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Meta Introducing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) wiki!



We just set up an initial version of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) wiki. You can check it out here .

This is something we've been working on for awhile. Special shoutout to /u/stillcouldbeworse for actually finally getting it up and running! This initial version is pretty short to keep it simple and avoid breaking anything, but we expect to be adding to it regularly now that it's up and running. We'll of course be mentioning it in the sidebar or the full wiki as well.

Since this is the first public iteration, you can expect some tweaking as we figure out how to best utilize it. Features/questions/formats might change. And now is probably a good time to ask a few questions for the community-

What are some things you want to see in the FAQ wiki?

How do you want to see the FAQ wiki utilized? (ie, should automod sticky a comment linking to the FAQ wiki? filter out FAQs?)

How should it be sourced? Should it link to existing posts (either in this sub or another), external sources?

What threshold do you consider acceptable to be a FAQ?

Any other requests/ideas/questions?
And last- while one of the goals here is to help promote a bit more variety in OPs, it is still NOT OK to question-shame FAQs. You can direct them to the FAQ wiki, but do so politely and kindly. You will get a ban, per Rule 1, for rude replies to questions. We get that FAQ posts can be a bit annoying for longtime users, but we still expect you to be polite about it.

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Current Events Supreme Court Roe v Wade overturned MEGATHREAD


Giving this space to try to avoid swamping of the front page. Sort suggestion set to new to try and encourage discussion.

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Love & Dating Why is it people think any age gap in a relationship has to be used in a weird way? Can two people with different ages just get along and not be toxic?


Edit: sorry, wanted to make it clear I definitely mean over the legal age and honestly where both parties are over 20+

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Religion Religious couples, what would you do if your spouse came to you questioning their faith/became atheist?


I’m (24f) not religious in any way, however I watch a lot of christian youtubers. For those who are religious, what would happen in your relationship or marriage if your spouse became atheist or questioned your beliefs suddenly? I’m genuinely interested.

In no way is there any judgment I am just wondering what that has been like for those who have experienced this

Edit: I guess my question is more to those who are totally devoted to their religion more so than those who have beliefs that aren’t as strong as some

(What got me thinking about this was watching people like jess conte, milena ciciotti etc who are so devoted to their religion, their relationships are centred around it. Im curious as to whether people with such strong faith ever question it)

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Culture & Society Parenting my parents?


Is it just me, or are there other millennials out there who have seemingly taken the mantle of being a parent for your parent?

My father is a depressed wreck who's wife (4th or 5th one, lost count) just left him. I had to talk him through life. I had to comfort him with my experiences on how best to move forward.

My mother is a very well educated gal, but her beliefs are self contradictory at times. She'll be contrary on a subject (a bit like a child), and it takes an extreme bout of patience and logical probing to get her to loosen her grip on a concept.

If I find myself in any dire straights, my parents give the absolute worst advice. As in, if I were to follow their beliefs, I'd find myself in deeper shit. Their emotional intelligence is damn near non-existent. What is the deal?

Am I the only one who seems to have become a better adult than my parents?

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Culture & Society Why are social workers allowed to separate siblings especially if they don't want to be separated?


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Culture & Society When is cultural appropriation accepted?


I was talking to some American friends about movies and I mentioned a movie they never heard of but was super popular in Europe, that movie is about a cowboy and native American being friends and most Americans in that group immediately called it bad because cultural appropriation ....

Ok so far so good, you can't make movies with tradtional clothing's or better stereotypical clothing

But somehow movies about Romans/Greek/Vikings where all okey

Is that because it was 2000years vs just 200 years ago or what?

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Habits & Lifestyle Why do some people keep the tap open while brushing their teeth?


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Mental Health Why are credit card companies allowed to call me 10+ times a day? I know I'm late...


I'm struggling financially at the moment. I know when my bills are due, I know when I'm late. It's something that I constantly worry about.

Why are credit card companies allowed to call me like a loan shark that is about to break my knee caps? I know I'm late and their constant calling is nothing but a drain on me. You want more money that I don't have? I'll add you to the list. Maybe at some point I can stop constantly stressing about losing the housing for my two kids. I'd be fine losing my housing if it was just me, I would actually prefer it. I've done it before and as soon as they move out I will do again, I hate renting.

I can't do it. I already struggling with life and then this. I'm not doing it by choice, jesus.

Do they think that (unnecessary)constant reminders are going to make me pay something I can't? I don't know, I just can't... Life sucks.

Edit: I've tried blocking them, but they keep coming. They have an endless list of numbers to ghost?

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Mental Health imaginary people??


