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How would most women react if an 8-10 year old boy said you had sexy boobs? Meta




u/unlessyoumeantit May 19 '22 edited May 19 '22

When I was about 10, I jokingly told my older sister's (4y older than me) best friend that she had no tits. She punched me in the mouth and said that I would never get a girlfriend with that attitude. Since then I'm more respectful towards women.

ETA: A few years later I saw a nice pair on her when we went swimming together so I was very wrong.


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u/[deleted] May 19 '22

Yup. I'd probably make him lick the white dog turd on the ground just to make sure he doesn't let shit like that come out his mouth again. I'd go full step brothers bully on him


u/South_Throat_8689 May 19 '22

This question is sus.


u/SixthScaleCollectors May 19 '22

OP wants to know if she can show them off without being deemed a creep lol


u/AshEliseB May 19 '22

Being sexualised by a child is gross and I would tell the little shit to behave himself.


u/MsLinda70 May 26 '22

This. I'm a school bus driver and one time a 12 year old told me I was sexy. So inappropriate and yes gross. I simply told him it's disrespectful to talk to anyone like that let alone an adult.


u/Medium_Temperature_4 May 19 '22

I'd ask him where he learned that behaviour and why he thinks it's ok to talk to women like that


u/scorpio8u May 19 '22

Say “ piss off or I’ll tell your mum” and carry on with life


u/Exciting-Sky-3106 May 19 '22

Not exactly that just a kid trying to grope my ass. Anyway I grabbed his hand hard and throw him to the side 😂 safe to say he’s terrified and ran to his mom


u/imnoturfuckingdad May 19 '22

i would be surprised and kinda make a face, but ultimately just be like thanks.. it's unlikely they even have a filter strong enough to stop themselves from saying those types of things yet


u/[deleted] May 19 '22

The misogyny is strong in this one 👆


u/imnoturfuckingdad May 20 '22

it's clear u have no idea what that word means omg lmao 💀 nice attempt though ig?


u/Competitive-Talk-451 May 19 '22

I hope call ther parents.


u/Mamaj12469 May 19 '22

I’d speak to his parent.


u/PizzassyPizza May 19 '22

I’d be very uncomfortable. I’ve had a child comment on them before and it’s really off putting.


u/jirenlagen May 19 '22

I’d laugh and walk tf away.


u/Rich_birthday131 May 20 '22

Tell their moms on them