r/TooAfraidToAsk Jun 09 '22

Why was “Life is mostly doing things you don't want to do until you die. How do most people, like, deal?” locked? I think that’s a great question worthy of discussion. Meta

Credit to /u/SmileyCyprus

I think it’s really important for people to share their life experiences and inform younger generations as to what their efforts may be worth.

Personally, I think particular cultures (perhaps influenced by corporate interests) put too much emphasis on money and property and not enough on wisdom and experience.

Can we discuss this or is it not permitted in this sub?

Also, it should be a Reddit rule that any thread that’s locked should included a pinned explanation for the lock.



u/TheBigBigBigBomb Jun 09 '22

Can you put a link so that people can read the answers?


u/bloodyvisions Jun 09 '22

You don’t actually have to do what they tell you. Sure, you’ll get punished, but at least I’m free.


u/Full_Expression7155 Jun 10 '22

I take drugs. And use entertainment.