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Health/Medical Why did Trump supporters believe Biden was too old when he ran in 2020 but support Trump (who would be older than Biden was in 2020) running in 2024?


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Health/Medical Is the US medical system really as broken as the clichès make it seem?


Do you really have to pay for an Ambulance ride? How much does 'regular medicine' cost, like a pack of Ibuprofen (or any other brand of painkillers)? And the most fucked up of all. How can it be, that in the 21st century in a first world country a phrase like 'medical expense bankruptcy' can even exist?

I've often joked about rather having cancer in Europe than a bruise in America, but like.. it seems the US medical system really IS that bad. Please tell me like half of it is clichès and you have a normal functioning system underneath all the weirdness.

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Health/Medical Ate out a stripper yesterday, could I possibly be fine?


(18M) So yesterday was my 18th birthday, and it had been the plan for over 2 years that me and my squad would all go to a strip club when I turned 18. Got there, everybody from the bouncer to the dancers were extra nice, ordered a bottle of ciroc (this is important for later) and we started talking to the girls. One of the dancers that was sitting with us offered me a private dance, and since it was my birthday, my friends paid for me. Anyways, we got up there, she got naked and started giving me that dance. After 3 or maybe 4 songs, I was getting really handy, and she offered me to eat her out. Now, in a sober state of mind I would obviously never accept this, but I was skiing real fucking hard and the liquor on top of that made it seem like the hottest thing in the world (which, to be fair, she was really fucking hot). So, I get to it, also realised that she was actually into it as well which made me feel even better, and leave the room shortly after she (allegedly) cums. Now, the reason why I think ciroc might be an mvp here. I woke up this morning obviously stressed as fuck, knowing that I just put my whole mouth on some less than unsafe spot. Yet, not a single pimple or iritation to be found. She was probably safe, but my question is: if she wasnt, could it be that drinking so much strong alcohol in such a short period of time (I drank half the bottle in under 4h) would actually sanitize my mouth in a way? I know this is super long winded for no reason but I just wanted to ask wether it was possible or not.

Tldr: ate out a stripper and I think that drinking a lot of strong alcohol might have sanitized my mouth🥴

Edit: just confirmed my appointment for screening this thursday, my fault for the beyond far fetched theory I just really didnt wanna accept that I fucked up lmao. The comments made me chuckle, yall stay safe🤣

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Health/Medical (Directed to the women of Reddit) It looks like menstrual leave might become the norm in workplaces. This is great, but will women not feel uncomfortable having everyone in the workplace knowing that they are menstruating? Especially the men?


Most of the people I know are very comfortable with speaking about this subject, generally, but it’s still very private for a woman to disclose that she’s on her period, for the most part.

Hopefully this is completely normalised and the stigma disappears completely, because I have a baby daughter and I would love to see her grow up and not have to be uncomfortable with what is a normal bodily function. But, for now, it seems like a lot of women might be too embarrassed to have this basically broadcast to their colleagues every month.

Or am I just way off the mark here?

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Health/Medical Does everyone drool in there sleep?


I often wake up from deep sleep to realize I’ve been drooling. It’s something I have always been insecure about it, especially when sleeping with a partner, but there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Is this something other people experience?? Or am I just weird lol.

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Health/Medical Why do gay guys sound gay?


I know, i know, its a stereotype and alot of the time you wouldn't be able to tell if a fella was gay just by speaking to him but it certainly exists in most gay chaps ive ever met.

Is it a biological thing perhaps? Is it an act or persona?

They also tend to speak really fast, whats that about?

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Health/Medical is it okay for me to go to a hospital right now?


i feel suicidal. to the point where i'm becoming really, really afraid of hurting myself. i have stayed in a hospital overnight and have done in-patient treatment and found that to help. i want to do that again. i've wanted to do it for a long time but. with the pandemic, i kept reading about how healthcare workers are burnt out. how there's no beds available for patients. and, i don't really want to take a spot away from someone who needs it more than me y'know. my problems are so stupid and selfish and the care should go to someone who actually wants to live. but if i can't stay overnight somewhere i don't know if i'll really feel safe either.

sorry for the rambling. is it okay for me to go to the hospital anyway? how is the environment at hospitals right now? are healthcare workers still struggling, are there still a lack of beds?

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Health/Medical Why do so few people take baths? I personally use a bath as my main source of personal time and hygiene.


