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Mental Health Am I weird?


I can’t stand getting phone calls. I immediately get anxiety when someone is calling me, with an exception of like 2-3 people. I only prefer texts/emails. I’m guessing that the reason is partly because I’m an introvert, and also because I have received phone calls in my life that have been really bad news. Is this somewhat normal, or am I ridiculous in feeling immediate anxiety when the phone rings?

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Mental Health I've completely lost faith in the idea that being a good person results in good things coming to you. I'm constantly manipulated and taken advantage of, or hurt when it's convenient for the people in my life. How can I make my will and resolve to overcome everyone and everything unbreakable?


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Mental Health Why do people put their mental illnesses in their bios?


I have diagnosed mental illnesses and I find it weird that people list out all their mental illnesses in their bios. I'm not saying that anyone should be ashamed or not talk about their mental illness, I just find it strange that some people basically make that the first thing you know about them. I would feel really weird just being like "hi, nice to meet you, I have depression"

What is the reason for this?

Edit: I'm not just talking about dating profiles. I see this on any platform.

Edit 2: So basically there's 2 main responses: 1. People who put it in their bios are simply attention seeking/self diagnosing. AND 2. It's a way for like-minded people to find community and not feel so alone in their illness.

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Mental Health Why do people keep saying "it will always get better" as if they know what would happen in the future? Whats the guarantee? Would you bet on it?


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Mental Health How do I break up with someone who's suicidal?


I just really don't want her to go kill herself. I still care about her it's just not working out. Any advice helps tremendously.

Edit: thank you guys for all the support. I'm going to do it on Monday and I will have her best friend and sister keeping an eye on her for me. I'll let you know what happens.

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Mental Health Is it ok to write to a book author telling them one of their characters has helped with my depression?


Dealing with my depression is a very personal thing, so I'm wondering if it would be weird to send a fanmail of it the author.

Would the be uncomfortable reading that his character helps me? Would it depend on how much detail I gave? Assuming he even had the time to read it, I wouldn't go much into my personal struggles but more into how the character has helped me.

Is this too personal to send?

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Mental Health Is it common for younger people to pretend to have mental illnesses?


During the pandemic, I went from one of the youngest at my job to one of the oldest. All of the old guard cashed out and retired early and we had to hire like crazy. Mostly people in their early to mid 20s. Over the last year and a half, I've noticed that they talk about mental health A LOT. It's literally all they ever talk about in their free time and during lunch. All of them have shared and talk about their own mental illnesseses with each other. ADHD, OCD, Bi-polar, Depression, etc...

Statistically seems really improbable for all 9 of these guys and girls to all suffer from these issues, but idk are mental illnesses really this common now?

Edit: thanks for all of the insight. I had no idea that there is a trend to faking or adopting a mental illness, to the point where there is a pretty big subreddit about it and seems pretty common on tiktok. I agree, these people make it suck even more for people that have clinical diagnosis.

Only one coworker I'm pretty sure has a clinical diagnosis. The rest are self diagnosed and are absolutely enamored with their diagnosis. I will say though, they're as good as coworkers as any still. Even better in many ways than my old team.

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Mental Health Opinions on the word "retard"?


I've been diagnosed with high-functioning autism and ADHD since I was 4 or 5 years old, I'd like to know your opinions on the word "retard", which I like to call "the tardy slur". Here's mine:

As long as you're not using it to genuinely harm disabled people, I don't see why you can't use it to playfully insult your friends. I myself don't prefer using it, and I wouldn't recommend using it either way, but I just don't see why it has to be that big of a deal so long as you're only using it to tease your friends (ones who aren't disabled, of course), although I do agree the term is sort of archaic.


I appreciate all of your responses, but there's one thing I think you all should consider.

I'm seeing a lot of responses that are comparing "the tardy slur" to the n-word, claiming they have the same negative impact. "The tardy slur" doesn't have the centuries of historical and cultural significance the n-word does, although both words are used to demean particular groups of people on account of their uncontrollable features ("the tardy slur" depends on the context). In my opinion, historical and cultural significance, as well as what the majority of the affected group(s) think(s) of them, are absolutely important when it comes to determining their negative impact.

