r/TwoXChromosomes Jul 23 '21

Feminism is a woman-centered movement. And that is good enough.

In order to make feminism more appealing to men, many women will point out how feminism benefits men.

Men need to ask themselves why a movement needs to benefit them before they decide that they want to be on board with it. Isn’t the fact that most acts of sexism, especially violent acts, are committed/perpetuated by men towards women enough to get on board with feminism?

Feminism is a movement to end patriarchy, centering the experiences of women, hence, the FEM part of FEMinism. Although it does, feminism does not have to benefit men to be a valid movement.

Feminism is a woman-centered movement. And that is good enough.


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u/sarahbae03 Jul 23 '21

Damn right! What more do we need to do to prove woman are oppressed and subjugated than show how often woman are repeatedly forced to try and convince men shit needs to change. Why do we need to answer to men? Why do we need to convince men? Men are the ones holding woman down. That point in and of itself should be enough to show we have no chance of convincing men to dismember patriarchal control.

Jailers do not listen to the inmates when they scream for change and equality. Jailers thrive off the power and will not release it by choice.