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Mental Health Is being an adult always like this?


I'm constantly stressed and don't have time to do anything, i haven't had a shower in 2 days and I'm through 2/3 of my last payment. I have to constantly clean and be ready im getting depressed because my hobbies are dying and im so stressed out i want to cry but I physically cant. I'm just praying for the weekend but the anxiety of work still lingers over me and i still feel like I'm underperforming.

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Mental Health Is emotional cheating the same as physical cheating ?????


Exactly what the title says ….Do you consider them different or the exact same ??? Thoughts ??

Just to add this was a debate between 2 friends and I was curious as to what the world thought .

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Mental Health Does anyone ever just get too tired of it all?


As per the title, it just feels every day is moldingonto one another. I feel like I'm stuck in groundhogs day(great movie nonetheless) or in a simulation of some kind. I'm sure there are a few variables in my life right now that are contributing but still. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Would love to hear feedback and thoughts on this or even advice to help. Thanks for hearing me.

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Mental Health Did I just have a seizure?


Did I just have a seizure?

[17M] I was in bed with my phone doing absolutely nothing when suddenly I got this extreme sensation of fear, my vision got all twitchy and I was unable to talk or move, it was like experiencing a sleep paralysis except there was no sleeping involved, it happened randomly and lasted about 30-40 seconds. I'm actually freaking out right now. What just happened?

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Mental Health Why is my childhood trauma resurfacing as an adult, when I was fine as a teenager?


Something bad happened when I was a kid (say, 8-10)

I was fine all throughout being a teen (11-18)

But since being an adult (19-now, 22) the trauma has resurfaced in full swing. I can barely function anymore

Why. Help. Why didn’t it do this when I was. A teenager.

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Mental Health Why is every book I see a New York Times best seller?


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Mental Health Me and my girlfriend got into a life changing fight, how do I recover? Should I give her a chance?


Today, I (20M) and my GF (19F) were hanging out at her dorm. We ended up getting into a fight, and I took it to the next level, I insulted her, and made fun of her personal life, and I regret it more than anything.

For backstory, last year someone in my grade walked in front of my car on the highway at 2AM, it’s been hands down the hardest thing to talk about or handle, but my girlfriend talks about it with me, she knows my deepest insecurities.

Without skipping a beat, she looked at me and said “why don’t you go crash into another person, murderer?”, I fell to my knees, literally, I can’t believe the one girl I trusted said that to me…I understand I said some harsh stuff, but that’s the one thing, the softest part of my life.

I started bawling, panicking, I left, she’s texting me begging to accept her apology and how bad she messed up, I can’t believe I trusted her and she used it against me…what do I do?…I’m sitting in my car right now bawling, an hour away from my home, confused

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Mental Health Did anti-depressants really work for you?


Hi everyone. I was diagnosed recently with General Anxiety Disorder and Depression. I received a prescription for Sertraline (1 50mg pill in the morning) and Trazodone (1 50mg pill in the evening).

However, my psychiatrist didn't really explain a lot or prepared me for this medicine...

I would like to know if anyone has taken those, how is it working for you, what differences have you noticed in yourself and how long did them take for you to notice? What side effects have you experienced? And overall did they improve your condition?

I know this isn't the best place to ask. I've researched and watch many videos from psychiatrists, but I would like to hear experiences from patients like myself.

Not being prepared and Not knowing what to expect is one of the things that causes me the most anxiety, so I would really like to know and get ready for when I start taking them.

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Mental Health How exactly is therapy helpful?


People keep telling me to see a therapist but I don’t understand how paying someone to pretend to care about me for 45 minutes, once a week is supposed to help.

What exactly goes on in these sessions that help? Is it just sitting and talking or what? How does the therapist get in your mind and fix everything?

*No disrespect to any therapists/mental health professionals. But I genuinely am curious as to how exactly these sessions help.

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Mental Health How do you not hate yourself?


Always wondered how it is for healthy people.

You wake up and don't immediately hate yourself for existing? Like,you don't need any proactive conscious effort to convince yourself you're not a POS? Love yourself bight of the bat, just like that? Don't consider the fact of your existence as an irredeemable crime?

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Mental Health How Much Debt Will I Be In If I Admit Myself To The Hospital?


Edit: hello, just wanted to say thank you for all the comments of well wishes and support. This is the most support I think I’ve ever gotten in my life and most definitely one of my most commented and upvoted post other than that time I made a dumb sex “joke” (it wasn’t a joke lol) and the other time I asked about a zendaya dress dupe. I have to go now to take my meds and eat and I probably won’t be around again until nightfall… but if I don’t come back again (I promise I’ll try to) I just want to say to everyone from the bottom of my heart: thank you A philosophy I try to live by is just be kind and understanding as a first response to someone because you really don’t know what they’re going through or how much your act of kindness can help them. And well, today a life was saved and hope was fully restored. That is so priceless

And this is corny as fuck lol. Bye y’all 🤍

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Mental Health Are most people in the younger generation depressed? What do you think could be the reason behind it?


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Mental Health How does a person kill somebody? (No not asking literally.)


I always sit here whether it’s late at night or in the morning, or even through the day. But, how does a human being just wake up one day / or even just snap into a unhelpful rage and go murder someone in cold blood?