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Mental Health Is there a way to explain when you’re in bed at night, everything you imagine feels super “tiny” or “small?”


I can’t even describe it. Sometimes when I’m about to go to sleep, everything I think of feels “small” or “tiny.” When I was younger, this for some reason did not allow me to go to sleep and it was kind of scary.

For example, if I think of a rabbit or something, my field of view in my brain looking at the rabbit “zooms out” and the rabbit becomes super tiny or something. Also when I was younger everything felt super tiny as well, and it was as if there was constant screaming.

Is there any medical or scientific explanation for this? I don’t even know how to describe it.

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Mental Health People who watched their parents become more lenient and gentler with their younger siblings, were you able to overcome the feelings of “why didn’t I deserve this” and have a better relationship with your parents or was it always something in the back of your mind?


My friend recently told me how his dad is much gentler with his youngest as opposed to with him (the oldest) and I remembered that scene from the good place where Elenor was in denial about her mom being a better mother to her younger children because how that means she wasn’t worth changing for and I know this is exactly how my friend feels but I don’t how to comfort him and how things can get better.

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Mental Health I got approved for food stamps. I only bought the bare minimum of what I absolutely need - like bare minimum. I feel horrible and want to cry. What do I do?


I hate that I’ve been unemployed since June. I’m trying. I hate that I have to apply. I don’t like to use or abuse the system. Things have been unstable for months. The only splurge in on there is good bottled water, so I can refill it at home and have something to drink. Otherwise it’s literally off brand milk, eggs, sugar, flour, etc. I’m even doing it online So the receipt stays in my account in case there’s ever follow up. Even bought canned meat so I don’t have to store it.

I still have extra. I’m autistic and don’t eat much as it is. I’m praying I get a job soon so it can be halted but I feel horrible.

Edit: I just completed my first purchase and it significantly less shameful than it used to be - given self checkouts. Saved me 40$ and I can put that towards a new jacket. My current is 10 years old and I thought it would last longer than this, but instead I grew up and am no longer than size. Hopefully southern Wisconsin/northern Illinois can hold off on the bitter cold until then. Just being out in public meant I could also have a conversation with someone. My first in a while. We mourned her son who ODed and I told her no one who chooses drugs does so because everything is ok. She doesn’t know she’s the first I’ve talked to in forever. Your tax dollars helped her not see someone through the lens of those kind of drugs. I just got some food out of it.

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Mental Health How do I report a therapist for malpractice?


Edit: I now realize that malpractice it the wrong term for this but I’ll leave it so if others are in this situation they know.

Hi sorry in advance for what I’m assuming may be a wall of text. I’m still extremely worked up over this situation and if I ramble I do apologize.

So recently I’ve been having more aggressive and constant mood swings. I had a previous therapist who tested me for bipolar disorder and stated that it seemed to be what I had. At the time I refused the diagnosis and due to her being a friend of the family and it being a small town she obliged.

Yesterday after months of my mood swings becoming more constant and overpowering I self admitted to the local hospital hoping I could at least get evaluated and get the help I needed. I have never put myself in a vulnerable position like this before and this experience has only made that worse. I checked into the hospital and before being seen by a nurse they opened up my curtain of my room where any patient walking by could have seen me being evaluated. I also work in a sensitive career that puts my life at risk with certain members of the public. I also have very distinguishable tattoos so even with a mask on anyone could know who I was in this small town. I got seen by the CRT and I simply asked if the blinds could be lowered as I didn’t feel comfortable doing a mental health eval in front of everyone. She stated it was for her safety even though I had stated clearly multiple times that I have never had thoughts of violence against anyone. I asked if there was another option because she was putting my safety at risk and I did not feel comfortable. She proceeded to slam her paper onto the keyboard of her laptop then slam the laptop shut and proceeded to pull down her mask go red in the face and yell into my face (an individual facing a mental health crisis who just stated multiple times how I believe the whole world is against me smh) “YOU CAN DO THIS HERE OR THE DETENTION CENTER!” I have never felt so scared or unsafe in my life I’m a 21 year old dude and I was bawling on the phone with my mom because they were legitimately trying to have me arrested. The worst part that I didn’t realize until I got home last night is I stated clearly multiple times that I was a correctional officer just a town over and I cannot be safely held in a local jail unless under protective custody which this small town jail does not have.

