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Off My Meta The Trans Shitposting Thread


Too many threads. You know the drill. All trans related posts other than genuinely personalized posts will be removed. I am also deleting all trans-related posts that are not personal in the last 24 or so hours. Let's get some post diversity going.

This post is not a safe space post, but I also won't keep other people from calling you transphobic or an asshat in here. Post at your own discretion.

Also RIP my inbox because I have to get notifications on all of these.

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Off My Meta The Ukraine/Russia Conflict Superthread


We now have, as you might expect, dozens of topics surrounding this. We are going to be removing certain ones and leaving others.

If you live in Ukraine or Russia and these attacks are specifically impacting you/family/friends OR you live in a neighboring country and are volunteering to provide aid/support or are military being deployed to the location and want to discuss personal actions you are taking with respect to this conflict, you are more than welcome to post and those posts will be left up.

If you want to give a political rant, hot take, or opinion on the situation, want to make a post that boils down to "fuck Putin", or want to engage in explaining the geopolitical situation that led to this, those are impersonal. That being said, I am opening this thread so that you still have a location to post these comments.

If someone wants to defend Putin's actions in here (yikes) I won't delete their post, but be prepared for getting bullied on the internet.

User /u/Srgtofdeath made this thread which contains potentially useful information that I want to give increased visibility to for those seeking to flee.


User /u/JinAttila has made a post on reducing traceability of Ukrainian communications during the invasion.


For those wanting to help financially:


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Off My Meta Banning of Trans-related Topics


This was a last resort, as I wanted people who were dealing with genuine issues relating to being trans to be able to post about their experiences, but these post are a rarity here (given how many other subreddits exist for that purpose) and the only two types of trans-related posts we seem to get are, "Trans movement bad" and "Subreddit transphobic!" Given that neither of these types of posts meet the criteria of being personalized, I have decided that it's time to simply axe the topic.

I tried giving the members of the subreddit a temporary quarantined location to "get it out of their system" and to keep it off the front page, because I understand that what the people engaging in this want is a location to freely discuss those things, but what the people not engaging in it want more is for this subreddit to stop being eaten by the trans topic. All polling in the past had indicated that more than 2/3's of the subreddit just wants this stuff gone and I'm obliging that today.

If you are trans and need a place to vent about dealing with being trans, I recommend going to one of the many other subreddits that exist for you to vent, such as the original /r/offmychest.

If you are looking for a place to post political rhetoric ad nauseum, whether trans-related or otherwise, this is simply not the subreddit for that. We will continue to have topical political superthreads in the future around American election seasons and for other worldwide events, even though these aren't exactly personal, given that they're passing topics.

Obligatory preemptive Q&A questions of which most aren't questions because the people who caused this reaction don't follow the rules anyway:

"Is this up for discussion?" - No

"This is just you being transphobic!" - Whatever you say, Jim.

"You remind me of a transgender mod who recently went on Fox News!" - Neat.

"Stop censoring us!" - It's not censorship when I remove off-topic or rule-breaking posts from a topical subreddit with rules. I should be allowed to remove OnlyFans bots from this subreddit. No, I don't care if you agree with me on that or not.

"I have a trans related post that actually is really, truly personal. Can I still post it?" - You will have to post it, submit it to the mods, have us review it, and once approved it may be too late for it to land in "new". If you're fine with that we can still try to do this, but it's going to be a case-by-case basis on a delay. Due to the updated filter, it will also be difficult for people to respond to the topic.

"Hah! I'm going to circumvent this by talking about xenogenders or using the word tr4n5g3nd3r." - Hah, I will circumvent this by removing the (easily spotted) topic and banning you for the reason of being a smartass.

This post is going to be locked because the discussion has already happened for this. The filters are already live. Again, this isn't open for discussion (which is why this post is locked, we've had this discussion at least 5 other times, there's nothing left to add). I know the majority of the subreddit userbase just wants this topic to be over with already so I expect this will lead to a more positive and healthy subreddit community going forward.

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Off My Meta Do not post about Karma Requirements on other subs. It will be removed.