So lately ive been imagining people and being with them and i don't mean imaginary friends,well i dont really know what imaginary friends are like but i dont see them i just imagine im with someone and i talk to them and walk around my house and do things with them they are not specific people just people. When I imagine them its usually me alone with someone not a lot of people, I quite enjoy this but i dont know what this means or is. I just realized and its freaking me out I'm not at an age where imaginary friends are normal I'm of age and this is making me feel weird thinking about it. please help i dont know if this is normal or whatever this is

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Love & Dating do I really love my gf if think about other girls (sexually)?


I have an almost 1-year relationship. I really think I found the perfect girl, the girl of my dreams. In the first 3 months of the relationship i was 100% all about her, but after that, somehow, i started observing other girls around, how they look, talk and what they wear, and i kinda liked it. I also started talking to some girls, but not pursuing anything, just casual talk. But, I repeat, i really love my gf, or do I?

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Culture & Society What are the good things about being Catholic?


Hello! I am a non-Christian immigrant living in the US. Thanks to the Republicans and the media, I only hear the crazy things about Christianity (mainly Catholics). Honestly, didn't care about it till now. But now that Christianity is taking over the laws in the United States, I have to ask, is there any good in the religion? Why do so many people follow the religion is everything is so negative? I guess I want to really believe there is good in every religion. Would love it if someone could explain it to me.

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Why are men so obsessed with women's body hair?


I've tried shaving every inch of my body before and it's hell; it takes forever, the razor dulls, there's the risk of cutting yourself, and it's itchy afterward. I can understand having certain preferences in a partner but why should someone need to be hairless anywhere? If a woman shaves because she wants to and it makes her feel better, awesome. But why does anyone care if she's got hair in her armpits or around her privates, as long as it's not interfering with whatever activities may take place?
I know "not all men" and all that, but I'm clueless as to why anyone cares. I'm familiar with the history behind women shaving, but I'm asking why people care NOW.

EDIT: For clarity, I'm not asking why people prefer well-groomed genitals. I get that. I'm asking about armpit hair, arm hair, stomach hair, and hair around the boobs or on the back, and I'm asking why some men feel the need to police their partner's shaving habits. If it's not comfortable for her and it's not interfering with anything, who cares? "It turns me off" technically answers the question, but I'm asking if there's a reason.

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Sexuality & Gender how do you confirm from someone their biological gender without being rude?


When dating, let's say you have some doubt if the person is truly matching between how they look like and what they were born as. Is there a way to find out without hurting this person's feeling? Do you just have to be blunt and cash: "were you born a woman?" Does it make you a transphobe?

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Love & Dating Should I stay ?


I’m F/21 he’s M/23, we’ve been together for about 6 months now. Ever since the beginning we moved pretty fast, despite if It should have gone that way. He wanted me to meet his family within a week of meeting at a Christmas event. Then it turned into constant pressure to not be at my home, but his, or not be with my friends but him and his. But it’s a whole fight if I want him to reciprocate an action similar. So, I now live with him due to an unfortunate event at my previous living situation. I was stressed moving in because I didn’t want it to be this fast, but he made me feel better about the situation. I love him I don’t regret being with him, but I regret the speed of our relationship and I’m seeing a little more colors than I did before. Which is ok, because he probably feels like I’m different from the beginning as well , because thats what happens. But this one thing really pushed me to the edge recently, he doesn’t like to do things, bar ? Nope, friends ? Nope, any outdoor activity unless it’s him parents boat? Nope. He thinks that he already done it all, and I turned 21 not that long ago, so I do not feel that way, I asked how he would feel if went to California for a month with my old roommate, and he said no and that I’m selfish and don’t respect him. And that I’m toxic for wanting to go. What should I do? Should I stay to make him happy? Or make myself happy because IM FUCKING 21 and I’m allowed to have a life???

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Habits & Lifestyle How does someone with tourette’s get a haircut or a tattoo?


I don’t know if this comes across as mean but i sincerely don’t know because of the sudden movements when have a tick.

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Health/Medical Has anyone found anything life threatening in their eye?


Last year I got a headache that wouldn't go away no matter how many pills I've taken so I've gotten MRI's done and nothing bad came from that and now a few months later my neurologist wants to know if it's something in my eye (I've noticed I've had a little bit of pain there for a while but didn't bring it up) but I'm really nervous about it and want to know if anyone knows anything that could help me at all

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Health/Medical Are my tastebuds working correctly ?


So i've always been considered kinda weird by my family and friends for eating almost every fruits skin (kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, orange, watermelon ... you name it, i'm probably eating it.) but now something new has come up.

Apparently people don't snack on lemons ? People don't eat ginger ? And a co-worker just shrieked when he saw me eat some cloves. He then asked me if i'm even tasting anything and yes sure thing, I do taste things, that's why I was eating cloves in the first place, I love their taste !

So is it that uncommon ? We asked another co-worker and she said that there was no way my tongue was working properly, i'm worried.

Edit: someone thought I was eating raw garlic cloves but no I actually don't really like cloves, i'm talking about cloves as the flower/spice.