I feel extremely violated and unsafe and the worst part is they said it’d be 6 months before I could even think about a diagnosis let alone treatment. But I have multiple people I know personally where this wasn’t even close to how it went for them and they received the help they needed almost instantly.

I truly believe that this person should never work near a mental health patient again let alone in critical response. So my question is how do I report a therapist for “malpractice”? (If that’s even the right word)

Edit: Medical Ethics board will be receiving a complaint shortly thank you for the help!

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Mental Health How much of a bathtub fart goes into the water?


When you fart underwater, I am guessing some stuff gets stuck in the water?

Or does it? Is it a gas that doesn't bind at all to the water?

Or does some tiny tiny poop/gas particle get stuck inside the water?

It was just a fart, no poop, but I keep wondering if I will get pink eyes if I go under.

As Camilja Cabajjo said, I got questions...

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Mental Health Do you ever wish something bad would happen to yourself so that people would understand how much they don't appreciate you?


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Mental Health Why do people online have to be SO MEAN??? i seriously can't handle this


Seriously why do people online have to be so incredibly rude and cruel wherever they go? I keep going onto the internet or onto video games and stuff cause I have no friends IRL but i'm super sensitive and keep breaking down crying after like 20 guys yell at me online wherever I try to go for no reason. I hate it so much :(

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Mental Health Why does it seem like suddenly everyone thinks they have ADHD?


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Mental Health My brain keeps telling me nothing is real . And it’s not because of disassociation it’s because my brain feels scared because of strange hallucinations I’m getting . How do I stop my brain thinking this?


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Mental Health What stopped you from killing yourself?


For me, it’s the guilt of knowing how much it would hurt my parents

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Mental Health Is there actually a light at the end of the tunnel of depression?


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Mental Health Men... when was the last time you cried and why?


I've been an emotional wreck for the last several months. I tend to think of myself as a tough guy... I have the truck, the blue collar job, I life weights and do sports. But behind closed doors, my feelings get the best of me. If you're comfortable answering, I want to see if I'm not alone in this, and maybe others can see that as well. (This isn't a thread for discussion about fragile or toxic or any sort of masculinity. It's just a simple question)

I cried today because I am homesick living out of state and guilty that I never get to spend enough time with my family, especially on the holidays. And I realized that I haven't been mentally okay for a long time and need professional help. I'm finally going to get it.

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Mental Health do you ever look in the mirror and think "am I even me?"?


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Mental Health Does anyone want to share their happiness?


Depression is kicking my ass hard today, would love some pick me ups or general convo or even share your happiness what makes you smile? Thank you so much for any replies.

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Mental Health Is it a sign of dementia if I often walk into a room only to forget why I went into the room in the first place?


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Mental Health Is it ok as an adult to want to be coddled during times of stress/anxiety?


Update: Thanks everyone for the tips. I decided to go in for a long hug and my dad seemed to just understand at once. We talked and I feel so much better than the entire previous month. I'll keep doing this more often. Thanks again.

I'm a 20 year old guy, and I'm struggling with a lot of stress and anxiety. This has been going on for a while and sometimes it really becomes a lot to handle.

I know it's probably odd for an adult to want this, but is it acceptable/understandable if I want to ask someone like my dad to coddle me for a bit? Hold me and just talk with me for a bit.

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Mental Health I feel like I have 2 consciousnesses and one of them feels trapped and I feel like I’m not here I can’t describe it’s an uncomfortable terrifying feeling anyone understand ?