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u/[deleted] Aug 17 '22

This is eerie to me idk


u/TheExaltedNoob Aug 18 '22

If you talk about pushing people to see something meant to evoke emotions when they need to make good, rational decisions... same.


u/Ashrrael Aug 18 '22

A rational decision like using contraceptives instead of using abortion as one?


u/TheExaltedNoob Aug 18 '22

Might be a little late?


u/Ashrrael Aug 18 '22

I mean by that point it is a little late, that thing is big enough to emancipate. But you get my point right?


u/TheExaltedNoob Aug 18 '22

What i am missing is a connection between the reasonable steps to prevent such situations (better education, better availability of contraceptives) and making someone already in this situation suffer.

How "big" this "thing" is, i cannot say. Could be an elephant fetus, could be an example picture, i'm not a doctor.

[Edit] To make this clear: i was taking the narrative of "someone wanting an abortion is made to look at ultrasounds" as believable, since i've heard it before from credible sources. That was my whole point, how late abortions should be ok was not part of it.