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Open | Hardware Help! Found a screw with solder on my motherboard


Hi I need help bigtime, I had my laptop repaired 2 years ago and now I am about to change and clean the cooling fans I found a screw filled with what I believe is solder in it! How do I actually remove this screw? I’ve been trying to use different types of screw heads and I am stuck.



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Open | Hardware PLZ i need help with my laptop GPU. help


I have ASUS GL502VS with I7 6700hq and GTX 1070 and every 6 month or more i repaste it. But this time I decided to cleaned my motherboard from the excess of the old thermal paste remaining on it. I cleaned the cpu, gpu and vram with alcohol as always (I think it was my mistake). I made a new thermal paste + my thermal pad as always.I turned it on for an hour. It works perfectly fine. The next day I turn it on to do some tests to check the temps. The computer struggles to start and then artifacts appear on the screen (a few blue dots that apear and disapear when there is black color on the screen) I checked my GPU and i saw a exclamation mark on it. I used gpuz to seebif there is a problem. It shows all the details of my graphics card except the Vram ( 0 gb ) but it shows their frequency 2000mhz. I need help to understand the problem! Thanks.

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Open | Hardware trouble with rosewill usb fan connector


My rosewill case has a usb hub for fans and usbs and while cleaning it i unplugged the rightmost connector and i do not know how to plug it back in and i tried once and it sparked and my pc turned off but i was able to turn it back on does anyone know how to help me fix it or put it back together i have a post on r/computers with an image or it or i can send anyone a picture of it

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Open | Phone really not sure where to post, how u guys can help! What is that "hey there" message that started appearing on the reddit mobile app?


u can't click it due to placement, and it disappears pretty fast, and reemerge at random times while scrolling? pic in comments

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Open | Windows PC randomly resets about twice a day


Hello, around 2 months ago I changed my pc up a bit (new case, new mobo, new ram and new CPU) but only this week this problem has arose. About twice a day, my pc crashes and then turns back on again.

No blue screen, no nothing. If there's audio when it crashes, I hear that CRRRRRR sound for 1 second (the classic pc crash broken audio sound) and then I see the windows logo and it restarts.

I have done antivirus scans with windows defender and kaspersky, nothing has been found.

The strangest thing is, in my event viewer, there is this message "The previous system shutdown at 10:10:23 on ‎05/‎02/‎2023 was unexpected." but the message itself was at time 10:12, and the pc crashed at 10:12. It's like event viewer predicted the crash by 2 minutes (it says 10:10).

Other errors i see around the time of the crash (i believe slightly later, not before the actual crash) are

"The device driver for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) encountered a non-recoverable error in the TPM hardware, which prevents TPM services (such as data encryption) from being used. For further help, please contact the computer manufacturer." event ID 15

also event ID 3, 6, (The description for Event ID 6 from source IntelHaxm cannot be found. ) 7000 (The IntelHaxm service failed to start due to the following error: A device attached to the system is not functioning.), 7009 (A timeout was reached (45000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Intel(R) TPM Provisioning Service service to connect.)

thanks and sorry for the long read

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Open | Hardware Need some help


I know this isn't exactly the right place to ask. Please send me on the right path for the answer I'm asking. Need an HDMI switch of sorts so I could switch between two monitors, not dual. Switching between them using only one monitor at a time. I only find ones that dual the monitors, or ones that have many sources to one screen. Thanks again ahead of time. Also need as 4k 60 hz and 2k 60 hz.

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Open | Windows Fresh Install of Windows 10 Driver help


Hello, I have a Asus laptop that bricked itself and had to do a fresh install of windows 10, and I'm having some driver issues.

Things I have Tried:

  • I tried DriverFix application, it just kept crashing
  • I tried running "msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic", but all installs it tries to do, don’t result in anything.

So far I need a my SATA ACH controller driver but don't know where to find it (I have an intel processor). Im pretty sure I have a backup HDD on this laptop but don't have the tools to open it up and check as I just moved.

