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Well, that's Saul folks.

It's been quite a ride, what did you think?

S06E13 Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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MOD POST /r/BetterCallSaul Season 6 Survey Results!


Here are the results of the Season 6 Survey and the polls from each Post-Episode Discussion thread.

Compare the results to past season surveys:

How would you rate Season 6? (10,214 responses)

  • The average response was 9.34. (Season 5 was 9.18, Season 4 was 8.7, Season 3 was 8.9)

  • The mode was overwhelmingly 10.

Compare each season (10,214 responses)

  • The results were fairly clear for Season 6 being the favourite, followed by Season 5, Season 4, Season 3, Season 2 and Season 1.
  • Season 3 and 4 were fairly decisive in where they landed, however there was a big chunk of people that thought 3 was better than 4, and the same goes for Seasons 1 and 2.

Which episode was your favourite? (10,214 responses)

Episode Percent of survey respondents who believed was best episode # of votes
Episode 7 - "Plan and Execution" 35.9% 3,665
Episode 13 - "Saul Gone" 21% 2,144
Episode 8 - "Point and Shoot" 14.4% 1,471
Episode 9 - "Fun and Games" 8.2% 838
Episode 12 - "Waterworks" 6.5% 668
Episode 3 - "Rock and Hard Place" 5.7% 579
Episode 10 - "Nippy" 2.7% 280
Episode 11 - "Breaking Bad" 2.5% 253
Episode 4 - "Hit and Run" 0.8% 79
Episode 2 - "Carrot and Stick" 0.7% 71
Episode 1 - "Wine and Roses" 0.7% 71
Episode 6 - "Axe and Grind" 0.6% 58
Episode 5 - "Black and Blue" 0.4% 37

  • Episode 7 - Plan and Execution was the clear favourite with 35.9% of the votes, with Episode 13 - Saul Gone following behind with 21%, and Episode 8 - Point and Shoot with 14.4%
  • 55.1% of all votes went towards 6B
  • Episode 7 - Plan and Execution and Episode 3 - Rock and Hard Place, were the only two episode in 6A to receive higher than 0.8% of the votes *Episode 7 - Plan and Execution makes up 80% of the votes for S6A episodes.
  • This is the first season to have five episodes without even a percent of the votes, with Season 5 having only 3 last year

Which actor had the best performance? (10,214 responses)

Actor (Character) Percent of survey respondents who believed had best performance # of votes
Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy "Saul Goodman/Gene Takovic" McGill) 43.1% 4,398
Rhea Seehorn (Kim Wexler) 37.1% 3,791
Tony Dalton (Lalo Salamanca) 7.5% 770
Michael Mando (Nacho Varga) 6.1% 620
Patrick Fabian (Howard Hamlin) 3.2% 327
Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut) 1.3% 137
Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo 'Gus' Fring) 0.7% 75
Other 0.94% 96

  • The results were fairly overwhelming with Bob Odenkirk having 43.1% of the votes.
  • Bob Odenkirk jumped up 32.1%, from having only 11% of the votes in Season 5
  • This is Bob Odenkirk's second highest season, with the highest being Season 4 with 48% of the votes
  • This is Rhea Seehorn's second highest season, with the highest being Season 5 with 47.3% of the votes
  • Michael McKean still leads the surveys with the most votes with 58% from Season 3.
  • This is Michael Mando's highest season, with Season 3 being the highest at 7.9%
  • Some of the responses given in the Other category were: All of them, tied between Bob and Rhea, Michael McKean and Lyle

Average rating of each episode from each Post-Episode Discussion Thread poll

(click rating to go to the poll results)

Episode Rating # of votes
S06E07 - "Plan and Execution" 9.59 4,204
S06E03 - "Rock and Hard Place" 9.33 2,359
S06E08 - "Point and Shoot" 9.24 5,492
S06E02 - "Carrot and Stick" 9.15 1,482
S06E12 - "Waterworks" 9.12 3,913
S06E13 - "Saul Gone" 8.92 7,804
S06E01 - "Wine and Roses" 8.81 1,996
S06E09 - "Fun and Games" 8.72 4,106
S06E11 - "Breaking Bad" 8.46 3,371
S06E04 - "Hit and Run" 8.18 941
S06E05 - "Black and Blue" 7.57 787
S06E06 - "Axe and Grind" 7.56 979
S06E10 - "Nippy" 7.51 4,594

  • The results closely mimic the "Favourite Episode" survey question with S06E07 - "Plan and Execution" and S06E03 - "Rock and Hard Place" being in the top 3 favourite, however S06E13 - "Saul Gone" was rated as the second highest favourite episode, and is actually the 6th highest rated in the post-episode discussion polls.

