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Do you think suicide rates would go down if everyone had a dog? Mental Health



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u/ImNotKwame May 27 '22

Ugh. I’m so over people who force their pets on others. Your fantasy world of everyone being required to own a dog is myopic and self serving at best. Not everyone likes dogs. Not everyone wants a pet. Just because you like something like that dog so now everyone is supposed to get a dog?

I like real housewives so everyone should be required to watch. No of course not. Life is about freedom. A dog will not make things better. Quit trying to force your dog on everyone.


u/ginnyweasel420 May 27 '22

? Not forcing my pet on others, just a question for the public about happiness and dogs.. get your panties out of a wad.


u/ImNotKwame May 27 '22

People like you make me so angry. You’re forcing yourself and the dog on everyone. I’m just tired of it. Dogs are everywhere all of a sudden.

Unhappiness Ginny. That’s what your suggestion brings to my world. I don’t need a dog. And I resent you trying to force a dog on me. I would never say this to your face. How many of your friends have disdain for your dog but are too afraid to say anything?

Because some dog people don’t understand boundaries. Then when you want space from the dog they act like you’re the bad guy. Or blame me for the dog being upset because I didn’t bow down and worship the dog