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Reddit-related Why does everyone write ages the wrong way on Reddit?


I always see posts like “My (29M) girlfriend (30F) left me for the milkman.”

It should be written “My girlfriend (30F) left me (29M) for the milkman.”

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Reddit-related Why are people on Reddit so sexual?


I could literally make a post that says “just ate some garlic bread” and I’d get a message from someone saying “haha.. nice. That’s so hot please tell me you fucked that garlic bread.”

Like why? The first time I got a message it was random talk, asking my name, then it became, pretty quickly, sexual comments and questions that were totally inappropriate.

It always starts with acting interested in the topic of the post, but as soon as you reply it turns weird. At first it feels good to know someone wants to talk or let me vent but it’s never been the case. Starts with asking where I’m from, what I look like, how tall I am or if I’m petite or curvy. Then they start asking sexual shit.

I had posted before about sexual abuse and got a message from saying saying they got off to the idea of a child being… yeah. Like wtf? I reported the person but idk if anything came of it. I thought it would be a one time thing, but it keeps happening.

When I don’t reply they always try to act innocent, as if they didn’t mean it THAT way at all. They change the subject back to the topic of the post. But as soon as I start answering again it becomes sexual once more. It’s like predatory behavior… manipulative. Like wtf is up with reddit? Y’all are fucking weird.

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Reddit-related Why do 90% (probably more) redditors completely misinterprete every Post? And on top of that are always passive agressive or straight up just agressive?


You can post about rainbows and people in the comments will go batshit crazy

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Reddit-related What good do the awards do apart from making reddit money?


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Reddit-related Are mobile users really the minority on Reddit?


I always see posts with some sort of disclaimer along the lines of “sorry for formatting, I’m on mobile” but I’ve genuinely never met someone that uses Reddit outside of on their mobile device. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with using Reddit through some other means, I’ve just never met someone that does it. Is there really a large enough population of Reddit users that use it outside of mobile that we mobile users have to keep apologizing for our potential formatting mistakes?


Sorry for formatting, I’m on mobile

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Reddit-related Why is Reddit so left leaning?


Edit: The people on here who called me a right leaning, America hating conservative for even asking this question just proves my point. Reddit IS very left leaning and this sub proves it. I appreciate people who gave a thoughtful, logical answer without having to resort to ad-hominem and straw man attacks against conservatives.

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Reddit-related Why does everyone on Reddit seem like the same person?


This might have been asked before, but literally every comment with the exception of a few sound the same and have a similar tone. They all sound funny, self depricating but confident. Is it because Reddit attracts a certain crowd? Let alone everyone seems like they know each other in the comment section when they are complete strangers.

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Reddit-related Why are half of the posts on this sub just people asking rhetorical questions in order to make some political point?


I just thought this sub would be people asking genuine questions and not just people trying to make some point

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Reddit-related Is my Wi-Fi/mobile data slow or do half of videos in Reddit just not load?


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Reddit-related Am i going crazy or is every new comment on reddit today being posted in triple?


just go on a popular post and you can see the same comment bugging and appearing 3 times

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Reddit-related Why do people on Reddit generalise Europe like it's one country?


I always read comments on Reddit where people like to generalise Europe as we are all one nation.

For example, I often hear people that obviously aren't even from Europe say: "Oh in Europe they have x or do x." And I'm thinking, hmmm this is true for some countries but definitely not all. And often, this type of comments are the most upvoted!

I get mildly annoyed about it, especially because Europe is full of different countries & nations, with their own unique cultures and languages.

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Reddit-related Is there a subreddit for “fun” conspiracies like Bigfoot and UFOs, and not the more polarizing ones seen on r/conspiracy??


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Reddit-related Why are so many answers in r/TooAfraidToAsk condescending?


If r/TooAfraidToAsk is for asking controversial questions, why do so many commenters shame or belittle the OP? The OP asked the question because they recognize that they need to hear new perspectives to have a healthy view of the issue at hand, so why the hostile responses?

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Reddit-related Do you ever feel like picking a fight with rude commenters because you’re just so fucking done?


Sometimes I post because I’m desperate and need advice on something or need to talk to someone or whatever the fuck and there’s always someone that come with arrogance ready to ruin your already bad day.