There was a solid week where we let this type of post run rampant. For some strange reason people love to upvote them. The problem is that this breaks reddit ToS (so a mod is obligated to remove it) and that it clogs the subreddit down with the same meta complaint over and over again. And, without fail, you guys upvote it to the top without exception. This has been against the subreddit's rules for ages.

I'm not telling you that you have to like the requirements on other subs, but at least respect that community's right to some level of autonomy by not flooding them with new accounts that you've boosted in karma. Also, keep in mind that there are absolutely people who will abuse this to take advantage of assistance subs.


Feel free to flame me in the comments.

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Off my meta This sub is pretty racist


You have no idea how demoralizing it is to continually see the “Black people are bad and everything is their fault” posts with thousands of upvotes.

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Off my meta The "Pronouns" Superthread


So, uhh. We've had over a dozen threads on it in the last couple of weeks and, well, I'm personally tired of seeing it so much.

If you want to talk about pronouns, do so here.

All other posts past this point will be deleted.

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Off my meta As someone who uses Reddit daily, I honestly wouldn’t mind 1 bit if the entire site shut down tomorrow


Reddit is a nice tool to find a lot of things you’re interested in and expand upon your knowledge of those interests, but,

unfortunately it’s populated by a large hive of self loathing virgins whose biggest phobia is someone with a different opinion, and resembles an old school Salem witch mob more than a modern day group of people.

Fuck it, if this site had to go, let it go.

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Off my meta Trump Supporter Riot Superthread


So, we've had just a few too many posts on it to the point where I'm making another superthread. This one won't be up for super long, though.

This is for all discussion of the Trump rioting going on in DC.

This time I actually care/have an opinion about the topic, so...

My thoughts:

To the right leaning people - Most of you that I've seen have condemned bumrushing congress to impede the electoral process. Thank you for your sanity. Terrorism is terrorism. Rioting is rioting. We have a moral obligation to actively condemn the violence committed today. Nothing is less American than impeding the electoral process.

For those of you justifying this because of "what the other side has done", please kindly fuck off. You are capitulating to the powers trying to divide and polarize this nation and your irresponsibility could cost us all dearly in the future.

To the left leaning people - Please stop posting about how nobody on the right is condemning this when so many are. If you also condemned the rioting when BLM was doing it, I stand in firm solidarity with you for the benefit of this nation even though I'm right-leaning.

If you are against these riots but were for the BLM riots, you can also kindly fuck off. You are capitulating to the powers trying to divide and polarize this nation and your irresponsibility could cost us all dearly in the future.

That being said, you all have permission to tell me to fuck off with no consequences if you disagree with me.

EDIT 1/9/2021 8:52 PM EST

The approval ratings for the Trump riots have come in.

7% approval of the Trump riots among whites.

10% approval of the Trump riots among non-whites.

18% approval of the Trump riots among Republicans.

(Source - Marist Polls - http://maristpoll.marist.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/PBS-NewsHour_Marist-Poll_USA-NOS-and-Tables_202101081001.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1s7yI2UkPzg22TN55onMJA3yXYr_tQHaVwyi0sHTVLYWL_Rxmu7sFMHNM#page=3)

By all available evidence, this action single-handedly swayed the majority of people on Trump's side against him and consequentially, a peaceful transition of power seems inevitable. It's absolutely tragic that we had to lose 5 Americans as a consequence of this, but I'm hoping quite firmly that this is where it stops. The rioters now know that the hyper-majority of us right-leaning individuals do not support rioting and violence against a peaceful, democratic process.

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Off my meta Pfizer Vaccine Reaction Superthread


So, I'm just being proactive this time. It's all over the news that 23 people died in Norway shortly after taking the Pfizer vaccine. Of those, 13 were effectively confirmed to be caused by the vaccine. Each of these 13 confirmed deaths was a frail elderly person over the age of 80. Another 14 more of these nursing home patients had side effects.

The officials are saying, "This wasn't unexpected." and is "No cause for concern."

I'm not going to tell people what to think, just reporting this news and isolating the discussion here so it doesn't eat the page.

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Off my meta George Floyd / Black Lives Matter Protests Megathread


Hey all!

