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u/Substantial-Leg-9000 Nov 29 '22

Why are her eye whites so dark?


u/TAPriceCTR Nov 29 '22

Maybe her ancestors were outside of civilization, and deception was essential for them. Human eyes are white to make it easy to see where each other is looking to help us trust each other.

Or is just an extra dark filter.... this is my vote.


u/hungrytiredandbored Nov 29 '22

Found the dark mode user


u/ERB100 Nov 29 '22

Super Smash Bros Melee- "A new challenger approachs music starts playing."


u/altaltaltaltbin Nov 30 '22

Charcoal burns the competition


u/WarnDragon Nov 29 '22

The owner of the Charcoal pass


u/Maleficent_Writer992 Nov 29 '22



u/DepressedNStressed12 Nov 29 '22

I like my woman like i like my smiley potatoes. Crispy and almost charcoal


u/EmpireCityRay Nov 30 '22

Wakanda Forever!!!