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Do you think suicide rates would go down if everyone had a dog? Mental Health



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u/ImNotKwame May 27 '22

Ugh. I’m so over people who force their pets on others. Your fantasy world of everyone being required to own a dog is myopic and self serving at best. Not everyone likes dogs. Not everyone wants a pet. Just because you like something like that dog so now everyone is supposed to get a dog?

I like real housewives so everyone should be required to watch. No of course not. Life is about freedom. A dog will not make things better. Quit trying to force your dog on everyone.


u/ginnyweasel420 May 27 '22

? Not forcing my pet on others, just a question for the public about happiness and dogs.. get your panties out of a wad.


u/ImNotKwame May 27 '22

Quit forcing your dog on people/. And I’m not a bad person just because I don’t want to pet your dog! I want freedom. My darkest days were when I felt that I had no control or freedom. Your dogs are stealing my joy and my freedom. I’m very upset.