As of late, we've had a huge influx of posts regarding this controversial topic to the point where it has been taking up a significant majority of all recent posts here. For the time being, we ask that any future posts related to this subject are instead submitted as a root comment on this announcement post.

But why?

This helps prevent excess flooding of the same types of post, allowing other topics to have space for discussion and venting during these difficult times, whilst at the same time giving this subject a dedicated space for those that wish to follow it. It also allows the mod team to keep track of everything within a single thread and more effectively deal with blatant trolls and bad-faith users, which we've seen a recent uptick in as a result of the heated and political nature of the issues being discussed.

Is this a permanent measure?

This is a temporary rule to help keep the subreddit from being oversaturated at the current moment; once the heavy amount of posting dies down again naturally, we will continue to allow posts regarding this topic on the rest of the sub again.

Remember to stay on topic

One more thing, please see our other recent sticky regarding rule 3: if your post is better suited to r/unpopularopinion or r/trueunpopularopinion rather than being an "off my chest" style post, we kindly ask that you post over there instead - this also applies to posts made as comments under this megathread. Thanks for reading!



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Off my meta COVID (and COVID vaccine) Superthread


I was a bit more tolerant of the influx of COVID posts because I understand that it's a major issue impacting everyone. I really get it. And that's why many COVID posts are not going to be forced to be in this superthread.

We've had about 3 dozen "If you don't get the vaccine, you should have your entrails consumed by a rabid grizzly bear." and that's getting a bit out of hand since it's the same exact topic multiple times a day.

So, for the next few weeks, I'm making a COVID megathread.

If you were personally impacted by COVID and want to vent about that (like losing a job, being unable to visit family, having a relationship suddenly turn long-distance, you or a family member were diagnosed), you may still do so in your own thread and you can ignore this super thread. Additionally, complaints towards the government are fair game in personal threads, including their stimulus checks for COVID.

If you want to get on a soap box and say how reliable/unreliable the vaccine is or how people in general are/aren't following guidelines, how people are/aren't responsible for exacerbating the issue, or make a more generalized rant aimed at large swaths of other people, those will be done here.

This is actually what we were supposed to be doing the whole time, but we mods are lazy. Well, at least I'm lazy. I digress. Super thread time.

EDIT - LOL! I done goofed with allowing the stimulus threads to stay because we got about ten of them today and most are on our frontpage. Oh well, I tried.

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Off my meta People in “Am I the Asshole”


I just murdered 5 people and dropped my cat in a vat of acid, but I was reacting bc my bf cheated on me. AITA?

Be like...

Honey NTA...he was the jerk. You go girl!

Let’s start a go fund me for your legal bills, sweetie. NTA all the way. Be in your feelings!

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Off my meta I hate that r/Amitheasshole has turned almost 100% into validation posts, but more so that the mods leave them up - and support them as well.


Yesterday I went against the grain and voted YTA on a post about a kid reporting a teacher for her asking him in front of other students if he was being abused at home. That’s a dick move in my opinion, causing her to potentially lose her job because he gives too much of a shit what the other kids think

Regardless, when I said that he immediately replied and started arguing about why he wasn’t the asshole. I asked why he even made a post there if he was just looking for validation, he then had the audacity to say “she was undeniably wrong and you said it yourself”

Uh, no I didn’t. I said she may have been stupid about it but I certainly didn’t say she was wrong.

He did not in the slightest want to hear that he was the asshole and he argued with everyone who said so, the mods did absolutely nothing and left the post up despite reports and it obviously breaking the rules. What the fuck is the point of even having rules if you don’t enforce them

I used to love that sub. Then I started to see more and more posts like mine, complaining about how it’s all validation posts now and at first I didn’t think it was too bad, but after the mods did nothing about that one yesterday it’s become obvious they are catering to posts that get attention...they must not care if it breaks the rules as long as it gets visitors to the sub.

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Off my meta Shout out to the folks who post daily Epstein reminders


I'm truly grateful for the redditors across a broad spectrum of subs who refuse to let us forget that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in a US prison to squash investigations into a powerful international sex trafficking ring in which the richest people on earth participated in pedophilia and other depraved acts. Our worst fears are being realized in that no law enforcement agencies are still looking into this seriously, but at least Reddit hasn't forgotten!

