and seasoned"

"Why in sweet Jesus are the savoury things on the same plate as the sweet stuff?!"

"I just can't understand how you guys over in America can eat salty AND sweet things at the same time, in the same meal on the same plate"

Some random side dramas:

Person wondering why Americans call it Italian sausage when there are a thousand Italian sausages is called out by redditor tired of seeing 'the US being such a punching bag'

"Delete the sauce, syrup, strawberries, waffles and that breadcrumbed thing . All too carby."

A vegan emerges

And finally my favourite comment, for the sheer bizarre levels of vitriol directed at a plate of breakfast foods: "This is a joke I hope. Looks like shit"

While there's some defense of OP in the comments, it's basically drama and negativity from top to bottom.

eta: A mod weighs in: "Idiots can't think past their own culinary limitations, in this case they can't make waffles that good, so in their small mind no one can."

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If you increase your apples by two how big is the chance that redditors arguing about language and math are wrong?



Increases the apples you have by 2 = multiply number of applies by 2.0?

Percentage is a unit of measurement

It's not simply "X changed by Y%", it's more specifically "X% changed by Y%". This is important, because it means % might be being used as a unit of measurement.

You are right but, actually, I'm right.

Professor of engineering that teaches probability and statistics here: basically, you're wrong and here's why. Replace the word "chance" with probability (because it's functionally equivalent), and it should be clear the the thing that's increasing by a percent is the current probability, which is the current existing "chance". If you have a probability of 0.08 and you increase it by 80%, there is no possible interpretation other than its increasing the current odds. The statement holds the same amount of information if you use "chance" rather than probability and is equally clear.

Also, chance does not have a unit (nor does probability).

This is absolutely correct, but only because you reworded it to be more clear.

Some people reach their breaking point.

You have a 10 percent chance, and then the chance increases to 90 percent. By how much has your chance increased in percent?The answer? "Your chance has increased by 80 percent."

This. Is. Wrong.

Your chance increased by 800%. You are just saying the wrong thing repeatedly and refusing to accept it. At this point you might as well say "well percentage taste like grape and run on diesel fuel" because you're being factually, objectingly wrong and just doubling down.

Fuck it, I'm done. God dammit.


Bro just because you keep saying its an incomplete sentence does not make it one. Like someone said below "price of gas went up 20%" or "abortions decreased by 15%" are complete sentences with no confusion. There are no modifiers. If there were, they'd be stated. "Chances" has a set value, and that value increases by 80%.

If someone asked "How are you?" would you respond with "How am I what?" Smh

Completely new sentences are being created.

No, the sentence is "Increase your points by 80%" and that's very clear that it's from the points you already have. This is the same as "Increase your chances by 80%". There's really no ambiguity on that front.

Am I increasing my points by 80% of the cost of my sandwich, then?

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The former cop killed in Buffalo was working on inventing a car powered by water. R/damnthatsinteresting debates if he was killed by a conspiracy or if he didn't understand physics

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r/SubredditDrama 4d ago

"Enjoy work tomorrow, loser" - some kind of calm and rational discussion about income, I think.

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Veteran comic writer Christopher Priest calls out Internet toxicity surround bisexual Superman coming from people who don't read comics. r/KotakuInAction gets enraged, not realizing that Priest isn't the writer of bisexual Superman


r/SubredditDrama 5d ago

Woman posts about paying $25k to clone cat, user asks if it was a big expense, she says she didn’t think about it, another user points out she was asking for free pizza a few years ago.


r/SubredditDrama 5d ago

/r/firearms Can't decide if bringing a machine gun to a race riot is life goals or not


For context, The Chicago race riot of 1919 was a violent racial conflict started by white Americans against black Americans that began on the South Side of Chicago,Illinois on July 27 and ended on August 3, 1919. During the riot, 38 people died (23 black and 15 white)

In /r/firearms, a user posted a photo of a man setting up a Maxim MG09 machine gun on a door step during the riots with the caption declaring this to be "life goals"

Top voted comments are largely supportive, decrying the NFA preventing machine gun ownership

That’s what’s meant by Shall Not Be Infringed.

Fuck they were living in the golden age of firearms ownership and didn’t even know it.

No, cheering for the era of no NFA no ATF how is that so hard for you to understand? I suppose persons decide for themselves how to intrepret something. Therefore, an idea of intent typically resides with the interpreter. In other words, It's On You Man.

Drama happens when people question the picture and caption, especially when it turns out it isn't someone defending their home but a jail

If he's defending a jail and people rioting killing black people want to get in, I'd say he's doing God's work keeping em out.

This is r/firearms sir, where you expecting subtle racist affirming posts?

This guy in the picture was “protecting” the prison from black people, not his own house. And OP captioned this as “life goals”. You don’t see the blatant racism in this post?

r/SubredditDrama 5d ago

Is making a meme about the fight for LGBTQ+ rights homophobic? Witness the chaos enveloping this r/memes post


The link to the post:


The whole post is a mess, but sorting by controversial is where the fun begins.


OP gets downvoted to oblivion despite being upvoted at least a little elsewhere


Not many comments at the moment, but I can smell an Abortion related argument in the works as well


It's not much for now, but I caught it pretty early. I'm sure it'll get worse over time as we sit back and observe. A moderator post lock is probably coming for that one. In other words, I got it before it was fully ripe and the real spice is probably yet to come.

r/SubredditDrama 5d ago

OP makes a post about "everyone on social media hating on" rumored Marvel project. /r/marvelstudios is up in arms over his use of the word "everyone"


Link to full thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/marvelstudios/comments/uu2ijk/everyone_on_social_media_is_hating_on_the_new/


People like OP use such inflammatory language to outrage people into engaging. Making the world a little more angry and shit for the sake of some internet points. It's despicable really.

Im not saying it should be illegal but it should be banable on Reddit to be inflammatory

Get a load of this guy

Who is hating? Can you source even one person saying that hate this idea? One?

OP responds and provides a source, gets downvoted to oblivion


"You posted nothing of value. All these articles are just people mad because their favorite hero isn't getting a series. Also, these sources are people you shouldn't care about by the way. Aren't you able to make your own decisions in what you like? These articles are made to get a negative reaction from people...just...like...you! See how it worked?"

maybe because you're saying "everyone", when people are mostly split about it.


Semantics, the general reception of the rumor on social media is pretty negative. Most of the popular posts and tweets about it are negative.

I posted this so that there could be discussions on the Captain Carter rumors since I didn't see anything on this subreddit and Peggy is my favorite MCU character. Most of the posts I saw on social media were negative so I wanted to see if there were more positive takes on Reddit. I'm sorry it's nothing of value to you


Just shut the hell up

Its not semantics, its an obnoxious attempt to create controversy by putting a spotlight on twitter arguments that no one actually gives a shit out.

Yeah getting weirdly defensive and passive aggressive is a good way to cover up your lie. Good lie mr liar.

"Most" of the posts? Before it was all the posts ("everyone"). Pretty soon, you will realize it was like one person, and you will realize why you are wasting your time. You gotta get off social media.If you want to have a chat, delete the whole first sentence of your title (in which you lied) and just ask about the hero. You will have much better replies that way.