r/TooAfraidToAsk May 26 '22

If someone was actively trying to murder you and you had a chance to kill them before they dealt the final blow, would you do it if you knew for sure that no one would believe it was self-defense and you would go to prison for life? Culture & Society




u/Schtevo66 May 27 '22

So the scenario is a choice between life in prison or death.

I’d take life in prison, laws can change, being dead cannot, also fuck that guy trying to kill me!


u/Adam_Clark98 May 26 '22

Sure, at least you'll be able to tell that you killed someone to your prison mates.


u/el_mapache_negro May 27 '22

Are you actually too afraid to ask people this? Seems like a fun bar convo


u/Embarrassed_Pen3629 May 26 '22

Kill them, then kill myself in prison


u/1-e4-e5-2-Ke2 May 27 '22

If, in your eyes, life in prison is worse than death, why wouldn’t you want your murderer to get the prison sentence?


u/F350Gord May 27 '22

I would not kill them, I would just take their eyes.


u/BirthdaySalt5791 May 27 '22

Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six


u/Skaixen May 27 '22

I'd kill him, then myself.

Going to prison for self-defense, is not an option.

So either way, i'm dead....so might as well take 'em with me!


u/excusivelyForRamen May 27 '22

Yeah, I'd spite them. There's always that chance of getting exonerated 30 years after the fact 🙃


u/-The-Follower May 27 '22

Fuck yeah, kill me and I’m at least taking you with me.


u/Sunbrosa May 27 '22

You have no idea how vengeful and petty I am if you think that'll stop me. I'll actually giggle to myself remembering i got the first shot while on the way to the electric chair.


u/Important_Outcome_67 May 27 '22


Not even a hard question.


u/Republixcan May 27 '22

Yes, because I still want to live.


u/mechashiva1 May 27 '22

Of course I wouldn't defend myself. Wouldn't want people thinking I'm a murderer. I'd just let them kill me then get on with my day


u/JollyOldManMae May 26 '22

No. Not because no one would beleive it was self defense. Rather I wouldn't do it because u could never bring myself to purposefully hurt someone let alone murder. I'm a scared cat


u/Alternative-Ear-8514 May 27 '22

Why would you definitely go to jail? You can’t get a good lawyer?