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Off my meta The Stock Market Superthread


Discuss here.

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Off my meta Reddit ban endangered thousands of lives (re: r/ProED)


(Note: originally posted to offmychest but it seems to have been filtered out, possibly due to association with a banned sub- see below)

This morning, my only mental health resource was banned from Reddit.

I have had an eating disorder for 10 years. It is an isolating disease and contrary to popular belief, it is most definitely a disease and not at all a choice. Believe me, I would give anything to be able to just choose to stop having an eating disorder, but instead I have given the past 10 years of my life just trying to survive it.

Which brings me to my first point: my eating disorder (anorexia nervosa) has the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder. And other eating disorders are not far behind. Consider the fact that many individuals with eating disorders suffer comorbid disorders (bipolar, depression, anxiety, and OCD to name a few) and you should have an idea of just how hard we are fighting to stay alive. Recovery from an eating disorder is not as simple as deciding to eat normally. It takes years of hard work in therapy and even then most suffer multiple relapses. Having an eating disorder is hell. And most suffer alone.

Which brings me to my second point: r/ProED was the only support system I had for my disorder. In the country I live in, seeking mental health resources is grounds for termination of employment. I am not free to discuss my disorder or seek treatment. I suffer alone and there are times when I thought I wouldn't make it. r/ProED was my only outlet. It was my only safe place. And I am not the only one for whom this was the case.

Which brings me to my third point: Eating disorders are an intersectional issue. Please discard the idea that the only people with eating disorders are snotty, white teenage girls who 'just want to lose some weight'. Eating disorders afflict all genders, all ages, all races. This is part of what makes them so isolating. "Non-standard patients" are often completely ignored by mental health professionals and family/friends when they reach out for help. Men, people of color, and LGBTQ people especially are often simply not granted permission to recover due to the ignorance of the professionals who have the power to offer treatment. r/ProED was a place for these people to turn to for support. It was a place to be heard and a place to be believed when even professionals and those we trust the most refused to help.

Which brings me to my fourth point: r/ProED was a place of love and 100% against causing harm. At r/ProED we had no patience for 'teaching' disordered behavior (primarily because like all mental disorders, eating disorders can't just be 'picked up' or taught). Anyone who mistook r/ProED for a harmful sub had done nothing to educate themselves on the reality of the tone of discussion there. It was a place to listen, commiserate, and offer kind words to each other. To many of us, it was group therapy. Part of this community included a very candid and specific sense of humor. Because when you're stuck in hell, it helps to find a way to laugh about it. Being able to share and laugh about some of the most painful parts of my disorder with supportive people was sometimes what I needed to muster the emotional energy to eat when I would otherwise have laid in bed for two days without the will to feed myself.

Which brings me to my final point: many thousands of people relied on r/ProED for their mental health needs. Due to the isolated nature of our disorders in the context of a social climate which does not yet fully and inclusively understand how we suffer, many of us had nowhere else to turn. Banning the sub directly and effectively endangered the physical and emotional well being of everyone who once called r/ProED their 'safe space'. I shudder to think how all those people are faring since discovering that their one safe place to be heard and believed has disappeared - all due to the rash actions of a few ignorant people. I hate that I have no way of checking on them. I hate that, like me, many of them are now completely alone. As I write this, I'm recovering from a panic attack and struggling to engage in self care. I'm currently crying tears of frustration because my disorder won't let me eat today. I need my support system but it isn't there.

To any Reddit powers-that-be who may be reading this: PLEASE educate yourselves before enabling quarantines or bans on mental health-related subs. PLEASE be more considerate before you destroy what many consider to be their only resource. People's lives are literally at stake here. PLEASE be careful.

To anyone from r/ProED who may be reading this: I'm hope you're okay, I hate that we can't check on each other. And I hope you know that you are free to PM me if you need support. I hope we are all able to find each other again so we can continue supporting each other. And until then, hang in there. If you have the energy for it, please comment with your story below. Hopefully some good can come from this ban in the form of better educating people on eating disorders and the people who experience them.

