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Charlie was not happy that my boyfriend took our other dog to work with him today. We had a chat about it... he was inconsolable.

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u/MoralRelativity 14d ago


u/LorenzoStomp 14d ago

You can just type r/talkingdogs


u/MoralRelativity 14d ago

Thanks for being helpful. I didn't know if the sub existed until I searched and it was quicker to cut and paste the URL than type /r/talkingdogs


u/Wobbelblob 14d ago

At least on old reddit on PC (maybe it is a feature of RES), if you type a sub like /r/ it will give you a list of possible subs.


u/MoralRelativity 13d ago

Unfortuantely I now prefer the 'new' reddit overall so I don't get that feature.