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The Walking Dead S11E24 - Rest In Peace - Series Finale - Episode Discussion


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Season 11 Episode 24, Rest In Peace

  • Released (AMC+ / Premiere): November 20, 2022
  • Released (AMC): November 20, 2022

Synopsis: Maggie and Negan take arms against Pamela; the heroes assemble for one last stand.

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r/thewalkingdead 14h ago

No Spoiler Something that many struggle with

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r/thewalkingdead 16h ago

Comic Spoiler It was a tragedy that this line never made the show

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r/thewalkingdead 9h ago

Show Spoiler s01e04 - why didn’t they get a car instead of running all the way back to camp ?

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r/thewalkingdead 4h ago

Comic Spoiler My twd project

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Spent five hours on this.The poster is signed so I made a custom frame for one of my coolest thing in my collection

r/thewalkingdead 16h ago

No Spoiler i live 20 min away from the quarry from season 1, went and visited today

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r/thewalkingdead 10h ago

Show Spoiler Lydia


Hands down has become one of my favorite characters. Her character growth is amazing, her loyalty knows no bounds (mainly in the later season) and imo she’s just all around fantastic

r/thewalkingdead 10h ago

No Spoiler Can we stop with the "Where's Heath" post?


The dude was as minor as they come in terms of characters, why is everyone obsessed about where he is? It's been said for awhile now that he's been taken by CRM. Either we see him again or we don't. Literally doesn't matter.

r/thewalkingdead 11h ago

No Spoiler Dale was ahead of his time

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r/thewalkingdead 1d ago

No Spoiler Rewatching The Walking Dead so I drew this. One of my early favorites

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r/thewalkingdead 1d ago

No Spoiler It’s been a long time since I re-watched the first season and I’m realizing that Laurie is toxic tbh

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r/thewalkingdead 1d ago

No Spoiler just ran into Negan at local grocery store

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r/thewalkingdead 13h ago

No Spoiler comparisons between the walking dead and lost

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two of my favourite shows, I see lots of similarities between Rick/Jack and Daryl/sawyer and other characters but I was wondering if there’s anything more you guys noticed.

is there any Easter eggs between the two shows or anything?

r/thewalkingdead 3h ago

No Spoiler Favourite Episode

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Season 6 ep 9 No Way Out

Shit hitting the fan every second from Carl getting shot, Rick goes out alone to take em all and then everyone getting together to fight. Glenn almost getting buried under walkers trying to save maggie and then being saved last minute by Abraham and Sasha. Daryl liting it up and then amazing cuts of everyone butchering walkers together, gives me goosebumps everytime. Orgasmic shit. My favourite Episode right on top with Negan's entrance in show.

r/thewalkingdead 1h ago

No Spoiler The bite is curable (theory)


We all know if you get bitten by a zombie you die and turn into one but we've seen people turn and not being bitten meaning you'll turn no matter what. So, the bite itself gives you infection and the fever kills you. So, normally you'd be able to cure infection by going to hospital, right? But since the zombies spread quickly, the hospitals and shit collapsed and proper medical attention was hard to get.

r/thewalkingdead 19h ago

Show Spoiler Man, late S04 and early S05 have some of the wildest, most disturbing scenes I've ever seen on TV shows.


Probably a popular sentiment but damn that was a wild ride.

Too realistic of how people would behave post-apocalypse.

Casual cannibalism, eating a man's leg while chatting with the rest of him. All those body parts hung up on hooks like beef or pork. Rick (deservedly) ripping out a man's throat with his bare teeth.

r/thewalkingdead 3h ago

Show Spoiler Is Morgan schizophrenic?


Doing a re-watch and am wondering if anyone else thinks Morgan suffers from schizophrenia. Maybe it's obvious but I don't think I've come across a discussion here.

At the start, when he and his son were with Rick, he appears well adjusted, perhaps he still had access to his meds? As time goes on obviously he would not have his medication. This results in two pronounced episodes, one when Rick finds him in season 3 and the other at the wrap up of the Negan wars in season 8. It would explain the symptoms of "delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, trouble with thinking and lack of motivation". LMK your thoughts or if I'm way behind.

r/thewalkingdead 23h ago

Show Spoiler Is anybody else bothered by Daryl’s Development?


In the first couple seasons Daryl is very outspoken and funny, I understand he matures during the show and becomes a much better person Relative to other characters at least, they basically turn him into a mute that grunts at people and occasionally stares at stuff for a long time. Don’t get me wrong I understand he is seriously affected by things like Beth and Glenn dying and his imprisonment. he’s still a bad ass but this Has always bothered me. There’s a point where it feels like his non-action scenes can be fast forwarded and you won’t miss a thing. I think it's more of a pacing issue more than Daryl himself as he went through a lot, I think they could shorten some of the scene where he's just silent?

r/thewalkingdead 13h ago

Show Spoiler How did Virgil get off the island?


Didn’t he choose to stay so he could be close to his wife’s grave? Then he turns up with Connie? What did I miss?

r/thewalkingdead 3h ago

Show Spoiler Restarted watching hoping to get past season 6 this time. Currently in season 3 now. This show is better than I remember


Who is everybody's favorite character from seasons 1-2? Personally I miss Dale. He had his faults but he had a good moral compass and was a genuinely good guy.

r/thewalkingdead 9h ago

Show Spoiler Anybody else notice this?


In s11:e24 at around 16:02 when rosita is falling, you can clearly see the mattress she falls on and the gap from the building to the ambulance is a lot closer in the next scene

r/thewalkingdead 12m ago

Show Spoiler my favorite ep so far


Season 6 episode 13 was by far my favorite episode of the entirety of walking dead so far. Being able to piece together all of carols emotions was such a ride. When was she being real and when was she being fake, seeing her lose grip on her attitude and get serious was so fun. It was just a situation where the amazing acting in twd could really be shown off in a beautiful way. Carol being genuinely afraid of what has to be done in her head but trying to survive while also trying to save these people around her from herself. Being afraid of yourself because of what you've done. Was just chef's kiss from the writers on this one to really flesh out carol like this. Good decision.

r/thewalkingdead 1d ago

No Spoiler Did anyone actually like Andrea at all?? By far one of my least favorite characters.

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r/thewalkingdead 6h ago

Show Spoiler Walking dead


I am watching the walking dead and I just saw Tyrese die and it was so sad yet I loved how he was imagining bob the two girls and Beth

r/thewalkingdead 18h ago

Show Spoiler The leaders of our groups were SO unfit to lead when Rick left.

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Re-watching the show, I love how the writers made the group's leadership unstable once Rick left. Like in reality, it shows that not many people can lead the masses. From Gabriel going rogue on Dante, Carol and the group going rogue to find Alphas herd, Michonne completely cutting off the other communities, then leaving in the middle of a WAR, and Daryl kidnapping Lydia from Alpha. The new leaders continued to make emotional mistake after mistake. Rick and, dare I say .. Maggie. They really were the only people fit to lead.