TL;DR: r/PRoED and many other support subs were banned due to ignorant and untrue assumptions about people with eating disorders. As a result, thousands of people (including myself) are now without a support system and are in very real mortal danger

EDIT 1: formatting

EDIT 2: Thank you to everyone who commented and messaged their support and also to everyone who gilded! I really didn't expect this post to reach so many people or for those people to be so supportive. I'm also sorry that I'm not able to reply to everyone. The influx of messages and comments is overwhelming and I just don't have time to reply to them all. And to everyone from the proED sub who shared your personal stories THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to contribute to the visibility and understanding of this issue.

EDIT 3: To everyone telling me to kill myself, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I won't be doing that. Please kindly remove yourselves from the conversation.

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Off my meta Behavior of the mods on Reddit frequently reminds me of the safe spaces on college campuses. You're allowed to have any opinion you want as long as it's the right one.


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Off my meta Y'all need to go OUTSIDE and meet some normal queer people.


The more time I spend on this sub, the more I'm convinced that y'all live here and nowhere else.

"I'm trans and I hate trans people because all the trans people I know are annoying trenders."

"I'm gay and I hate gay people because all of the gay people I know are annoying trenders."

"I'm part of x group and am therefore justified in saying bigoted shit about them for sweet sweet karma."

Have you all been outside? Have you met queer people that don't make fools of themselves online? Have you gotten to watch the lady you regularly see at the gas station go from an awkward miserable pre-op to a confident and happy post-op woman and never even bring up the topic once, just be happy for her because you know how much it means to her as you buy your fountain drink and she wishes you a good day?

Have you ever just... been friends with an LGBTQ person outside of tumblr or reddit who's comfortable with themselves and not the annoying strawman prick you guys all like to bring up? Maybe they had a rough day and you give them some support and the day gets better. Maybe you realize they aren't some piece of a larger agenda that pisses you off and actually just a person?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not some almighty extrovert telling you that making friends and going outside is easy. I'm shy and awkward and terrible... but at least I try to get out sometimes and just... watch the world.

I'm not even sure where I'm going with this anymore, but for fuck's sake, just get off Reddit and maybe go meet some of these people you love stereotyping and shitting on. And don't drop by the local spectrum club where all of the insecure gays meet and use it to justify your prejudice. Go meet some actually confident queer people. Maybe they are your coworkers, your mechanic, friend of a friend, whoever. Meet some queer people that don't live in the tumblr bubble and actually like themselves, and you'll realize how ironic it is that you like to shit on these "cringey communities" from the comfort of your own cringey communities. If you're sick of all of the gays who can't seem to "grow up," maybe you should grow up yourself and go hang with the grown gays. I assure you it's a good time.

I know how this sub works. Downvote me into oblivion because I struck a nerve and challenged your preconceived notions rather than upholding them.

(Edit: I forgot to acknowledge that many insecure and recently discovered LGBTQ people have prior abuse and other personal issues/doubts that lead them to put up such a strong front of queerness that prompts other people to view them as annoying or fake. Thank you to the people who pointed this out. In going after the people who cite "obnoxious gays" as the reason they hate gays, I forgot to make my support for these new and struggling LGBTQ people explicit and explain the reasoning behind their sometimes off-putting actions. I apologize if it sounded like I was putting down insecure and inexperienced queer people. I'd never do that. Heaven knows I was still part of that group of questioning and fearful kids not too long ago.

That said, fellas, if a queer person is being obnoxiously queer, remember that they've probably got things going on in the background and they at least deserve patience rather than vitriol.

Also, obligatory thanks for the gold.)

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Off my meta “Locked because you all cant behave”


What the hell is this shit? It just grinds my gears when I’m having a discussion with someone and some ass wipe 10 year old moderator locks the post because “we can’t behave”. The upvote/downvote system is there for a reason, locking posts is dumb as hell and shouldn’t be possible in the first place. It literally disagrees with the principles that were behind creating reddit, as a free platform to share and exchange views and ideas. But no, some dip shit moderator having a power trip because naughty words or people are being fucking mean? Then fucking let them be mean so they can get downvoted! You are literally thwarting free speech because there are comments that you disagree with or dislike. Fuck reddit is shit.

