r/TooAfraidToAsk May 26 '22

Why Isn’t Plastic Surgery Viewed As An “Asterisk” And Supposed To Be Looked At The Same As Natural Beauty? Culture & Society



u/twohedwlf May 26 '22

What? Not quite sure what you're saying. Most people don't consider plastic surgery as the same as natural beauty.

But if someone is beautiful, they're beautiful. If it took some surgery to get there, it's not ideal but they still got there.


u/trowaway3615 May 27 '22

Yeah but they’re still treated the same, same perks, reverence, etc. They expect to be groveled over the same way and all.


u/StrategyIcy7320 May 26 '22

No. But please keep in mind that not all people who have plastic surgery wanted to get plastic surgery. i had plastic surgery because of cancer. It was not what I wanted. And it isn’t like natural beauty, but if people could look past that, it would be nice.


u/SilkySlim_69 May 26 '22

Hows it going to look same as natural when you can tell that someone got it.


u/straightoutthebox May 26 '22

I think plastic surgery is viewed that way.


u/Comsicwastaken May 26 '22

What? I can’t understand your question?