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u/[deleted] Aug 17 '22

This is eerie to me idk


u/TheExaltedNoob Aug 18 '22

If you talk about pushing people to see something meant to evoke emotions when they need to make good, rational decisions... same.


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

And what are these good rational decisions?


u/TheExaltedNoob Aug 18 '22

Ah, i think i went about this wrong, better summary:

Those decisions are theirs to make, what i want does not enter into it. That is because i respect other peoples autonomy, which the people pushing ultrasounds failed to do.


u/Ashrrael Aug 18 '22

A rational decision like using contraceptives instead of using abortion as one?


u/TheExaltedNoob Aug 18 '22

Might be a little late?


u/Ashrrael Aug 18 '22

I mean by that point it is a little late, that thing is big enough to emancipate. But you get my point right?


u/TheExaltedNoob Aug 18 '22

What i am missing is a connection between the reasonable steps to prevent such situations (better education, better availability of contraceptives) and making someone already in this situation suffer.

How "big" this "thing" is, i cannot say. Could be an elephant fetus, could be an example picture, i'm not a doctor.

[Edit] To make this clear: i was taking the narrative of "someone wanting an abortion is made to look at ultrasounds" as believable, since i've heard it before from credible sources. That was my whole point, how late abortions should be ok was not part of it.


u/Karlchene Aug 18 '22

Idk why this man was downvoted, he is speaking the truth.


u/Organic-Leather-3548 Aug 18 '22

Ummm.... why exactly does it evoke emotions?


u/TheExaltedNoob Aug 18 '22

I cannot help you there. As someone not interested in reproducing, it does not do so for me, i have only heard multiple times that it does for others.


u/Dalisca Aug 21 '22

Totally late to the thread, but it definitely evokes my emotions. My son just turned 1 and was very wanted (IVF). I remember seeing him at that stage of development (about 10 weeks) in an ultrasound and being astounded at how much they move around. I was expecting a stagnant little peanut thing but instead he was wiggling, moving his tiny arms around and such, kicking and stretching, not all that different from how a newborn moves and wiggles. Blew my mind, and I already just loved him so much.

Becoming a mother messes with your brain. I look at this pic now and it makes me sad because I have this urge to want to adopt it. I'd never dream of not supporting reproductive rights. Abortion still makes me sad, though.


u/ZeTemplar143 Aug 17 '22

Deletus fetus


u/ChewyNutCluster Aug 17 '22

That's horrible


u/SadBoiCrab Aug 18 '22

I’m all for your body your choice but it’s still a huge decision. This is really fucking dark.


u/five_star_clownbaby Aug 17 '22

I heard places did this as a way to get the mother to reconsider the abortion. I feel this dark joke is a pretty appropriate reaction.


u/Vegimeateater Aug 18 '22

Taking spawn camping to another level


u/TeaTrance Aug 18 '22

"I want an abortion" Them- "are you sure? Here's a picture" "I want two"


u/tpebs23 Aug 18 '22

Festus deletus


u/TAPriceCTR Aug 18 '22

I hear people insist "consent" must be informed, well, then shouldn't consent to fetucide be informed?


u/Coakis Aug 18 '22

Does the raccoon in your attic consent to you evicting him?


u/Hemuli1300 Aug 18 '22

That's an interesting comparison


u/TAPriceCTR Aug 18 '22 edited Aug 19 '22

I seem to recall another group of homosapiens who used to be compared to raccoons. It is Crazy the inhumane acts you can justify after you deny someone's humanity.

Further more, I wasn't speaking of the fetus's consent, I was speaking of the womb bearers informed status. If I hire terminex to come kill a whole family of raccoons in my attic, I call it pesticide, not euphemize it as "eviction". Nor would I object to seeing a picture of them before I sign the papers for the procedure.

And on a third note, I didn't consent to allow the raccoons to get there in the first place.


u/name_first_name_last Aug 17 '22

Sounds like she went to one of those trap clinics. F


u/Coakis Aug 18 '22

Some states impose this shit on abortion providers.


u/69frikandel69 Aug 17 '22

Omfg. Died laughing reading the comments


u/krypxxx Aug 18 '22

found the fetus' account


u/Legitimate-Leader-66 Aug 18 '22

Ahh the new American dream.


u/YOMommazNUTZ Jan 02 '23

That looks a bit too far a long for an abortion. I am always pro-choice but I do think it should be done as early as possible. I also understand that some states make people drag it out as well. Sorry randomly babbling is just kind of a bad habit hope she's doing good though


u/PaladinProton Aug 18 '22

Yikes. Thats Some psychopathic shit.