  • S06E07 - "Plan and Execution" is the highest rated episode in the post-episode discussion polls, with S03E05 - "Chicanery" following with 9.55 and S05E09 - "Bad Choice Road" following with 9.51

  • S06E10 - "Nippy" is the second lowest rated episode in the post-episode discussion polls with S04E04 - "Talk" being the lowest with 7.41

  • Season 6 has the second highest rated average episode with 8.63, led by Season 5 with 8.82. Season 3 being 8.53 and Season 4 being 8.44.

  • This is the first season to have more than one episode lower than an 8

  • This season has the most episodes rated above a 9 with 5, followed by Season 5 with 3

Keep in mind that each week, the amount of people that voted were changed, so results could be different.

eg. our most popular poll was S06E013 - "Saul Gone" with 7,804 votes, and our least popular poll was S06E05 - "Black and Blue" with 787 votes.

Thank you for all participating in these surveys over the years. I hope you got something interesting from this data.

This will be the last official mod post for awhile. So once again, I thank you all for participating over the years. It really has been a great time.

r/betterCallSaul 19h ago

Howard still trying to convince jimmy to partner up

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r/betterCallSaul 14h ago

Don't you dare, Hector.

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r/betterCallSaul 19h ago

Got a new gym shirt so I never forget who I lift for.

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r/betterCallSaul 1d ago

Saul Gone is one of the best tv episodes in history imo. So perfect. Crazy how the show ended on such a high note.

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r/betterCallSaul 14h ago

I don't get why people were mad with Jimmy not taking the 7 years?


It baffles me that some people are saying that Jimmy deciding to come clean and not take the 7 years in prison ruined his character and the ending. I just don't understand that logic.

Think about it. What would Jimmy have done once the 7 years was up? He has no family, no friends, his reputation is scorched beyond repair and he wouldn't be able to practice law ever again. What quality of life would he have after he was released?

In my opinion, the worst thing Jimmy had ever done was what happened to Howard. When he learned that Kim had given an affidavit to Howard's widow, it caused all those guilty feelings to resurface. Howard Hamlin, a widely respected lawyer at a successful, prestigious law firm that his brother built, was not only dead because of him, but his legacy was shattered due to Jimmy framing him to be a coke addict that took his own life. Not only that, but Howard's body will never be found. Not even Jimmy knows where he's buried. He also destroyed and corrupted Kim. Sure, Kim was flawed to start with, but Jimmy only escalated her transformation into Slippin' Kimmy. This led to people getting hurt and killed. Jimmy helped make Kim who she was.

Jimmy realized that he can't keep lying. Like Chuck says, "Jimmy this is what you do. You hurt people over and over and over." Prison is where he belongs. He spent years scamming, lying and cheating his way through life. It was time for him to stop running. It was time for him to accept what he had done, because even once he's released from prison after 7 years, his life was already over. Had he taken the 7 years, I wouldn't have been surprised if he just committed suicide upon his release.

God damn, it was a perfect ending to his character. It just surprised me how many people thought it was stupid of Jimmy to turn down the 7 years. What are your thoughts?

r/betterCallSaul 12h ago

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul IMDb ratings breakdown

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BCS Cast sing “Something Stupid”

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r/betterCallSaul 13h ago

When a box of tissue triggers fond BCS memories

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r/betterCallSaul 35m ago

just good sport

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r/betterCallSaul 9h ago

"So 100K for a little drive through the desert huh?" Jimmy Bag Man, 3rd better call saul custom funko (now Nacho next)

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r/betterCallSaul 12h ago

Jimmy was the true hero of Point and Shoot.


Jimmy plays a big part in taking down Lalo. if he didn't try to negociate with Lalo to send kim instead of him, gus wouldn't have understand that it was a distraction.