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Off my meta Ahh crap I think I missed my cake day. Kinda curious if it shows up cuz I think it’s still 10/20 in like a quarter of the world


Edit: ahh nice. 5 years first time I had a cake next to my name. Sry for the spam!

Edit 2: Loving seeing where all you guys are from! Have a great weekend everyone!

Edit 3: To all the like 5 people who commented here being negative, what are you trying to accomplish? Why are you mad? I don’t care if you like my post or not, but I am sorry that you are so sad and angry. Try not to just be a dick to everyone.

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Off my meta Got banned from a subreddit for talking about my dog that passed away, people suck.


My dog passed away in September after 13 years and I spoke about him on another subreddit, as well as posted a photo of him. Some people were kind but supposedly I got “a number of reports” and moderators of that sub messaged me saying that my “conversation was depressing and sensitive to other people” and removed my comments and posts.

I told them it wasn’t necessarily ok, especially because I broke no rules of the subreddit. I wasn’t breaking any rules talking about my dog that passed, infact the conversation was joined by others too. I was then slapped with a ban and told, “We’re the mods and what we say goes, since you want to argue enjoy your ban.”

Ok assholes.

Edit: I expected this to get buried and it got more attention than I thought. Thank you all for your kind words.

Edit 2: To those of you asking, I won't be discussing publicly which subreddit it was especially out of respect for the mods on this subreddit. I’m not trying to start a witch-hunt and I didn’t expect this to blow up so big. I simply wanted to vent, which is the purpose of this sub. Also, yes it was a subreddit about animals, for those wondering and no it was not r/aww or r/eyebleach.

Edit 3: Wow. Thank you stranger for the gold and the other stranger who gifted me silver on another comment about my beloved Smokie.

r/TrueOffMyChest Jan 09 '20

Off my meta r/shortcels needs to be banned.


This shit is absolutely toxic and the sub doesn’t deserve to be here on this site. All they do is wallow in their own sadness about not being able to get a gf because “i’m 5’3 and women are shallow.”

Maybe if you stopped being pieces of shit you’d pull girls. But no. Instead you decide to be actual human piles of fucking shit and indecent because nobody likes you. Take the hint and realize you’re the problem.

I saw two posts that absolutely disgusted me. I like to lurk on subs that I dislike because it’s entertaining but I saw one post that called an asian woman a “noodlewhore” and another which showed 3 short guys and another woman. The top comment on the latter was something about “fighting for a land whale with a nosering.”

Even if you think women are “shallow”, why would you be shallow in return instead of being a fucking good person? You’re just self projecting at that point.

TLDR: incels are fucking stupid and i want to send em out the airlock

Edit; As suggested, I am trying to be kind to one of them right now. We’ll see how it goes.

Edit 2: went about as well as i expected, was called a dumb child

Edit 3: it appears ive been toxic as well. Fine. Reddit can ban me too for all I care

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Off My Meta Israel/Palestine Conflict Notes - A Reminder



We do allow topics on the Israel Palestine conflict if you have some personal relation to the topic. Such as, "I'm scared to death, the sirens are going off.", "I have an Israeli friend who hasn't logged in to Discord for a few days and I'm scared." or "I lost a friend to a missile strike."

But, giving your opinion on the topic broadly, even as an Israeli or Palestinian, is against the subreddit rules unless it's an opinion on your personal situation with respect to the conflict. Again, you can write about how the conflict makes you feel if it's directly affecting you, but you cannot turn that into a commentary on the conflict and who is or is not justified.

We do personal posting about how things affect us (or someone close to us) here, not political commentary, opinion pieces, or meta-analysis.

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Off my meta I just discovered the femaledatingstrategy subreddit.


And I am disgusted that these women exist. LVM and HVM (low value male, high value male) abbreviations. Guys aren't worthy if they dont pay for every dinner date or foot every bill, doesn't that make all of these women freeloaders?

Referring to women who pay for dates or make the first move on a guy as "pickmeisha".

It has over 44k members, that is scary.

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Off my meta It's my very first cake day!


I'm am so excited! Just posting so I can see a tiny slice of cake next to my username. I survived a year on reddit! :D

Yall have a nice day 💛