r/TooAfraidToAsk Jun 13 '22

Why are most Reddit posts sounds so silly in my head when I am reading them? Meta

I mean, it does not apply for every post, but for the majority of them the voice in my head replicates what is written in the most stupid way.

As if the author of the post is really “backwarded”.


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u/dirtballmagnet Jun 13 '22

Are you reading them like you wrote this one?


u/Lentjiom Jun 13 '22

What’s wrong?


u/dirtballmagnet Jun 13 '22

Your grammar is a little off. "Why are most Reddit posts sounds" is understandable but it sounds a little silly.

A more natural way to ask would be "Why do most Reddit posts sound so silly in my head when I am reading them?"

If English is your second language then you may be applying some syntax and rules that are natural to your native language but not English, and that could be the reason for why things seem kind of strange, see? And if English is your first language then you may have a slightly different way of learning or seeing things and you'll want to be aware of that.

Either way, have a nice day and thank you for asking something interesting.