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Introducing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) wiki! Meta


We just set up an initial version of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) wiki. You can check it out here .

This is something we've been working on for awhile. Special shoutout to /u/stillcouldbeworse for actually finally getting it up and running! This initial version is pretty short to keep it simple and avoid breaking anything, but we expect to be adding to it regularly now that it's up and running. We'll of course be mentioning it in the sidebar or the full wiki as well.

Since this is the first public iteration, you can expect some tweaking as we figure out how to best utilize it. Features/questions/formats might change. And now is probably a good time to ask a few questions for the community-

What are some things you want to see in the FAQ wiki?

How do you want to see the FAQ wiki utilized? (ie, should automod sticky a comment linking to the FAQ wiki? filter out FAQs?)

How should it be sourced? Should it link to existing posts (either in this sub or another), external sources?

What threshold do you consider acceptable to be a FAQ?

Any other requests/ideas/questions?
And last- while one of the goals here is to help promote a bit more variety in OPs, it is still NOT OK to question-shame FAQs. You can direct them to the FAQ wiki, but do so politely and kindly. You will get a ban, per Rule 1, for rude replies to questions. We get that FAQ posts can be a bit annoying for longtime users, but we still expect you to be polite about it.


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u/meduiza7 Jun 21 '22

Add these two! "why don't incels date each other" And "I have this [normal body part] do men/women find it attractive?".


u/n3rdz97 Jul 14 '22

Need the answer


u/[deleted] Jun 22 '22

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u/Jedi-Pup-4 Jun 23 '22

"Why can't we have straight/white pride day/month?" needs to go up there. Basically "Why can't we have X pride day/month for something that is already the majority, status quo, or accepted?"


u/yoelbenyossef Aug 31 '22

Because gay pride day celebrates the stonewall riots. Most of the celebrations commemorate something really shitty. It's also a way of making those things more acceptable and talked about.

The majority is rarely targeted, cause they're the majority and don't stand out. Doesn't mean you can't be proud of yourself and your heritage and your family/community. Just doesn't mean the same thing when you try to get on a float.


u/Jedi-Pup-4 Sep 02 '22

I know...that's why I said it needs to be an FAQ, because we're tired of getting this question.


u/irishking44 Aug 31 '22

Stonewall plays little if any part in pride fests. Yes it was significant but it's rarely mentioned , much less the focus of such events


u/yoelbenyossef Sep 01 '22

You're right, it isn't mentioned often anymore. But at the genesis of these events it was. Same way St Patricks day parade was about how the Irish were very poorly treated a century ago. Now it's about drinking till you puke, but the thing that starts these events is usually pretty awful.

I also think that part of these events is about normalizing things. When I was in High School in 1995 one of my friends came out. People would throw rocks at him. Parents who were driving their kids would stop to say the most disgusting things to him. And this is less than 30 years ago. Today I have many coworkers who are openly gay and no one really cares, and I think that things like the gay pride parade is part of what helps it be seen a just something that is, not a horrible taboo to be hidden in a closet.


u/throwaway_0x90 Jun 21 '22

One question that's getting way too worn out is the constant asking of the n-word. The FAQ should say to go ask in r/blackpeopletwitter


u/Arianity Jun 21 '22

One question that's getting way too worn out is the constant asking of the n-word.

That's one that definitely made it on the initial version ;)


u/WlTNESS Jul 17 '22

I just clicked a post and it brought me to this? what?


u/ClassistBassist Sep 14 '22

Call me crazy but if you are seeing too much of the same post…you’re probably on Reddit too much.


u/watchingtheweasels Jun 27 '22

Given the title of this, shouldn't it be the infrequently asked questions wiki?


u/Kawaii710 Oct 24 '22

we need something like this back. Its so fucking annoying to see every top post be something along the lines of “am I weird for having this sexual fetish ?”


u/[deleted] Jun 21 '22

Very meta. Nice one.


u/[deleted] Sep 13 '22

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u/Arianity Sep 13 '22

Shoot us a message in modmail so we can take a look.

You can message us by clicking here.


u/[deleted] Nov 08 '22

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u/Arianity Nov 08 '22

Shoot us a modmail and we'll take a look


u/[deleted] Nov 23 '22

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u/Arianity Nov 23 '22

Why are no posts getting through or either take a day until they show up on anyone's feed?

There are. This is what new currently looks like. Those post timestamps are when they were posted by OP. Notice there is no manual approvals (you'd see green checkmarks if there were)

Are you actually manually approving every single post?


Stop holding back posts.

We generally don't hold back posts. We have some specific automod filters for certain topics (like spam), and reddit also has it's own spam filter that we don't have control over.

If you post something and it's not getting posted, send us a modmail and we can take a look.


u/[deleted] Nov 23 '22 edited Nov 23 '22

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u/Arianity Nov 23 '22

ok, so why is it that when i post something, I get nothing?

Looking through your account, it looks like you're getting hit by reddit's (as in admins, not our) spam filter. You can tell:


If it was ours, it would say something like "[ removed by AutoModerator (remove not spam) ]" (or one of the mods names), like this. If it just says removed like that, then it's on reddit's end. (It also doesn't show up in modlog etc)

This is not something we have control over. We've been sending people to this link to resolve it with reddit directly:


and there is simply not more traffic, then I'm sorry, and ignore my accusations, but something is not wrong here.

It's something we're keeping an eye on, but we literally don't have control over it, and it doesn't give us a reason. All we can see is it wasn't one of our tools. You're not the first person to have this issue (and this isn't the only sub that has this issue, either), but we haven't seen a pattern to it on our end yet. Something got flagged on reddit's end.

We're happy to approve them manually, just shoot us a modmail when you make a post. We also go through the spam filter occasionally, but that has the flaws you mentioned. You're much more likely to get a response if you bring it to our attention


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22

I feel like if you see too many questions repeat on here…..that just means that you use Reddit too much.