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Ignorance of the rules is not a defense - Telling a user a method to commit suicide will result in a permanent ban. Meta

Edit: this is not up for debate

Your job before using a Subreddit is to be familiar with the rules to ensure you do not end up having your content removed (mild) to being on the receiving end of a ban (severe).

Given the nature of the offense, this type of infraction is not liable for a warning nor is it liable to the defense of “but I didn’t know!”

This stance has zero to do with personal belief regarding assisted-suicide, which would imply the use of a medical provider operating within evidence-based approaches to help with end-of-life. This stance is in regards to largely uninformed Redditors, of unverifiable credentials, offering “advice” with methodology that is not evidence-based nor generally is it without risk.

Were medically-assisted suicide pan-legal across every single State, it would still not be allowed for users to give methods to others on how to kill themselves.

Your individual beliefs have nothing to do with this discussion, has nothing to do with adhering to rules in order to participate within a sub and further has no bearing on your ability to support medically-assisted suicide, of which a Reddit comment is not, across various discussions.

However, If you tell a user a method to kill themselves, you will be banned and your comment will be escalated for additional review by Reddit admins.

You should know better than to provide someone potentially suicidal with methods to kill themselves, and if you can’t have that inherent moral compass then you should be able to gander at the multiple places our rules are plastered before engaging within this sub.

Thanks to the rest of you with enough common sense that this message will seem ridiculous, keep on keeping on.


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u/kilerwhale May 17 '22

What happend?


u/Hospitalities Founder & Mod May 17 '22

Uptick in incidences of people asking for suicide methods and users sharing methods, then mod mail getting spammed by people upset because they “didn’t know”.


u/[deleted] May 18 '22



u/Bob_knots May 20 '22

Like eat a lot of salt, or don’t poop for 6 weeks


u/[deleted] May 25 '22 edited May 26 '22

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u/Cautious-Damage7575 Jun 07 '22

I once made a poop can. It was grossly impressive.


u/Bob_knots May 25 '22



u/purpleflower22 May 29 '22

Eating a lot of salt would kill you tho...


u/shaikmudassir May 29 '22

Eating lots of asses?


u/legalparanormal Jun 12 '22

Depends on the context of eating.


u/[deleted] Jun 08 '22



u/Stalbjorn Jun 08 '22

How tiny is the shaker you were picturing? In my mind that looks like one huge bite of food if it contains the whole shaker.


u/kiffiekat Jun 24 '22

My gf's ex had his stomach stapled to help him lose weight. I don't remember exactly what the cause was, but his sodium levels shot through the roof. He was babbling nonsense, forgot to feed the cat, forgot he was a human. They got him to the hospital and stabilized, got him on some meds to help, but we think the damage was done. He still wasn't completely right and died of a heart attack a couple years later.