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Health/Medical Why do I have poop coming out after cleaning?


This is a problem I have been facing for a month now, every time I poop I wipe untill it's white and I also use wet wipes. After like few hours (and it always happens when I am outside) my butt starts itching. When I wipe I find very small leftover poop like colored water. Also to mention it started happening after I accidentally scratched my anal hole while showering.

How do I stop this?

update: I'll probably add fiber to my diet I think it might have something to do with me taking a lot of pills and vitamins atm also hydration isn't a problem. For the time being I'll just tuck some paper in my butt until the issue resolves Seen a lot of helpful comments (bidet not being one of them) Really glad to see my question helped out other ppl as well

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Health/Medical Why do a large number of Americans believe their health system is superior to more socialist systems?


I was talking about this with a friend as I recently dislocated my shoulder and was admitted to the ER.

I live in Australia and from my understanding in this US this would have been extremely costly. I required an ambulance which was covered by my private health but everything else from all the drugs administered to all the work done in the hospital was free.

Along with this I've been told I'll need surgery to repair my shoulder after a meeting with the hospitals orthopedic surgeon all of which will again be free aswell. I don't understand the justification from such an economic power house to not provide this same level of care to citizens of the US.

Any insights are greatly appreciated.

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Health/Medical Roe v Wade leaked SCOTUS opinion MEGATHREAD


90% of the frontpage is this discussion, would prefer to have it somewhere central rather than asked in a slightly different way.

This topic is easily one of the most sensitive topics to discuss so please engage politely with each other and report anyone engaging in an uncivil manner, we will deal with it fairly quickly.

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Health/Medical Is my art project offensive?


I will absolutely die if anyone from my class sees this but here it goes.

I’m making an art project for class. I’m making these fake cakes (using spackle, foam, and cardboard) that spell out the word “starve”. It looks like a vintage cake and it’s pink and red.

A person in my class said that it might be offensive to those with eating disorders and maybe I should change it.

However, my art project is satire. I’m not telling anybody to starve. It’s actually based off of Marie Antoinettes rumored-to-be-said-quote, “Let them eat cake”, during the French Revolution. So my project is essentially about starving the lower class. It looks very opulent, I have jewels and “rich” looking fabrics in the background to get that message across.

Also, I have an eating disorder. It’s binge eating disorder so I’m a fat and struggle to lose weight without going on binging sprees. So I feel like even if my project was about eating disorders, my perspective with binge eating could give context to the project regardless.

But idk as I don’t want to offend anyone in my class or build bad blood between them. They could also be my potential coworkers one day and don’t want to start off on the wrong foot so soon!

edit: thanks for all the comments! for ppl asking about wanting to see it when it’s done, my instagram is @grou.pdx I’ll post it in a couple of days once it’s finished! Thanks 😄

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Health/Medical Are my tastebuds working correctly ?


So i've always been considered kinda weird by my family and friends for eating almost every fruits skin (kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, orange, watermelon ... you name it, i'm probably eating it.) but now something new has come up.

Apparently people don't snack on lemons ? People don't eat ginger ? And a co-worker just shrieked when he saw me eat some cloves. He then asked me if i'm even tasting anything and yes sure thing, I do taste things, that's why I was eating cloves in the first place, I love their taste !

So is it that uncommon ? We asked another co-worker and she said that there was no way my tongue was working properly, i'm worried.

Edit: someone thought I was eating raw garlic cloves but no I actually don't really like cloves, i'm talking about cloves as the flower/spice.

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Health/Medical Do doctors just not take womens reproductive health seriously?


Two people in my life now have had severe issues with endometriosis and it took them ages to diagnose/cure.

A friend of mine, 26, had to insist the doctors remove a fibroid in her uterus. If she hadn’t pushed, it would have been way worse. It took her two years to get surgery and the fibroid was the size of a basketball. While they were doing her surgery, they discovered she had stage 4 endometriosis.

From what I understand this is a fairly common thing - it taking years to discover endo and it being not recognized or taken seriously.

Soooo… can anyone explain why to me?

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Health/Medical What « feminine products » are needed in workplace restroom?


I (M50) run a business office with all female employees ranging in age from 23-50yrs. I think I need to stock the restroom with "female" things, but I have no clue what, how much, where to put, etc.

What should I buy, where should I keep it, etc.?

