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Feminism is a woman-centered movement. And that is good enough.

In order to make feminism more appealing to men, many women will point out how feminism benefits men.

Men need to ask themselves why a movement needs to benefit them before they decide that they want to be on board with it. Isn’t the fact that most acts of sexism, especially violent acts, are committed/perpetuated by men towards women enough to get on board with feminism?

Feminism is a movement to end patriarchy, centering the experiences of women, hence, the FEM part of FEMinism. Although it does, feminism does not have to benefit men to be a valid movement.

Feminism is a woman-centered movement. And that is good enough.


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u/sarahbae03 Jul 23 '21

Go figure it out yourself. You're on a woman's group pestering us about what you need to do to what? Learn how to respect woman? Learn how to be empathetic to 50% of the human race? Really? Nah man.

We get it. We live it. Go find a YouTube video and have a chat with a woman you can see stands up for her boundaries and demands respect that you give without notice or question to every other man. Notice the differences and get uncomfortable. (This is a serious answer)


u/Junglejibe Jul 23 '21

Wow, this comment is insanely counter productive. Being unnecessarily hostile towards people use for being curious is just going to demonize feminism and related movements more. We’ve all been ignorant before—even those of us who have had to “live it”—so don’t judge someone else for trying to learn.


u/Beautiful-Sign-8758 Jul 23 '21 edited Jul 23 '21

Did I ask what do I have to do ? I asked for an explanation in general of the word feminism, I didn't ask if I should demonstrate in my city or smth like that. I know this is a place for rant, it doesn't mean I can't learn stuff.

Edit : btw, I'm sorry but I didn't understand the second part of your message (english isn't my first language) so well


u/fluffypenguinxiv Jul 24 '21

Just wanted to chime in and provide support for your comment! I don't see why people can't use a discussion forum...to...discuss lol.

The second part of their message, the way I read it, seemed to imply that you were lazy and should do your own research (either through online sources, or talking to a strong woman for her point of view). I think they were (in a tough love kind of way) trying to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone by asking those kinds of difficult questions (either of yourself or of others).

Still, I think this reddit should be a safe place to discuss what feminism means to each individual person too. I hope you have gotten good answers! I also basically feel like it is a fight for equality. Equal rights, equal pay for equal work, equal safety.


u/Explicit_Pickle Jul 24 '21

this isn't feminism