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Do you think suicide rates would go down if everyone had a dog? Mental Health



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u/Gremlin95x May 26 '22

No. There is no reason to believe just having a pet will prevent suicide. The pet does not solve a single cause of the person’s despair.


u/DefEddie May 27 '22

Definitely might cause more I would think.


u/TheHollowBard May 27 '22

It would at least lead to more sum total animal neglect. I'm very lucky that the dog I'm caring for right now is old and has trouble walking more than half an hour every other day. If you dropped a Border Collie in my lap right now, I'd go fucking insane and the dog would rip my place apart from pent up energy and anxiety.


u/cosmoharley1 May 27 '22

While I agree that it's an awful idea. I think it's a step too far to say an animal doesn't solve a single cause of despair.

A pretty basic reason people get depressed is a lack of movement, so a common step in depression therapy is to encourage physical activity. Since dogs require to be walked, that could help people get out and be active. Also, they are a great source of companionship and give people something to be responsible over, which in some cases can give people a reason to live.