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Kindergartner removed from private school because of same-sex parents

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This just happened, I’m flabbergasted.


Just had a Christian ask me “if space is real, why don’t all those asteroids flying around put out the flaming fireballs that you call stars?” I said, “if you throw a pebble into a giant bonfire, will that put out the fire?”

And they said.

They FUCKING said “that’s not the same thing.”

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Baptist pastor neighbor has his kids leave signs on our door


Myself, my husband and our 3 year old live next to a fundie baptist pastor, his wife, and 5 kids. They are all homeschooled and we rarely see them outside.

It should be noted that I have multiple tattoos, and I’m sure they see this as the mark of the beast. I am a tradesperson and college professor.

Recently they’ve been having their kids knock on our door, then tape a note to it and run away.

This has happened about 7 times in 5 months and it’s starting to really piss us off.

The most recent note said “we prayed for you”. Other notes said “you can still be saved!”, “we want to save your souls”, and my favorite, “Christ will save you if you let him”

All of these notes have their church info attached as well. We do have a no soliciting sign but they don’t care. Taped the last note to the sign!

The worst part is he is having his kids do this.

It’s bringing out the worst in me. My first thought was to spam the phone number they provided with porn ads, but that just seems petty and immature.

I want to confront him and let him know my husband went to all boys private catholic school, and I was raised Irish catholic, and now we are both atheists/pastafarian. I don’t want to be rude but these people will not get the hint. What can I do?! Thanks!

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I showed my queer friend a video of her roommates new church denouncing homosexuality & being trans as demonic posession & the pastor found out. (Vent post)


I made a social media post about my annoyance at the Christian nationalist church that’s in my downtown public park every day doing deliverance and baptisms & my friend recognized them as the church her roommate attends. She requested some info from me so I showed her videos of the pastor and his affiliates Quanon posts & videos of them screaming to end abortions, gay marriage, claiming they can raise the dead & cure disease.

The pastor found out & spent 3 days posting vaguely about “Problems who are spreading lies” and then made all their social media private.

If you’re so sure what you believe and tout to your follows why the hell do you need to hide it when you come under the most minute amount of scrutiny?

Only a cult would try & control what their followers would see when faced with challenges to the doctrine. (Milleau Control)

I’m so sick of these people.

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Any one who thinks teaching kids about sex, sexuality and gender makes you a groomer is a goner to me


Kind of just a rant and I guess not strictly related to religion, but I'm not gonna pretend that the vast majority who think teaching sex, sexuality and gender makes you a groomer is not rooted in religion.. I have a few acquaintances whom I see talk about teaching sex, sexuality and gender makes you a groomer. Its funny because most people using the word groomer almost never ever support their claims. I ask them, what exactly do you mean by groomer? The way I understand groomer to mean to make sure the child will have sex with you when they are older.

Nothing but crickets. I used to wonder if I should tolerate these people and hope maybe through our conversation I could understand where they are coming from and maybe help them understand that no, teaching your kid gay people exist for example, doesn't mean your teacher wants to fuck your kid.

But I think these people are so wrapped up in being right and have a lot of deep, deep malicious mentality that I don't think I have the energy. Maybe for the good of the world I should always try, but honestly, I'm not gonna waste my energy on evil.

And this is a long issue for me internally because I wonder what I would do if a close friend or family did that. And the answer is I'd probably cut ties. its a deal breaker for me.

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Pharmacist wins case based on religious belief. Summary in comments.

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Why are so many Christian’s Trump supporters?


Ok,so I grew up raised Christian by father & my divorced Italian Catholic mother who isn’t really what I call a practitioner of the faith. My mother taught me to love everyone as they are. My father did also but under the Christianity rules. Now a man who preached to me my who life about love & live this way is practically worshiping Donald Trump. This goes for just about every Christian I’ve encountered these days. Why do these people follow a man who from what I can see is evil as hell?

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I really liked how Ricky Gervais explained atheism.


If you destroyed every scientific book on the planet, it would all eventually come back. But if you destroyed every Bible, it would never come back.

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My religious grandfather said something that disturbed me.


My grandfather is a Baptist pastor, and has weekly Bible Study meetings on Zoom. Sometimes he invites me, sometimes he doesn't. Today was the day he didn't. I could overhear him from the kitchen where me and my baby sister were, and I evesdropped a little, just curious. He was talking about free will and consequences and all well until he brought up this.

He talked about the Jews and how if they had accepted Jesus as Savior, they would've been the holiest nation in the land (according to a Bible passage, I really don't know). But since they didn't accept Jesus as Savior, they had to reap the consequences in which they had sown, and that was the reason they were suffering in the past and today.

Now he didn't explicitly say it, but I'm almost certain he was talking about the Holocaust. Is he meaning to say that because the Jews didn't accept Jesus as Savior, their punishment was the Holocaust??? I'm so confused. Any thoughts on this would be nice.

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What's happening in America?


We europeans are less religious that years ago, and the trend is that will be less and less.

What's is happening with USA that the religiousity are even more powefull every year? They are lossing rights that should be consolidated decades ago. The religious people and their leaders are more belligerents against atheists.