I need to troubleshoot my Bluetooth as it shows I don't have the capability on my laptop but before bricking it worked. any ideas for this?

After running "msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic" it says I need PCI Memory controller/PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller (which I'm guessing is the SATA driver I need), that I need a SM Bus Controller Driver, and I also have 3 Unknown Devices listed.

Thank you guys for any help you can offer.

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Open | Windows How do I migrate EVERYTHING from one computer to the next, including all the applications and non-OneDrive synced file folders?


I tried using Lenovo Migration Assistant to migrate everything, but it only migrated the files and shortcuts. Now on my new computer I have VSC scripts but no VSC, and shortcuts to apps in file locations that don't exist on the new computer. How do I completely migrate everything, so it would be as if I didn't change computers?

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Open | Networking Double NAT Errors when gaming, while only having access to one router.


While playing Xbox, I encounter problems with lag and game chat, and after painful troubleshooting I’ve eliminated every other issue besides having double Nat on my wifi setup.

I live in an apartment, where service is provided. I just had to supply a router. I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do and am struggling finding solutions for some reason. Every troubleshooting forum I find is for 2 router setups.

I have seen solutions surrounding setting up your router using bridge mode, but I believe that would only work if I had access to the main router/modem that the apartment complex is in control of, as when I set my own router into bridge mode, and use a wired connection, I still do not have internet access.

I have also tried plugging my Xbox directly into my wall port (ethernet?) but that did not work either.

I am not knowledgeable, so let me know if anything is not clear enough but I’m running out of ideas.

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Open | Phone Fast Chargers (eg for Samsung)... is it the cord or block?


Getting the new Samsung s23+ and I'm finding out it only comes with the cord and not the actual block.

Is the cord the magic behind it being fast or the block?

I have an S10 and bought a basic charger from Walmart and it def ain't fast so I would like to fix this goig forward. Not sure If I have to buy their add on of the block (like 15 or so)

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Open | Phone Kik messenger stuck on S


Kik went down about a week ago or something and it logged me out. I don’t know if this haa anything to do with it, but I was texting there with a guy and now my messages are not sent because it never changes to D :(( so does this mean that he just has not opened the app or something?? And I don’t have his contacts yet or anything because we have only talked in kik

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Open | Hardware Pc freezes when GPU has load.


I just finished building a pc and after installing all the drivers and updating windows, I decided to stress test my cpu and gpu.

I tested my cpu first and it handled the test pretty well but when I installed Heaven benchmark, after the first 5 frames, the pc freezes. Capslock is not responding and the only way to get out was to shut it down through the case power button.

Note that my GPU is a Gigabyte RX580 8GB Rev 2.0 that I bought on a used marketplace. I tested the GPU there before I bought it and it was running Apex legends pretty well with good temps.

I asked the previous owner what PSU he was using and said it was a generic no name brand. I’m using a FSP Hydro GD Non-Modular 650W power supply, and newegg Watt Calculator said that I would need around 600W for it to function.

So now I’m thinking if its the 8 pin issue. My PSU has multiple of them and I haven’t tried to switch it.

It’s worth noting that My GPU won’t even attempt to spin the fans once the load increases more than idle. I don’t know if it’s because it failed already or not.

What do you guys think?

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Solved Storage issues


So I only have 190GB of games installed and nothing else, yet I only have 28GB of space available?

my disk can hold 446GB worth of stuff and I usually fix this issue with a hard reset but I am not wanting to do that this time

should also mention I'm using a PC

Edit: Old game files were taking up 166GB of space

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Open | Malware Urgent! Someone sent an email that my laptop has been hacked.


Here is a link to the PDF screenshot that he sent me. I don't remember any websites I have been to. Since that date, I have bought a new laptop. Please help me!

Edit: In the email, he sent a screenshot of the screen of my old laptop and some of my google passwords. I checked and no one has been logged in to my google account except me.

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Open | Hardware my pc is turning on, but not turning off, unless i turn off from the back, just installed a cpu and graphics card


were currently just leaving it unplugged for like 10 minutes and hoping that it just fixes itself. also didn't boot when turning on.

