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Mod Post Discord Link


Hey Everyone,

I wanted to give you all a fresh link to our Discord server! Discord Server Link

We hope you come join us on Discord!

Stay Cursed,


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Mod Post r/cursedcomments reddit talk - let’s review your favourite cursed comments!


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Mod Post r/cursedcomments is looking for new moderators to join the team. If you want to help keep the comments here cursed, you should apply!


It won't be easy, r/cursedcomments receives a deceptively high amount of traffic for how many members are present, so in turn you will be expected to pull your weight. It's a near-thankless volunteer job, and most people will say things to you in the moderator mail that put the submissions here to shame. If anything though, it makes for a good time-killing hobby.

You must be willing to use Discord to be part of moderator discussions. Prior moderation experience is nice, but not required for this application. We are willing to teach you how to be an effective moderator here regardless of your past moderator history.

Click here to apply.

If you are selected, we'll reach out to you with further instructions.

For those of you who report rule-breaking posts, thank you for helping the team keep things cursed around here.

And as always,

Keep it cursed!

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Mod Post RepostMaster v1.0.3 - the reworking of how we handle reposts here at Cursed Comments.


Hi all,

We're reworking how we handle reposts here at Cursed Comments to reduce the repetition of content you see, and in turn improve the quality of content. There's a few things we need to cover so let's get to it!

The new bot

As of the last few days we have a new repost bot that will help make all of our lives better. It's a community-moderation bot that lets you moderate your own potential repost, and the entire community as well. Potential reposts are normally reported to moderators privately to be reviewed, however from now on if your post gets matched to a previous one, you'll be the one reviewing it, and then everyone who sees your post will be able to verify it.

How does it work?

Short gif showcasing post approval - tl;dr for this section

If your post matches another it will be removed and a comment will be left telling you that you need to read it to approve your post. From there, you'll be shown a table with info and links to all of the posts yours matched to. All you have to do is check the links and see if your post is a repost, then you can approve it by replying with !approve, or ignore it if your submission is a repost.

You might be thinking "hmm, I can just lie and approve whatever I want? Awesome!". No. Every submission approved by a user is automatically reported to our team, and every user who views the thread can see the comment with all of the posts the bot has matched to yours. You will be caught and banned.

How you can help

If you see the bots comment, check the first few in the table. If it was a repost and they lied, you can reply to the bots main comment with !report or report the submission yourself.

How does this benefit you?

  1. A lot of you ask for proof your post was a repost in mod mail, now you can see it.
  2. Reposts are removed before they ever hit public eye 99% of the time leading to far less of them in your home page.
  3. No algorithm is perfect, but now you'll know with more certainty that your submission isn't a repost before it goes live.

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Mod Post Thank you for 2,000,000!


16 minutes ago, at around 7:53 AM UTC, /r/cursedcomments hit a whopping 2,000,000 subscribers! It's been a wild ride; in the last year we've gained 1,200,000 subscribers, been the subject of three PewDiePie videos, and gone from the 300th largest subreddit to the ~150th.

For all of the success we've had as a subreddit, we only have all of you to thank! Thank you all for subscribing to, reading, posting to, and commenting on /r/cursedcomments. Happy 2,000,000!

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Mod Post Pedophiliac content and the sub.


Dear Cursed Members,

I am reaching out to you all today to discuss a serious and rising issue among the community. Our sub has caught the attention of the AEO and we need to change our approach to Cursed Comments as a whole. We simply CAN NOT TOLERATE content involving either the sexualisation of minors or of pedophiliac character. Those jokes do not belong here, and truth is, do not belong anywhere on reddit. They are against the rules and simply cannot be permitted.

From now on, any user seen posting content or comments containing either of the previously mentioned characters will be banned for the duration of a week from the subreddit.

Please note that we are taking this very seriously since we want to continue bringing you Cursed content.

Please let us know how you feel in the comment section.

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Mod Post Interested in being a mod of /r/cursedcomments? Fill out this application and we'll consider you!


r/cursedcomments Jun 20 '19




^The replacement to the Reddit Chat Rooms.


^Posting anything from this album will get you temp banned for 7 days.

WIKI (Coming Soon)

r/cursedcomments Apr 21 '20

Mod Post We are looking for more mods!


Have you ever wanted to be screamed at in modmail that we should let your repost slide? Have you ever woken up one morning to find that you now have a toothbrush mustache and accidentally became Chancellor of Germany? Boy, have I got the job for you!