There was a killing recently where I live around, where he was making dinner with his daughter (4 years old I believe) and his girlfriend or wife. & he said, “someone told me to just stab them”. His words after he was found stabbing them, and murdering them… poor little girl didn’t even see her full life… but anyway, I was curious on some of your opinions and stuff. He literally was flipping food at the stove and than just murdered 2 innocent souls in a split second.

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Mental Health Do mentally well people think of suicide?


First things first, i'm not going to do it. Let me repeat, I'm not going to do it.

But I sure AF think about it. Daily. Multiple times a day. I have for as far back as I can remember, which is probably why while unwelcome it doesn't feel weird to me. But it can't be normal to have this repeated impulse, right?

Though not currently in therapy, I have spent many years seeing different psychologists and have felt good about progress I've made in certain areas of my life, but this thought never seems to go away. And also, it makes me question if I actually have made any progress, since it seems like "wanting to be alive" should probably be baseline for success.

So, are there people out there who consider themselves relatively well adjusted that also deal with these unwelcome thoughts?

ETA some clarification on a couple of things:

- Not currently in therapy but totally open to getting back into it. I'm sure that I will, I just need a few other things to fall into place first.

- It's not even a "i am worthless and the world would be better without me" thing (though i've been there, too). It's kind of like "oh, i'm standing on this balcony, i should just jump off" or "look at that pipe. I could hang myself from it." Or sometimes its just out of nowhere "hey! I could blow my brains out!" Incredibly vivid thoughts/mental images that just come out of nowhere. It feels important to make that distinction bc it's not like I'm trying to find a long term solution to a short term problem. It's more just... how I see my environment? And it's exhausting.

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Mental Health Is having several layers in your mind normal?


So, when I think of stuff there’s usually several layers of my thoughts, one is talking to myself in my head, one layer ”deeper” is where my thoughts kind of prepare for that first layer, and a third layer is things like music that repeats, or more subconcious thoughts, thoughts that prepare the second layer, this is rarer though. Sometimes although rarely there is a 4th layer where it’s very close to just subconciousness, is this normal?

I should probably mention that I’m someone who rarely speaks in a conversation before already having thought out what I want to say

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Mental Health Can mental illness be a reason to harm others?


Should they be held accountable for their actions?

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Mental Health How do you know when you are hungry?


I’m recovered from an eating disorder of sorts where when I was stressed or overwhelmed I didn’t eat for weeks. I also wanted to be thin ofc. Now I’m on mood stabilizers and I don’t get like that, but now I’m eating what I assume to be on a healthy regimen. The only thing now is that when I get stressed I eat! So then I sit down and wonder even when I’m not stressed, am I even hungry or is my body making this up? Because sometimes I’m not hungry enough to have a growling stomach or a headache, but for some reason I want to eat. And then I feel to full if I eat when I’m not on the verge of blood sugar being low type of hungry.

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Mental Health How to overcome decision making anxiety ?


Hi Everyone,

I am posting here to get help or a suggestion, it is that whenever I want to take a decision or do something that needs to be done i am unable do it because I get scared or anxious and so i put off things for later and in doing so i get temporary comfort but still the task needs to be done and its still there. I am scared of the outcomes its the anxiety of not knowing what is about to come. I want to know how can i overcome this.

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Mental Health Is everyone dead inside?


I’ve been dealing with mental health issues for a while now so I really don’t know if I’m projecting or if everyone truly does feel dead most of the time. Even if one didn’t have any kinds of struggle, life is just so monotonous and repetitive that I can’t help but feel like our default state is feeling like death so I’m wondering if that truly is the case or if I’ve been super detached from reality lately.

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Mental Health is it ok for a grown man to drink breast milk?


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Mental Health Do you speak what you read?


So me and my friend had a discussion. It was about when you read you speak it in you're head. I speak in my head and thought it was normal. But my friend says otherwise, he just reads and like absorbs the information like I don't have a clue. But the real question now. What is normal?

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Mental Health What's happening when somebody is talking to themselves in public?


I'm gonna try write this from a place of curiosity and not judgement.

There's a man that lives near me who is deep in conversation with himself constantly. Whenever he's around in public he is animatedly talking & talking but not to anybody else, just him. Is he reliving past experiences/traumas? Is he having one of those imaginary shower-arguments that we all have but in public?

I have experienced severe bouts of agoraphobia/anxiety in the past so I'm no stranger to self-soothing behaviours so I wonder if its that? I've talked myself through panic attacks in public before but subtly and under my breath.

After watching this man just now as I was walking home it dawned on me that there honestly may as well be someone standing next to him talking back, he is so animated. It's clearly an argument but like, does he know he's having one? If I interrupted and said hello is he likely to stop/be embarrassed/wonder why I'm here in public with him?

I don't even know if this question is answerable but I figured I'd see if anyone has any insight

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Mental Health What do you think of people who are extremely thin?


Concern or prejudice

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Mental Health Why do schools find school shootings so horrible yet don't crack down on bullying, which makes up a noticeably large percentage of motives for school shootings?


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Mental Health how to stop feeling jealous and envied over other people’s life?


edit: to add, i was jealous of my friend because she seems like she has her life together. everyone seems to love her, she connects well with people, has a good relationship and friendships bond, close to her parents, get good grades and more despite having mental issues like me.

meanwhile i have a really unstable connections with people in my life, i had a hard time to socialize and connect with people, i’m failing in my class when i used to be a top student, i have a not so good bond with my family too because of myself. it sucks feeling like this. it feels like im stuck in the mud while she is living her dream life despite facing the same challenges as me.