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Burn the Patriarchy Facts are facts

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Burn the Patriarchy Have any of y'all noticed this trend?

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Burn the Patriarchy Breaking News, Friends. Study: Due to masculine dominance, gynecological science focuses on reproduction rather than women's health


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Burn the Patriarchy Important!!

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Burn the Patriarchy Thanksgiving / Family get togethers is the perfect time to burn down the patriarchy

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Happy burning, witches

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Burn the Patriarchy I'M FREE... ish. Help me choose a new last name so I don't take my father's last name


I ended my 6 year marriage the other day. We're still cohabitating unfortunately. I've been a stay at home mom at their request for 4 years. They're "gracious" enough to allow me to keep living here in the house we bought together until I get on my feet. Eye roll.

I'm trying to focus on the things I'm excited about that's coming up for me. One of those things is getting to change my last name. I don't want to go back to my father's last name, so I need a new one. Ideas?

Edit: y'all are amazing and have given me lots of ideas. Going back to a woman ancestor my great grandmother killed herself when my grandfather was 2 years old. She suffered PPD and had a pos husband as well. I've always felt very connected to her given my history with mental health and a POS partner. Maybe I'll take her last name.

Thank you all! I appreciate all of your ideas and I have so much brain storming to do. Love you amazing humans!

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Burn the Patriarchy Absolutely flawless 💓

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Burn the Patriarchy My daughter (14) broke up with her boyfriend who didn’t listen to her body boundaries. What we’re doing is working for the next gen.


The kids are alright.

He kept hugging her when she said she didn’t want to be touched. She told him she always controls what happens to her body and he needed to stop. He persisted. She broke up with him. I couldn’t be more proud of her and the job I’m doing as a mom.

That’s all.

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Burn the Patriarchy We need to vote out these republican anti-choice people

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Burn the Patriarchy witches, give me your most eloquent insults.


for a final paper i’m writing a letter to some abbott dude from texas about law enforcement and abortion, but i have been encouraged to “use my own voice”.

witches, let me hear them. thank you. ❤️

edit: awhhh, bless the heart of the redditor who was “concerned for my safety”. you should be concerned for all women’s health and safety with abbott’s policies. i hope both sets of lips are as dry as the sahara. ❤️

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Burn the Patriarchy The media flip flops about how women should look more than shoes of the same name😠

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Burn the Patriarchy Witches…my polling place 🤦‍♀️

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Burn the Patriarchy For those wanting to escape: Any locations not firmly under patriarchy's thumb?


I've stayed in TX far too long to stay near friends and family. I don't want to raise my kids where they or their classmates have zero rights over their own bodies. But as I am listing out places, is anywhere actually better? I know many places would at least protect reproductive rights and trans rights, but until the last couple of years I would not have believed even TX would take those away. I am so tired of living in a state and country where at least 50% of the population believes I should burn in hell -- for being pagan, bi, pro-choice, or any number of my "sins".

Witches, do any of you live somewhere that actually, truly celebrates diversity and (actual!) freedom?

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Burn the Patriarchy Which of you witches do I have to thank for the Senate? Well done!!


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Burn the Patriarchy Let's re-invent job titles, Sparkly Scientists for the win!

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Burn the Patriarchy Looking familiar.

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Burn the Patriarchy Legit burned our bras last night

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Burn the Patriarchy My son can't analyze a novel because he was raised by "strong women" according to his ELA teacher.


My son is living with my mom for his senior year because I moved closer to the schools my other kids attend 150 miles away. This week was her first time attending a parent-teacher conference in decades. His English teacher ipened their conversation with "I suspected "Kid name" was raised by strong women." My mom says "Well yes, thank you." He then rolls into how my kid is struggling because he doesn't understand the emotional nuance in the reading material even though he reads very quickly and has excellent retention. It is a standard English class and the teacher is also confused because almost all my kid's other classes are AP or IB and he is getting good grades in them. In fact, his other teachers could not say enough good things about him as a student.

Mom kept her cool and explained that kid has unofficially diagnosed autism. (He is also passing the class with a B, so there is actually no problem.) The teacher then ended the conference. Did not want to hear that isn't my or my mom's fault that my kid struggles with understanding feeling conveyed indirectly in text.

Before anyone gets on me about not having my kid's diagnosis wrapped up and presented to his school - I was in the process when it became obvious that the public schools I had enrolled him in before high school could NOT handle my kid in a respectful, helpful, or compassionate way. School stressed him tf out and it was better for his development to homeschool him .The Sudburry style school he went to for a year was great before I ran out of money for tuition. He has friends and runs a weekly DnD group that is made up largely of the kids who are also part of the gay/straight alliance at school. He is doing fine socially now that he has grown into himself and has more self control. Aside from his comparative "struggles" of only getting an average grade in an average English class, there are not problems at school - he's graduating HS this year with only a Writing 121 credit short of an associates in computer science. Also, am a simgle mom with 4 kids. I have limits and an IEP for high school for a kid who doesn't need one is not where I needed to put my energy.