EDIT : thank you to everyone, and for the awards. My plan is to buy a small starter pack of the unscented items that were suggested, a small trash bin with lid, and then delegate the upkeep/refills to one of my more responsible employees.

For those asking why I didn’t already know what to get…I had a general idea, but didn’t know the specifics. I actually learned a LOT from all of the suggestions, e.g. scented vs unscented (you’re right, as a male I would have incorrectly assume scented is better), wings vs no wings (had no clue this was even a consideration), plastic vs cardboard, that there are different sizes, clean up needs, etc.

I could have asked an employee first, but I wanted more information first. Now I know!

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Health/Medical Why do I never wake up full of energy?


I [F20] slept 10,5 hours tonight. If I sleep 7, I am really really tired. If I sleep 8 I am tired, 9 I am tired. I am always tired.

Yesterdaynight I slept 9,5 hours. I woke up at 10.15. That evening I went to bed at 21.15, slept around 21.30 and woke up tired at 7.45


What can I do to wake up less tired?

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Health/Medical Do people actually feel energised and refreshed when they wake up in the morning?


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Health/Medical When I go to sleep late (after 12 pm) I get extremely hungry and have to eat something before going to bed. It's not helping me with my diet. What should I do?


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Health/Medical Boys with long penises when flaccid, how do you stop your penis from touching the toilet water when sitting?


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Health/Medical What is so hard to understand about calories in, calories out?


As someone who has lost about 60lbs, I get lots of questions from friends da about how to go about loosing weight. I tell them it is simple math where your calories in need to be less than your calories out in order to lose weight. But they are so caught up on teas and keto that this doesn’t make sense.

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Health/Medical What do I do if I haven't got my period in over 3 months?


(18F) I've got my first period around 4 years ago. Ever since then, my periods have gotten lighter and lighter (like a super light & clear pink substance in place of blood). My periods have always been irregular, like gone for 2 months then back with an extra heavy flow.

I know I'm definitely not pregnant bc virgin :/

Should I go to a gynecologist or is my period still "developing"?

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Health/Medical For those who do not want the COVID vaccine - Would you accept a card giving you access to all facilities as the vaccinated if that card also was an attestation that you would not seek professional medical care if you become ill with COVID?


The title kind of says it all, but.

Right now certain facilities require proof of vaccination. Would those who refuse the vaccine agree to be registered as "refusing the vaccine" if that meant they had the same access and privileges to locations and events as the vaccinated, if in exchange they agreed that they would not seek (and could be refused) professional medical services if they become ill with COVID-19?

UPDATE: Thank you all who participated. A few things:

This was never a suggestion on policy or legislation. It was a question for the unvaccinated. My goal was to get more insight into their decision and the motivations behind it. In particular, I was trying to understand if most of them had done reflection on their decisions and had a strong mental and moral conviction to their decision. Likewise, I was curious to see how many had made the decision on purely emotional grounds and had not really explored their own motivation.

For those who answered yes - I may not agree with your reasoning but I do respect that you have put the thought into your decision and have agreed (theoretically) to accept consequences for your decision.

For those who immediately went to whatabout-ism (obesity, alcohol, smoking, etc) - I am assuming your choice is on the emotional spectrum and honest discourse on your resolve is uncomfortable. I understand how emotions can drive some people, so it is good to understand just how many fall under this classification.

It would have been nice if there had been an opportunity for more discussion on the actual question. I think there is much to be gained by understanding where those who make different decisions are coming from and the goal of the question was to present a hypothetical designed to trigger reflection.

Either way, I did get some more insight into those who are choosing to be unvaccinated. Thank you again for your participation.

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Health/Medical Is it common to be able to pee on demand?


At a doctors office to take a drug (urine) test. And for the life of me I can’t go to the bathroom. I’ve drank 2 bottles of water but I just can’t go. Is it common for people to be able to do it when needed like a situation like this?

Edit: I was able to go after 1 more bottle and another 30 min. Just wanted to say thank you for everyone being chill to talk about this!

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Health/Medical What does it feel like to have a seizure?


I have no idea what it feels like to have a seizure. do they hurt. do you feel anything? the only thing I know is that you get a killer headache after one

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Health/Medical Do people with higher body fat percentage possibly get less “impact” injuries?


Wondering about this as I’m lying in bed in pain with a couple of broken ribs from a mountain bike crash a few days ago…