r/aww 14d ago

Charlie was not happy that my boyfriend took our other dog to work with him today. We had a chat about it... he was inconsolable.

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u/dolphin_shine 14d ago

What kind of dog is he? He looks similar to my dog. Yours looks somewhat fluffier


u/bag-o-frogs 14d ago

border collie mixed with uuh unknown breed(s) most likely :)


u/dolphin_shine 14d ago

Ah mine looks like that! Same exact face really. Even the white chin. Lol. Just only diff is the fluffiness yours has. :) mine is black lab, and I assume husky for the tail? And maybe collie??


u/bag-o-frogs 14d ago

maybe husky!! although him talking this much is super uncommon so we haven't really considered it seriously


u/dolphin_shine 14d ago

Ahh lol yeah mine is DEF a talker