Whatever. My mom (and me too, tbh) are fuming that this teacher wanted to blame the women in his life for my kid's alleged shortcomings. Like nah dude - my kid and I have spent countless hours talking about social interactions and feelings. He isn't f'ing broken and aside from my genetic contribution, his neurodivergence isn't because of how I raised him - probably the opposite.

Sorry for writing a novel.

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Burn the Patriarchy Iranian female basketball team removed their hijab and posted their unveiled photo on Instagram to protest against compulsory hijab

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Burn the Patriarchy Frightening when you think about it

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Burn the Patriarchy The best kind of compliance when faced with patriarchal buffoonery

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Burn the Patriarchy My doctor told me today the center she works at was a Catholic establishment and doesn’t prescribe birth control of any kind.


I want to share my story today as a reminder to all my fellow witches of how to be protective over yourself in the current climate of the aftermath of Roe v. Wade. I had an appointment with my doctor today. At the end, I asked her for a refill on my birth control medicine and she asked me why do I take it.

Immediately, red flags went up in my head. I said that it helps with pain surrounding my period. She said “Good, always say that here because we are a Catholic establishment and can’t prescribe birth control of any kind unless it is for another reason such as pain.”

Fellow witches, it is crazy we live in a world like this. You can help protect yourself at places like this by saying the same thing I did if you are in a similar situation and don’t wish to reveal your reasoning. Does anyone know if this is a violation of ethics?

Edit: it is crazy the amount of stories everyone has about their experiences with Catholic -and other religious- hospitals. Thank you all for sharing! It seems to be an accepted practice but it def shouldn’t be! I had no idea it was like this. I’m looking into other hospital options in my area now.

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Burn the Patriarchy You witches gave me the confidence to stick it to the patriarchy


Story time:

To set the scene, I'm on a bus from the Scottish Highlands to South Scotland (about 4 hours). Journey was a nightmare before we even set off and I was definitely in a "tolerate zero bullshit" kind of mood.

This very drunk middle aged man sat opposite a pair of young women (probably early twenties) and was having a very one way conversation with them. He was absolutely havering about how unfriendly folk were, asking them where they were going, and had the audacity to ask them if what they were watching on their phones was more interesting than talking to people (ie him) in real life. The women were making every effort to not answer or make any eye contact or antagonise him in anyway but this arsehole was relentless.

I was sitting about two rows ahead and was not having any of this. I could see a younger version of myself in these young ladies. I stepped in -

"Sorry to interrupt, but it looks pretty clear to me that these ladies are not interested. They didn't ask for you to go on and on at them and you're making everyone on the bus uncomfortable"

The arsehole then told me to shut up and I just said "I'll shut up the second you do." And he just stared with his mouth open at me and hasn't said a word since. He is now asleep and I hope the bell-end misses his stop.

Anyway I just know that I wouldn't have piped up at all of it wasn't the stories and strength you witches give me daily.

✌️peace, witches and keep fighting the good fight!

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Burn the Patriarchy Anyone else scared?


I already voted, but it still hasn’t calmed my nerves. I live in Arizona due to work, and the choices were pretty much QAnon vs sanity. I want reproductive rights, environmental protection, and LGBTQ+ advocacy. Even with Democrat senators, this state still feels too red.

I’m afraid for what will happen if they win. I don’t think this planet could even afford it since climate change denial seems to be a popular thing among Republicans. I’m afraid for those trans kids that might not be able to access necessary treatment if they win. I’m afraid for the right to gay marriage if they win. We already have an extremely right wing Supreme Court. More Republicans in office means we’ll get more persecution.

I may be an atheist, but I love the positivity of this subreddit and I am in solidarity with you because your fight is my fight too. If we all vote together, we will win.

I just needed to vent because my anxiety is through the roof despite prospects of maintaining many seats. I’ll admit Democrats have plenty of flaws too, but they are truly the only sane ones at the moment. It sucks that it has to be this way, and the GOP has gotten way more extremist than it used to be. I’ll always be a Democrat, but I miss having a Republican party that was a bit more sane and didn’t endanger people like me just for existing.

EDIT: I would just like to say thank you for all the replies. I’m feeling way less alone even if part of me still feels hopeless. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one that feels this way, and I’m loving the solidarity. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to have such a loving community.

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Burn the Patriarchy Women raised to be "good girls", what's your experience being adult?


Hi, witches! I have a question. Many of us were raised as "good girls" - quiet, obedient, good at sharing, bad at protecting our interests.

Did you manage to overcome it? How? What's your advice for someone struggling with it?