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Replace men with woman in a gory action film and suddenly its too feminist to watch?

I watched Gunpowder Milkshake last night and mentioned it this morning to my male coworkers during chit chat before work.

The only other guy who had seen the movie was a 20-something and he responded by saying he turned it off after 15 minutes bc it was hardcore feminist. My boss immediately asked, "what's wrong with feminism?" At the same time I looked at him and asked, "but it's just woman perfectly playing parts commonly played by men. How is that hardcore feminist?"

He looked a little surprised and shrugged his shoulders but didn't have anything to say. I've been thinking about it all morning. I liked the movie well enough (gory action isn't one of my favorites but I wanted to support the female centered crew) and while I was watching I got the distinct impression the movie is a cookie cutter action film that was written just like all the rest but when all was said and done they replaced all the juicy parts normally reserved for men with woman. Nothing special. Nothing new. Except it starred badass woman wielding guns, knives and tomahawks.

I figure we have such stringent expectations and perceptions of woman that when they break out of those molds and find purchase in a 'mans' space people get a funny taste in their mouth. Some people get angry, some bewildered and some secretly cheer. Very few are openly supportive. But what do I know I'm just a woman working as an industrial electrician. 👷‍♀️

Edit: Thank you for the awards kind strangers. I did not expect this to blow the fudge up but I'm pleased to have started a discussion. Hollywood pay attention and stop cheaping out!!

Okay so men perving this post need to get a life. If you're not putting words in my mouth you're insulting 50% of the world's population by breathing.

To all the commenters wow. I'm trying to get through all the responses but damn...


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u/Niceaintgood Jul 22 '21

Because watching women do it is boring and uninteresting. It always ends up being like an action movie with a male lead (most of which arent good to begin with) but lamer and with worse chroegraphy. Usually at some point it even gets embarrassing that women are larping like they have the same physical capabilities as men. I know its a movie but it still comes off as really sad.


u/sarahbae03 Jul 22 '21

That's not the only sad thing in this room...


u/Niceaintgood Jul 22 '21

Yeah you watching a movie you werent really interested in other than the fact it had a female cast/production crew or whatever is way, way sadder. Imagine dudes watching a movie because they wanted to 'support men'. Theyd be the biggest losers around.