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Top Gun: Maverick Returning to Theaters in December 2022; Before Streaming on Paramont+ Dec 22.


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u/macaroni_3000 Nov 29 '22

Damn, they are getting some serious mileage out of this movie.


u/Presidet_Boosh Nov 29 '22

James Cameron approves. And its leaves theaters the day before Avatar 2 releases.


u/Doppelfrio Nov 29 '22

Definitely intentional. I pity anyone who dares compete with that movie opening weekend


u/Hall-Double Nov 30 '22

Avatar needs to exceed 2 billion at the box office .....


u/djh_van Nov 29 '22 edited Nov 29 '22

So apart from saying they're re-releasing it "for a victory lap", the article doesn't really explain the real reason for this.


Who is going to suddenly rush to the cinema to see this film now? If you haven't seen it already, you're not going to suddenly want to see it now. It was in the cinema for several months. It made all the money. It already is a big hit.

I have a feeling that this will not make any significant dent in the overall take of this film. Perhaps they're really doing it out of hubris - e.g., they want to cross a specific financial number -say, $750m domestic, or more likely $1.5bn worldwide. Or to move up 1 place in a specific Top 10 listing. Otherwise, there's really no other reason for this big new rollout.


u/BreezyBill Nov 30 '22

Because literally nothing except Violent Night is coming out this week and next, and theater need content.


u/zero0n3 Nov 29 '22

Um I plan to?

Rather see it big stage with big sound over streaming it for my first watch


u/Responsible-Lunch815 Nov 29 '22

Why? You never really explained the real reason...why you want to know?


u/[deleted] Nov 30 '22

I missed it first time. Like an idiot. Will probably go see it twice on big screen. My son saw it twice and will probably go both times with me.


u/OhioVsEverything Nov 29 '22

From the POV of a studio. They just need to have the will power to keeps stuff off a streaming service as long as they can. If they did that with ALL movies they'd get more people to start going. It would take time. Some will wait it out no matter what. But I really do think they'd come back.


u/Responsible-Lunch815 Nov 29 '22

Pretty sure it's been out of theaters since late August. Hence the re-release.

I would think the studio would want it on their streaming service so they don't have to split with theater owners and it goes straight to their pockets. It seems like it's only the filmmakers who want their theatrical bonuses and theater owners.


u/Cheefnuggs Nov 29 '22

This seems accurate. Large, high-definition, screens are considerably more affordable than they used to be so why wouldn’t people prefer to stay home and watch things there where they have access to things like a pause button if they need to use the restroom or grab a snack. Not to mention the fact that if you’re an avid movie-goer then the TV will eventually pay for itself over time.

I honestly have probably gone to like 5 movies in theaters in the last decade because of this.


u/macaroni_3000 Nov 29 '22

With this particular movie, the sound is worth the price of admission. Unless you have a really incredible $10,000 home theater system or something, you just don't get the same visceral impact at home no matter how nice your TV is.


u/Cheefnuggs Nov 29 '22

You can get the same kind of quality sound with a much more reasonably priced Dolby 7.1 surround system. Those too aren’t all that expensive anymore.

The only difference in the theater’s sound system is they likely had an audio engineer install it to work with the acoustics of the room and it’s much larger and louder.

The studio 7.1 systems where all of this stuff is mixed is much smaller than a theater. The one I learned in was probably like 10x15 feet with an AVID digital surround mixer and protools.


u/mike10dude Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 01 '22

it was still playing in the big theater near me a couple of weeks ago

just looked and its gone now

but the discount theater is playing it