I had made a post about having just feeling anxious about a new dog we got and just figure out how to cope with my emotions and I was told that my emotional turmoils have nothing to do with the dog and I was a bad owner. I want to drag this person through the mud and make them eat shit and I know it’s an exaggeration but I’m so fucking tired.

I don’t have anyone to fucking talk to and coming here or other subs to vent or get advice eus just begging a lot of assholes to insult you for no reason. It’s just tiring…especially when you’re so separate for advice and instead are met with rude people It’s 1 in the morning and I’m very tired and frustrated and angry and just sick of people

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Reddit-related Why do people on Reddit always assume that I am from the US and then downvote me when I say I'm not?


I made a post yesterday and it got around 3000 upvotes. In that post I stated that COVID is almost over. Apparently, in the USA there are still a lot of cases, which I didn't know at the time. People got mad at me for saying that COVID almost gone. I told them that I'm not from the US and that COVID has become almost non-existent here in Belgium. Then they all downvoted me. Why?

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Reddit-related Do people in the r/FuckCars movement not understand rural life?


I keep seeing this sub pop up in my feed despite not being subscribed to it, and it makes me feel like the whole movement is a bunch of city dweelers with great access to public transportation.

Which I get it, they want to see improvements to public transport. But is it feasible for every road in rural counties to have a bus stop? Do they really expect people to walk miles to get to one? What if I want to buy a bunch of groceries, am I supposed to carry them on a bus? What if I want to use my Truck to buy some lumber to build something? Its hard to take 4x8 sheets of plywood on a bus I think.

It just seems like this movement is geared towards people in populated areas who live in highrises who only need to ride a bus a few blocks to get to stores and work. I just cant see how not having a car would work for people who live on dirt roads in cow country.

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Reddit-related Why does reddit hate french people?


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Reddit-related Why does Reddit allow cheering on violence as long as it's the "right" people?


I've seen multiple posts on the front page throughout time that show videos or images or people getting assaulted and the comments cheering it on. From what the ToS states, encouraging or glorifying violence is against them so why are these posts still allowed?

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Reddit-related The accumulation of all those little rules all over reddit and it's make it annoying to Post anything on here. Anyone agree or am I a crybaby?


It's so close to making me quit reddit.

I'm fucking done editing a perfectly normal Post 100 times because of stupid little rules that aren't even implemented how they were intended.

Edit: Fuck of course I have a missed Word in the title, but I'm too lazy to Repost it. No but i'm Not too lazy to edit the Text. Fight me.

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Reddit-related Why is Reddit male dominated?


Why are majority of people on Reddit men? Most of the general subs which have demographic surveys always show that majority of their userbase is men. In the polls sub, the female to male is 1:4 or 1:5.

Why is this so?

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Reddit-related Why will redditors in comments argue about literally anything from the OP, but not answere the actual question?


Stupid example:

OP: "Do you think Santa should wear another color, or is red good?"

Comments: "He should pay taxes, First of all"

"It's none of your Business what color Santa is wearing"

"Are you saying he should wear blue or white just because He lives somewhere cold?!"

You get the idea

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Reddit-related Why is reddit full of snarky commentors?


I’m honestly hesitant to post/comment sometimes because I know there’ll be one arsehole who has to rush in to reply something snarky and unhelpful.

Yes i’m setting myself up.

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Reddit-related Why is r/conspiracy allowed to organize harassment of the families of victims simply because they refuse to believe it’s true?


I don’t understand why that subreddit is allowed unlimited freedom by the Reddit admins. Their reaction to the Uvalde shooting is flat out disgusting and for all intents and purposes, it appears that Reddit supports their platform being used this way.

My question is why? We already know what will happen. 4chan and many redditors will begin harassing victims because they believe it is a false flag. It’s already happening. This is supposed to be against site rules, yet it is never addressed. When will Reddit be taken to task for how it is used to spread the hatred that causes these attacks.

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Reddit-related Wouldn’t it make sense to move the upvote/downvote buttons on Reddit mobile to the right hand side?


With right handed people being the majority, wouldn’t it make more sense and increase voter turnout?

Edit: I am also left handed, but I scroll through reddit with my right hand. I just thought most people did this.

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Reddit-related would you upvote a funny meme even if you knew a 13 year old made it?