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Sharia law returns to Afghanistan as Taliban confirms public whippings.



Five people, including two women, have been whipped in Afghanistan in the first confirmed public punishment under Sharia law since the Taliban returned to power last August.

A man and a woman were whipped 39 times in front of dozens of local residents before being sentenced to two and six years in prison respectively on Sunday, Taliban officials in Zabul province confirmed.

According to local media. the couple were living together unmarried and engaging in a sexual relationship, which is classed as illegal adultery under Sharia law, a series of strict Islamic laws based on the Quran.

A second woman who lived in the same building as the couple, was whipped 20 times and also sentenced to six years in prison for allegedly permitting the sexual relationship to occur.

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Opinion | The Supreme Court Wants to End the Separation of Church and State

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/r/all Women, be VERY careful who you talk to: Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops A Teen's DMs So They Could Prosecute Her For Having An Abortion

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Opinion | The Supreme Court Wants to End the Separation of Church and State. (Politico article.)



Many legal scholars in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s radical decision to reverse Roe v. Wade have focused on the dangerous implications of the court’s centuries-old worldview on protections for things such as same-sex marriage and contraception. This concern is real, but there is another issue with equally grave constitutional consequences, one that portends the emergence of a foundational alteration of American government itself.

Considered alongside two First Amendment rulings last term, the Dobbs decision marks a serious step in an emerging legal campaign by religious conservatives on the Supreme Court to undermine the bedrock concept of separation of church and state and to promote Christianity as an intrinsic component of democratic government.

The energy behind this idea was apparent in Justice Samuel Alito’s speech last month for Notre Dame Law School’s Religious Liberty Initiative in Rome. Calling it an “honor” to have penned the 6-3 majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and mocking international leaders for “lambast[ing]” the ruling, Alito spent the bulk of his remarks lamenting “the turn away from religion” in Western society. In his mind, the “significant increase in the percentage of the population that rejects religion” warrants a full-on “fight against secularism” — which Alito likened to staving off totalitarianism itself. Ignoring the vast historical record of human rights abuses in the name of religion (such as the Taliban in Afghanistan and even his own Catholic church’s role in perpetuating slavery in America), Alito identified the communist regimes of China and the Soviet Union as examples of what happens when freedom to worship publicly is curtailed. Protection for private worship, he argued, is not enough. Because “any judge who wants to shrink religious liberty” can just do it by interpreting the law, Alito insisted that there “must be limits” on that power.

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Gods make negative sense logically...


If you were a god, and you wanted people to believe in you and worship you then why don't you show your power? Wouldn't that make the most logical sense if you wanted people to worship you?

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Are people who were raised Jewish but became atheists still considered to be Jewish?


This question is from a disagreement I've had with my mom. She claims that since Judaism is not just a religion, but a culture, you can only leave the religious aspect and will always be considered Jewish. She also stated that there are many people who are both Jewish and atheists. The biggest problem with our disagreement is that neither of us can really prove our side since neither of us are Jewish. So if there's someone reading this that was raised Jewish but became an atheist, I'd really appreciate your opinion on this matter. My thoughts are this. But this is just my opinion, and I'm, here to figure out the answer. Religion likes to disguise itself as culture. The biggest two that I can think of are Islam and Judaism. Judaism is the big one though. If I'm wrong, I'll accept that, but isn't Judaism primarily a religion?

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German bishop, accused of abuse, found to have helped wanted pedophile priests escape to Latin America.



A German prelate who served as bishop in Ecuador is not only accused of having sexually abused minors in several countries. As director of a German aid organization he also helped pedophile priests wanted by authorities escape prosecution, according to an independent investigation published Monday.

The late Bishop Emil Stehle (1926-2017) — known in Latin America as Emilio Lorenzo Stehle — has been accused of sexual abuse in 16 cases, a statement by the German Bishops' Conference said on Aug. 8.

Furthermore, Stehle, the head of Adveniat, the Church in Germany's aid organization for Latin America, was found to have helped priests evade authorities by facilitating their escape to Latin American countries. The investigation found that he also provided the alleged perpetrators with financial support, using money from the German Bishops' Conference.

Also see: Ratline

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Afghan Muslim arrested for Muslim killings

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Why is religion so anti-psychiatry?


I don't get why so many religious people are so anti-medicine when it comes to things like mental disorders. I need my antipsychotics and my SSRIs to function, or my OCD would absolutely destroy my life again. To give you an idea of how severe my OCD was before I got medication, here's this list of things I forced myself to do due to my contamination phobia:

I couldn't even leave my bed because I was convinced everything else around me was contaminated.

I couldn't shower without rubbing my arm, legs, and shoulder blades in soap before I could shower.

I'd brush my teeth up to four or more times in a row to feel clean.

I avoided breathing on objects because I figured my breath was contaminated.

I washed not just my hands until they bled ( and even then I still kept going ) but I also washed my forearms, too. Some of the skin was missing on my arms because of this, and you could see that my amount of washing peeled off my first layer of skin in some areas.