Jimmy's love for kim and his will to protect her saved the day.

r/betterCallSaul 14h ago

Found this in my medical textbook

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r/betterCallSaul 8h ago

Lalo got his revenge


Lalo may have died in 2004 by Gus in the timeline of the Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad universe but he ultimately like Hector got his revenge on Gus. Afterall it was Lalo who had given the bell to Hector and without that, even knowing of the history between Gus and Hector, Walt wouldn't have been able to pull it off with his bomb. Just realizing this as I'm literally finishing off rewatching season 4 of Breaking Bad

Again so many context and call backs from Better Call Saul truly making it a masterpiece.

r/betterCallSaul 5h ago

I recreated the last scene of Breaking Bad in GMOD


Everything in the video is actual gameplay and camera movements were done by hand


r/betterCallSaul 8h ago

Food so good you’ll die (Lalo art by me)

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r/betterCallSaul 5h ago

Why did Kim decide to go after Howard?


I get Jimmy thinks he killed his brother thus he decides to ruin Howard’s life, and they have a history together as well so it’s kind of understandable (from Jimmy’s perspective) after all this shit, but still can’t of a single good reason why Kim went after Howard. Only thing comes to my mind is Howard sayin she can do better than Jimmy, which isn’t even that deep.

r/betterCallSaul 13h ago

New mug currently trying to find second best cup

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r/betterCallSaul 18h ago

the Cinnabon scenes


Am I the only one who would not mind watching hours of Mr Takavic opening the store, working, going home, and repeating day after day without much dialog? Those black & white scenes are so perfect.

r/betterCallSaul 1d ago

I was flipping through the bingo episode and this caught my eye. seems like a good bet for Jimmy's inspiration for the wexler mcgill logo.

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r/betterCallSaul 8h ago

IRL, would it be expected for Jimmy to be gifted a job by Chuck after he passed the bar?


I know legal degrees can't be done through correspondence schools, but for the sake of argument let's say that Jimmy graduated from the most shit-tier law school this side of the Mississippi. Would HHM be expected to hire him as a legacy? What about after getting sandpiper on board?

r/betterCallSaul 12h ago

Was Marco (1X10) supposed to act as a finale to the series in case it got cancelled?


I mean, we know where Saul’s name came from and what Mike’s code is. Also, in the next season he suddenly changes his mind about working at Davis & Main. If anyone could give me any sources I would really appreciate it.

r/betterCallSaul 1h ago

Dagoth McGill’s Chicanery against the false gods of Morrowind

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r/betterCallSaul 22h ago

My first Mike fan art! (Kid named finger)

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Something that’s bugged me about season 6


When does the scene where Kim and Jimmy finalize their divorce take place? This scene threw me off while watching it live for several reasons. Kim looking the exact same seemingly four years after the main BCS storyline, only for her to look much different just over a year and a half later in the Gene storyline is just one thing I didn’t really understand. Another is, why did they wait so long to finalize their divorce? Or did they not? Is that scene only a couple years after the BCS main storyline ends? Emilio is there with Jesse so it stands to reason that that scene takes place before Walt partners with Jesse? I don’t get why they would include this scene AFTER having seen Walt, Jesse, and Sauls encounter in the desert when it takes place before. Am I missing something? Did anyone else get thrown off by this? Season 6 is one of the best seasons of TV I’ve ever seen but this has been irking me for a while now. Any help?

r/betterCallSaul 3h ago

What do you think Jimmy said to Rebecca to convince her to come?


Jimmy said he told Rebecca that he needed her help in defending against Chuck, and that Chuck would need her help afterwards.

What else do you think he said, to convince Rebecca to come? She would have wanted some details.

And what do you think he could have said beforehand, to prevent her from taking Chuck's side at the hearing?

Did he tell her about Chuck's illness, and was that enough for her to to take Jimmy's side?

Wouldn't she have wanted to see it for herself before taking his side?

Also, why wouldn't Chuck talk to her in the next episode, 3x06? If she already then knew about the illness, then there was nothing to hide, right? Was Chuck that ashamed? He didn't act ashamed in court, he basically said "oh, well now it's out there", when he saw Rebecca.