r/TooAfraidToAsk Jun 15 '22

Comments on Facebook? Meta

I have to know why so many people comment on Facebook posts as if someone important is reading them.

For example, there are endless Facebook pages showing famous movie stars on their birthday etc. When some generic page shows a picture of Harrison Ford (for example) and says it’s his birthday, there are literally hundreds of comments of people speaking directly to him: “Happy Bday Harrison!! I love your films!” “I hope you have a great day!” As if he is reading FB comments on a random page.

WTF is up with this???



u/prettyupsidedown Jun 15 '22

These people have no lives/friends/family/hobbies and sit at home all day.


u/Nebula9545 Jun 15 '22

You know how people say they are gonna pray for you? Or keep unin their thoughts and alike.

They think they're doing something


u/Ben_T_Willy Jun 16 '22

facebook is possibly the worst thing that has ever been created.