If you'd like to mod /r/cursedcomments, fill out this form and wait three-to-infinity business days and we'll get back to you if you're accepted.

r/cursedcomments Aug 20 '19 Gold

Mod Post PLEASE READ: Regarding Low-Effort Content


Well, hey there r/cursedcomments community! We on the moderation team thought it was high time to start a little dialogue on what you're doing, what we're doing, and our shared vision for this subreddit.

We've been receiving steady complaints about what I'll call "low-effort content". That is to say comments matter-of-factly making uncreative sexual, disgusting, or otherwise off-colour comments that we have seen a thousand times before in just the last week.

Comments simply stating "I nutted", "sigh...unzips", "not my proudest fap", or otherwise talking about masturbating to something gross are low effort. Comments referencing incest (usually an uncle for whatever reason) without anything else involved are low effort. Comments about how you "can only get so erect" are low effort. Low effort posts are, by virtue of having been said a hundred times, not cursed and will thus be removed in accordance with Rule 8. A good rule of thumb is: if I remove this comment from the image, is it still cursed? No? Not cursed.

As well, our recently introduced Rule 12, which prohibits sexualization of and extreme violence against minors is ignored by a startling number of our subscribers. Please review the sidebar before posting and ensure your post follows all of the rules.

We all want the same thing: for this subreddit to thrive. That requires work on your part as well as ours. Report and downvote content that breaks subreddit rules, or doesn't fit. Make an effort with your posts. Not everything tagged with r/cursedcomments is automatically cursed. Be discerning.

We're thankful to each and every one of you for helping this subreddit grow and succeed. Please help us continue on this trajectory.

And as always, remember:


r/cursedcomments Jul 25 '20

Mod Post 2020 Community Improvement Survey


Hey gang. It's been almost a year since we've run our survey, so now it's time we go again. Since then, we've almost doubled our subscriber count to 2 million, and seen massive growth in our Discord server! Thank you all for participating in our communities, it's a joy to see evolve.

The survey is a little different to last time, we still have a section on the Subreddit and Discord, but we've also included some post examples which you can reflect on, and give us feedback on how we can moderate better. All questions are optional, but we'd be thrilled if you can get most of them done (If you're not in the Discord server, you can skip those two sections). The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete, and the feedback will help us progress our community further

Click here for the survey!

Thank you, keep on being cursed ;)

r/cursedcomments May 29 '19

Mod Post Every image in this album with be removed and the poster will be temp banned due to excessive amounts of reposts.


r/cursedcomments Jun 22 '19 Mod Certified Cursed Certified Cursed Flexin'

Mod Post Hippity hoppity your awards are my property!


We've finally got the Community Awards ready. None of y'all submitted any suggestions, fuck you by the way, so we had to get 'creative' on our own.

What are Community Awards?

Community Awards are unique to each community, and members can give them to each other. Moderators can design and name the Awards however they want.

A portion of Coins from Community Award purchases will be deposited to the community’s Coin balance. Moderators can use Coins from that balance to reward members with Mod Awards. Mod Awards also include Reddit Premium. If you spend your coins on Community Awards instead of traditional awards, we'll be able to gift you guys back. The Coin balance is shown only to moderators in the community’s sidebar.

The options

Currently, you're able to pick from 7 different awards: - Certified Cursed, 300 coins - Dragon, 500 coins - Troll, 800 coins - Doomed, 1.200 coins - Ogre, 1.800 coins - Flexin', 2.500 coins - Trump rich, 5.000 coins. Bonus: Receive a custom user flair.

More awards are on their way! Feedback is welcome. What do you think of these awards? Do you have any suggestions? As always, remember:

Keep it cursed!

r/cursedcomments May 09 '19

Mod Post 300,000 Cursed Members Onboard


To start it all off:

This subreddit never stops to surprise us as mods, watching it hit new milestones here and there.

This community is what we owe it too, this is unreal.

Not long ago, r/cursedcomments reached the incredible milestone of 100k subscribers and this was truly inconceivable. But here we are again, hitting another milestone, thanks to this beautiful community that we, as mods, have been blessed with. I cannot comprehend how incredibly shocking it is that we hit 300,000 subscribers when a month ago we had just broken the 100,000 subscribers milestone. This is astounding, and I am so pleased to watch it all happen under our supervision.

Not only that, but the posts have been getting more community feedback and the CursedRoom has now 4k members. The community has been growing as a whole, and watching it all unfold as we speak is truly mesmerizing!

I wanna thank every single one of you for what we have achieved. I cannot expresses my gratitude to all of you, and I wanna keep watching CursedComments grow to hit new milestones. Let r/cursedcomments be a home to us all, where the content brings happiness and joy to every single one of us.

