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Charlie was not happy that my boyfriend took our other dog to work with him today. We had a chat about it... he was inconsolable.

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u/Both_Perception3599 14d ago

Sweet vid and all, but you look like your in bed... whys there a stove in your bedroom?


u/thrwitaway420 14d ago

Let her cook


u/HereCome_TheFuzz 14d ago

Look at Mr. Moneybags over here, with a spare room just for his stove...I mean, where else would it go?


u/UYscutipuff_JR 14d ago

Bet he has a fancy “ga-rage” as well rather than a car hole


u/HereCome_TheFuzz 14d ago

I don't know about you, but I ain't got car hole money either. I run my counterfeit jeans ring out of the corner of the room with the bucket, which I call my bathroom.


u/Original_Employee621 14d ago

Fancy pants here has a bucket. All I got is a holed out coconut I wrestled from a homeless guy on 5th.


u/Apprehensive_Ice2101 14d ago

I want that back, by the way.


u/Original_Employee621 14d ago

Hell no, I won it fair and square!


u/Apprehensive_Ice2101 14d ago

I don’t like it, but god damnit I respect it.


u/Original_Employee621 14d ago

Alright, I'll do you a solid. I heard Steve down on 12th has a crusty rag shaped like a bowl, we might be able to hustle it from him if you can find a banana.


u/hadtomakeaprofile 14d ago

Whoah, you guys got cars to park in your car holes?


u/WW2_MAN 14d ago

Alright boys gather round. I shouldn't do this but you guys seem desperate, so I've got a plan. Stick with me and each of us will end up with two bottles of vanilla extract to chug down before we fall asleep tonight! But first I need some rope, a bowling ball, and a pair of goggles. Get that shit and meet me by the creek on 4th Street.


u/GregorSamsaa 13d ago

I thought we all kept it in the restroom next to the toilet like normal people?


u/Slevin-Kelevra_66 14d ago

I thought it was a crt tv and a 1990s Panasonic VHS player and I was about to ask a million questions but somehow a stove in your bedroom makes more sense these days than a tube tv. The future huh.


u/kn1v3s_ 14d ago

dang, at least she has a stove.


u/gofundyourself007 14d ago

This is why we sort by controversial to see the real conversations (besides the one between op and doggo). I assume there are rooms on the other side of those doors so it’s not like this is a studio apt. Maybe that’s the only place they can store it? Still funny/odd though.


u/bag-o-frogs 14d ago

lololol I am being endlessly entertained by everyone's confusion about this. my bf and I are in the midst of building a cottage, the bed is where the kitchen is gonna be because the bedroom's not finished and the oven is not actually plugged in yet because we cant finuh the kitchen until the bedroom is done etc etc


u/gofundyourself007 14d ago

Happy to bring enjoyment and not offense! Congratulations cottages seem like a nice place to live and if it’s near nature I’m sure Charlie will love it too. Hey maybe you can use the stove to heat the room on winter nights lol (assuming you get it hooked up). It’s a bit like a wood stove if necessary


u/rr196 14d ago

Are we not allowed to use our stoves to warm our bedrooms?? I thought this was America.


u/gofundyourself007 14d ago edited 14d ago

Sure that’s why I mentioned it. A lot of people do this already. That said technically they would be using their bed to sleep in a stove warmed kitchen.


u/rr196 13d ago

Sorry I was making a joke that didn’t land. People should not be using a gas stove to stay warm unless they’ve got carbon monoxide detectors.


u/gofundyourself007 13d ago

Ah ok my mistake. That’s a good point and definitely don’t leave them on while you’re sleeping. That said for some people these things are their only source of heating if they don’t also have a space heater


u/IcedHemp77 14d ago

Has no one here ever lived in a studio apartment? Man I got so good at downsizing and organizing lol


u/BathroomParty 14d ago

Growing up in my house, we had a whole separate living room that we only used for, like... Christmas. That was it. It never got used any other time of year. I'm in my 30's and have never (and probably will never lol) owned my own home, and the more I think about it, the more bizarre it seems. Just like a whole room in your house that's dedicated to mostly decorative furniture.


u/Sharpevil 14d ago

I've got what most folks I know would consider a lot of space for a single person, and will probably own a home someday, and that's still baffling to me. I have to constantly stop and remind myself of the mental health benefits of having open space to stop the utilitarian part of my brain from trying to squeeze a use out of every square foot of floorspace. A hallway in my apartment ends in a little nook with just enough space for a shelf and I've ended up turning it into a 3d print farm.


u/clitpuncher69 14d ago

That room in grandma's house where you're only allowed in for christmas or if there's a special event with guests. Apparently it was also for when the vicar came for a chat/tithe


u/IcedHemp77 14d ago

I remember reading once the Kardashians mom bought a house for gift wrapping.


u/Deuce232 14d ago edited 14d ago

and the more I think about it, the more bizarre it seems

So, world war 2 was a weird thing. The US wasn't a major world power before that. The UK had been, for a couple centuries, the world leader.

They sent us all their gold. Like, by ship. All of it. Then we started loaning them money. They had been the world banking superpower and the undisputed world colonial superpower after the collapse of spain in the late seventeenth century.

So the US finished ww2 as the new economic and banking powerhouse after that. This was in addition to our industrial leadership that had ramped up to become dominant over the same period. Then, all the competition were bombed into rubble by each other, rocketing our advantage even further.

This created an unprecedented concentration of wealth that is just now tapering off.

So, uh, enjoy that I guess. We get to be the ones who feel like failures for following one of the most fantastic concentrations of empire the world has seen.


u/GregorSamsaa 13d ago

I lived in a studio apartment during my first couple of years of college but even that one had a separate area for the kitchen. You’d walk in and your kitchen was on the right, then a few more steps forward opened into the living space.

It was all attached but separate if that makes sense


u/IcedHemp77 13d ago

Yes the one I had did have the kitchen separated but when I was looking I saw several that the only separate room was the bathroom. Then there was a strip of linoleum along one side where the “kitchen” area was


u/crypticfreak 14d ago

That sir is the classic TV, Washing Machine, Stove/Microwave combo. It's all the rage.


u/andrwfrmn 14d ago

Was looking for this ☝🏻


u/moderatefairgood 14d ago

There are clearly renovations taking place.


u/Talgrath 14d ago

Pretty sure that's an old TV with a record player on top.


u/amras86 14d ago

Pretty sure it's not.


u/dabigchina 14d ago

This reminds me of my buddy, who bought a "TV" out of the back of a van.

It was an oven door packed in an empty TV box.


u/SolarSquid 14d ago

That's definitely a stove.


u/Fabulous_Pressure_96 14d ago

Rents are high nowadays


u/mtheory007 14d ago

So she can be in the bedroom and the kitchen at the same time?

I'm so very sorry I will leave now.


u/animal_chin9 14d ago

Bruh I thought that was one of those square TVs everyone used to have. Possibly with a VCR on the top!


u/wtdz90 14d ago

Came here to ask the same thing


u/beautybender 14d ago

She likes breakfast in bed.