I had to change my clothes everytime I exited a room. This caused me to go through laundry and have to do it every few days. I also had to regularly wash my bedsheets, pillow, and blanket.

I could spend hours in a row obsessively ruminating about how and when to perform an OCD ritual and how I should do it. I would also argue with myself for hours about whether or not an object was contaminated.

I'm so glad I'm okay now because OCD ruined my life for a year straight. If I chose to try to pray away my OCD instead of taking SSRIs, going on antipsychotics, and going to therapy it's safe to say that I would still be at the point I was at not too long ago.

I hear a lot of religious people say that people should focus more on changing behavior rather than going on medication, but some us have mental disorders so unmanageable that even with just therapy we'd still be struggling. Some people need medication to survive, and I wish these kinds of people would realize that.

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Just a nice little religious quiz inspired by Lauren Boebert

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From one of my favourite blogs. Enjoy!

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Chicago Archdiocese To Pay $1.75 Million To Woman Who Says Priest Sexually Abused Her At South Side Catholic School.



A woman who says disgraced priest Robert Boley repeatedly sexually abused her as a child will receive a $1.75 million settlement from the Archdiocese of Chicago and the local Carmelite province, her attorneys announced Friday.

The woman, who was not named, said Boley abused her multiple times in a classroom when she attended St. Cyril Catholic School, 6423 S. Woodlawn Ave., her attorneys said.

Boley, who was assigned to the St. Clara-St. Cyril Parish in Woodlawn from 1987-1989, was the girl’s teacher at the now-defunct school, she said through her attorneys.

The priest kept the girl inside for recess and sexually assaulted her, making her read the Bible during the abuse, the woman said. He also called her a bad child and told her God was angry with her, she said.

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Two Saudi sisters fleeing Saudi Arabia, one atheist one lesbian found dead in Australia


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Let Our Monks Defecate In The Open: Religious Group to Indian MP

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Former members of Christian 'cult' that preys on military begged FBI to investigate for more than 2 years.



Rony Denis is the leader of the House of Prayer Christian Church, a nationwide network of 12 congregations, 11 of which are located near military bases where HOPCC recruited members. Founded in 2003, former members are now accusing HOPCC of being a cult. In June, the FBI raided at least four HOPCC churches in Texas, Georgia and Washington—all near military bases---seizing computers, files and records.

Although Denis forbade HOPCC members to use the Internet, former members now have a massive online site filled with complaints from former members. Some talked to Raw Story.

Former members accuse the church of targeting and defrauding soldiers out of their disability checks and housing allowances via rent-to-own scams with HOPCC-owned homes, pressuring vets to donate paychecks and deplete GI Bill funds by enrolling them in a bogus seminary.

They also claim the church used members’ social security numbers and birthdates to buy property that built itself a real estate empire while ruining their credit.

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My Best Friend Died Two Days Ago, I Prayed To Her Yesterday.


My best friend was born with sickle cell disease, she started having pain as early as 6 months old, she lived for 22 years. I met her in high school, we talked a lot about everything, even religion and God. She was a strong woman, stronger than anyone I ever met. She suffered most of her life, was hospitalized regularly, and she still got to finish high school and most of her degree in Law, only waiting for her professional practice to becoming a lawyer.

We Agree in almost everything, except in religion, she was a devout catholic, and we talked about it somewhat regularly, but she never push her religion to me, she knew my position and just wanted to talk about how I view certain things. I loved our conversations because I felt they were sincere, and we both respected each other, mainly because we loved each other.

There was just one thing that I didn't like about her beliefs, and it was, that in her worst crisis, whenever I was there or when she called me, she would talk about how she didn't want to go to hell, about how she didn't felt she deserved to be in heaven, and it really made me sad, and cry, and angry, how in her worst moments, her own beliefs, terrified her, scared her to no end, and now I remember those words and sometimes I see her and the stereotypical image of hell comes to my mind and it hurts me, to think that someone who suffered all of her life, still suffers after death. And I know it not true... But it's difficult for me not to remember.

I am a medical student and study in the same hospital where was hospitalized, I accompanied her in her last moments and talked to her, I promised to her that she would be okay while she beg not to let her die. I accompanied her body after she died, waiting for her to be prepared by the mortician. I saw her mom at the morgue, and she began to cry and tell me how she considered me her brother, how she always about how I wanted to become a hematoonclogist and treat her, which it is true.

She was buried yesterday, I saw her for the last time, and then we all went home, her parents said that I could go the her house whenever I want, we talk a little bit more and then we all went to our houses. I cried a lot in my house, felt horrible and started going through photos and memories.

I remember her words about hell and God, and so I decided to pray. I prayed to her, not to god precisely. Was more like a talk with a loved one. I just wished her a good rest, now that she is no longer in pain, and hoped to reconnect to her after I died even though I know it won't happen. I asked for her happiness to be eternal, and her rest never ending. I promised on becoming a doctor, and help people like her, and to always carry her with me.

I got up from my knees and went to sleep. It still hurts, but those visions of hell are rapidly disappearing.

Sorry for the long text, and the broken English.