Now onto different topics:

  • We have reached 200 subscribers on our Instagram page and we wanna thank all of you for the support over there. To those who haven't yet, make sure to head to our instagram account for daily cursed content that will be promoted there. *Little reminder of the account --> https://www.instagram.com/cursed_comments/*
  • We have reached 100 members on our Discord server. There is great fun there and people are sharing cursed content all the time. Make sure to check it out if you feel like too much cursed content is not a threshold that can be hit *Here is the link to the discord --> https://discord.gg/AaUDxTQ*
  • We are also proud to announce that, thanks to help from our new moderator, we have implemented a repost-bot which should lead to a better overall atmosphere of the community. With this implementation, we hope that consulting r/cursedcomments will become more pleasant for us all.

And now great news for the community as a whole!

Mod application is now open!

The applications will take place as a Google Survey which you will need to answer with as much detail as possible. We hope to see outstanding candidates and will reach out to those who we will believe will do a great job at helping this community.

Here is the link --> https://forms.gle/pyRZhPRB9zywYn8T6

We also have 2 new mods onboard!

Please welcome u/OneToughOlive who will be in charge of moderating the Cursed Room and making sure the atmosphere there is pleasant to all. Also give a warm welcome to u/SuitingUncle620 who will be helping the community as a whole. We are delighted to have those two mods onboard, but are looking forward to your applications soon!

Tell us how you feel about this!

Once again, thank you to every single one of your from the bottom of my heart. Watching this community grow is truly incredible and I feel like we achieved something that we can all be proud of.

Make sure to give us feedback either on the community, or provide us with ideas to improve the overall atmosphere. We will do our best to consider them in future updates we bring to the subreddit.

Thank you all for creating what is known as CursedComments,

And as always,

Keep It Cursed

r/cursedcomments Oct 18 '19

Mod Post Community improvement survey!


Hey guys, survey time! A few months ago we successfully ran a survey on our Discord server. Now, it's time to expand that to the sub too. The survey asks questions to better help the subreddit and Discord. We'd love you to participate in this, it'll give us in insightful info that we can use to benefit the community for the better, and hopefully bring along some great changes.

The survey is split into four parts, with 4 - 8 questions in each, all optional. Two parts for Reddit, two parts for Discord.

Click here for the survey!

Thank you for your help!

r/cursedcomments Jun 01 '19 Silver

Mod Post Join the Official Cursed Comments Discord


Click Here to Join the Discord Server

The discord server is a replacement to the Chat rooms

Our Discord has many features that the Cursed Chat Room can't offer, such as:

-Multiple Rooms

-Audio Rooms

-Level and Ranking System

-Roles and Nicknames

-Music Bot

-Virtual Currency (Coming Very Very Very Soon)

-Pokemon Battling and Training

We also have optional (paid) upgrades via Patreon.

Click Here to support us

Here are the ranks:

  • "Cursed Individual" | $0.99
    • "Cursed Individual" Flair for Reddit
    • "Cursed Individual" Role for Discord
  • "Spooktacular Subject" | $1.99
    • "Spooktacular Subject" Flair for Reddit
    • "Spooktacular Subject" Role for Discord
    • Custom Discord Nickname
    • Priority Speech on Discord
  • "King K. Kursed" | $2.99
    • Custom Reddit Flair
    • Custom Discord Role
    • Appear on the r/cursedcomments Side Box
    • Private Discord Chat Room
    • Ability to Check the Discord Audit Log
    • Custom Discord Emoji
    • Priority Speech on Discord

If you don't wan't a flair just don't buy them. We don't plan on expanding this practice beyond this and just so everyone knows, Mod and Admin positions cannot be bought and will never be purchasable.

r/cursedcomments May 13 '19

Mod Post Welcome to three new moderators!


We’re pleased to confirm we have brought on 3 moderators to the r/cursedcomments mod team. Please welcome:



To those who didn’t make it, need not worry. We will consider you for future moderators.

We hope this will bring an improvement to the subreddits content quality. As always, if you have any concerns please feel free to contact us via modmail!

r/cursedcomments May 10 '19

Mod Post There is a new Cursed Robot in town everyone!


Hi all,

Just to keep you updated with everything, we’ve added a bot to the mod team (u/cursedrobot). This bot was made by u/Umbresp, so send your thanks his way.

This bot will give you, the users, a chance to be “moderators” in this community. The way it works is, on every new post the bot will post a stickied comment saying:

“If this is a cursed comment Upvote this comment.

If this is not a cursed comment Downvote this comment.”

If the comment is downvoted, then the mods will be alerted to the post and we will review it. This bot will help us out a lot in terms of moderation etc. It also gives you users a say in what content you like to see on this sub.