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Open | Mac MacBook Pro Error


When I do command v on startup I get these errors. https://imgur.com/a/z380e1z Also once I try to login a loading bar appears after entering my password and seems to get stuck right near the end. I have ran disk utility and everything seems to be running ok. Should I just reinstall the OS? Thanks for any help!

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Open | Software Price discrepancy Amazon confusion.


I was looking at monitor prices on my phone. And I guess somehow I switched the region to USA accidentally. I checked the same product on my computer and the price went from 185 USD to 705 AUD. I was confused, then I realised only my computer was shopping from the Aussie region. I switched my phones shopping region to Australia and the price jumped to 700 AUD like on my computer. The thing is 185 usd = 267 aud. That nowhere near 700 aud! What’s going on here. I’m genuinely very confused.

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Open | Software How to add Album art to mp3.


Im trying to download a bunch of mp3s to use through spotify, i added album art, changed the artist name, album name, song name, and release date but when i synced the files to my phone 3 of them had the proper art and none of them had the other information i added. what is the simplest way to fix this issue?

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Open | Windows What are the best resources for teaching someone computer basics


My parents recently moved which means their tech support (me) isn’t close enough to help them when something comes up. I’m curious is anyone has any recommendations — especially videos — for teaching computer basics to someone older. Simple things like “how to cc someone on an email” or “format a word doc” etc

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Open | Hardware My computer won't turn on with my gpu on


So i had this graphic card since 2 years or so, it worked really fine and had no problem, but yesterday while i left my computer on i woke up to the screen flashing colors one after another. So i decided to give it a reboot thinking that may fix it, but after the reboot there is not even the flashing colors anymore, windows weirdly won't boot up in normal mode, i tried taking off the gpu and try to boot up with integrated graphics and it worked. This seemed to me like a giveaway that the gpu is dead but after trying the graphic card on another computer i ended up concluding that the gpu is fully functional . I also tried a bios reset but that wouldn't solve anything, and i don't have another gpu in hand to test on my computer.

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Open | Windows Bluetooth adapter being recognized as 2.4g Mouse


As the title says, My TP-LINK UB400 is being recognized as a wireless mouse. Hence, I can't use bluetooth devices through it..

r/techsupport 2m ago

Open | Hardware PC Lights turn on but no USB/Display after water damage


Full story: I had a drink on my desk and I knocked it over and it spilled onto the top of my desktop pc which sits under my desk. After about 5-10 seconds (I estimate), the PC Shut down. I unplugged it and took everything apart, inspecting every part, letting everything dry. Nothing seemed water damaged at all. I put everything back together after everything was dry. When I plugged it in and turned it on, the motherboard, gpu, and RGB all lit up (however the rgb took a few seconds to light up). After that, none of my peripherals showed any life at all (except my stream deck which lit up with some old data which it seems to always do if power is supplied to it).

I read one post that said to remove the CMOS and try again. I did that and the same there were no results. Does anybody have any suggestions?

r/techsupport 9m ago

Open | Hardware Need help identifying metal thing with cable


The metal part is magnetic and weighs around 110g. The white circle feels like solid plastic. You can’t twist or turn anything.


r/techsupport 14m ago

Open | Windows E Disk disappeared, C drive programmes keep crashing


Hi All.

I've looked up some threads on this, but the advice doesn't seem to work. I booted up my PC yesterday and it came up with a message about needing to fix my E drive

When I go into disk management, it shows the E drive: https://imgur.com/a/rm8RK5F :: But I can't access it and it is still not showing up in My Computer. Also I tired to format it, but it failed and said it could not be formatted.

I don't really care about recovering the items on it, just more getting it back up and running - I can re-download everything.

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Open | Hardware Is there a way to calculate how much power my gaming laptop uses when constantly plugged in?


I'm wondering since it's the only way to use it with without getting terrible FPS drops, is there like math or an online converter I can use online to see how much power (in currency) I use a year?