r/aww 14d ago

Charlie was not happy that my boyfriend took our other dog to work with him today. We had a chat about it... he was inconsolable.

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u/Tidusx145 14d ago

Hi I think your dog and my dog are twins. He's a half golden retriever mix, with great Pyrenee and antellonian shepherd mix for the father

Seriously, I'm adding a photo just so you can see. White fuzz on the nose and everything. Thought he was maybe a litter mate but I don't see those dalmatian paws like my boy got. But talk about a strange video to see first thing in the morning.

Doggy Tax


u/bag-o-frogs 14d ago

oh wow they look so alike!! he does have one white leg with a few dark spots, so they could be very similar breeds!


u/Tidusx145 13d ago

It just blew my mind to see a dog look so close to him. He's been my "what breed is that?!" buddy whenever we go out.

Looks like you got a happy go lucky guy too, they're the best.