r/aww 14d ago

Charlie was not happy that my boyfriend took our other dog to work with him today. We had a chat about it... he was inconsolable.

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u/KookyCrazyCat 14d ago

Did you just try and censor “God”?


u/really_isnt_me 14d ago

As u/TwoFingersWhiskey said: “Some Jewish people do this, to avoid misusing the name or for some, it is forbidden to erase/delete/destroy the word so they simply avoid writing it.”


u/Eecka 14d ago

These sorts of "loopholes" to get around religious rules always intrigue me. I'd imagine the "spirit of the rule" is more important than avoiding breaking it based on some technicality... But I'm not religious so what do I know


u/Snatch_Pastry 14d ago

It seems like the whole point of being Jewish is figuring out how to not actually have to be Jewish while simultaneously not embarrassing your grandmother.