r/aww 14d ago

Charlie was not happy that my boyfriend took our other dog to work with him today. We had a chat about it... he was inconsolable.

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u/bag-o-frogs 14d ago


here's the whole Charlie as more reference for all the comments about his breed!! I love hearing everyone's suggestions! he's medium small, about 40lbs and the fastest frickin dog ever?!?!


u/DarthBallz999 14d ago

Definitely looks like he has Australian shepherd dog in him! Looks very similar to my last family dog who was mostly that breed. And that breed loves talking to you!


u/Which_Translator_548 14d ago

Mine is remarkably similar, came from Haida Gwaii in 2016 and is apparently a border collie mixed with Newfoundlander which I believe is true because not only is she great with kids, a herder on trails and loves water, but she’ll actually dive her head under the water to retrieve things


u/derpy-noscope 14d ago

Oh my, such a photogenic dog, absolutely adorable pupper


u/White_Dynamite 14d ago

Pretty picture! 😍


u/Bluewie 14d ago edited 14d ago

He looks exactly like my dog, a dutch breed named staby houn (friese stabij in dutch). The dark head with the brown eyes, black and white fur. https://imgur.com/a/9b1VRNf


u/TheValorous 14d ago

Cute dog!

Also, have fun with Tears of the Kingdom. Such a fun game.


u/Bluewie 14d ago

Thanks! Yeah I’m loving it, going for a 100% run :)


u/fullkitmancer 14d ago

his face is really similar to. my dog, though I also don't know what my dog is, maybe some black labrador mix.


u/ayytbhsmhfam 13d ago

Charlie has a lot of long-lost brothers and sisters in this thread :)

We think ours is a mix of Markiesje with some other race.



u/bag-o-frogs 12d ago

aww your dog is beautiful!!!! I love seeing everybody's lookalike pups :')


u/grimston 14d ago

Hi there! I was wondering if you know what breed he is?

I have a very similar looking dog that I adopted. He was a street dog so we don't know what breed he is. Never seen a dog that looks so much like mine!

We suspect there's some border collie in there but no idea!

Could you please let me know what you know about your doggy? Would be very much appreciated!!!


u/bag-o-frogs 14d ago

sorry, I don't know much about my boy either! We found him running along a highway and learned he was in need of a new home. we figure border collie too, and maybe golden retriever or lab, or aussie shepherd. but my guess is as good as yours !


u/grimston 14d ago

Ah such a shame! Never seen another dog look so much like mine! Mine also vocalises a lot, very expressive hahaha, guess we may never know!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply


u/BigDiggy 14d ago

Parts of the hair almost look like a toller. r/tollers


u/CrawdadMan 14d ago

Such a nice looking dog! I have a border collie / golden retriever mix, and he looks exactly like this. So sweet, and so smart!


u/oceloteye 14d ago

I would guess a border collie/husky mix given how vocal they are and the "attitude". I imagine they'd be quite the escape artist as well if they really wanted to. One of my husky mixes talks and responds exactly like your dog


u/bag-o-frogs 14d ago

husky is a possibility, but Charlie very rarely talks like this so we never considered it before


u/xsam_nzx 14d ago

/r/greyhounds and /r/longboyes disputes your fastest dog ever claim. He is still the bestest boy though