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I don't know about you, but I think I'm gonna stick with Shadow of War

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u/T_BagginsEsq 9d ago

Played the hell out of Shadow of Mordor, but I couldn't get into Shadow of War. I still own it, but I've just never beat it.


u/Duel_Option 8d ago

I never played these games when they came out, my brother was baffled by this and sent me shadow of war because he considered it to be more polished.

Holy hell…it’s a top 10 all time game for me from just a “fun” perspective.

They changed the end game grind and when finally beat it, I started all over again because it was that good.

Highly recommended


u/Earthwick 8d ago

I thought shadow of war was just a better more complete version of shadow of mordor


u/HHcougar 9d ago

Don't. It ends so poorly.

Seriously I've never been so mad at a story before.


u/JSOas 9d ago

Poorly? I don't think so. I really liked it. It made sense.


u/HHcougar 9d ago

I dont think so at all

Celebrimbor goes all crazy and abandons Talion to die. He loses to Sauron and they fuse? So Talion puts on the other ring and... does nothing? You defend your territory for a bit, but nothing changes. Then Talion falls and becomes a Nazgûl. There was no reason for him to just not die. Putting on the ring brought him nothing. You don't fight Sauron or anything. Then the story ends with the ring and frodo.

So from the start of the first game to the end of the second Talion accomplishes literally nothing. His wraith time just causes a war in Mordor and... nothing comes as a result.

I didn't need a grand conclusion, but the end is so bad. I thought the final cutsceme was going to tease a third game where you take on Sauron yourself, maybe you lead the nazgul. Nope, it's over


u/Bouric87 9d ago

That was the whole point of the ending. He knew he was going to turn and could not prevent it but sacrifices everything including the afterlife just to stall Sauron from building up his army. He fights alone by himself in mordor trying to buy time for the outside world to get it together before Saurons army amass and conquer the world.

He single handedly delayed the strength of mordor from amassing for long enough for frodo to get in and destroy the ring. If he hadn't been there interfering the entire time Sauron would have already marched out of mordor and destroyed the world of men before frodo even left the shire.


u/Alternative_Gold_993 8d ago

I think you missed the point of it


u/Tyber-Callahan 8d ago

You're smoking crack bro


u/EnvironmentCalm1 9d ago

Nah it's good. Ties into the story.

You can't always end up being the all winning hero


u/CavemanRiffs66 8d ago

No, I think the ending is really fitting for the main character.


u/KingCarbon1807 9d ago

The game itself had a well done story. The DLC did not. We are all owed an apology for the dlc


u/sumquy 9d ago

not even mass effect?


u/HHcougar 9d ago

Never played it, but I'm aware at the negative reaction.

Shadow of War just invalidates the entire premise of the two games. Just a "yeah, none of this mattered"


u/Ramental 9d ago

Wasn't it obvious from the start? The alternative would be to rewrite the history and invalidate LOTR instead. Ambitious goal, but too risky and ungrateful.


u/grodr2001 8d ago

I think the ending is fine, even a bit heartfelt considering the tragedy of the main character's fate, it's just the when the game launched the structure to get to that ending was god awful


u/dub-fresh 9d ago

Don't. There's an epic grind at the end made to make you buy loot.


u/Bouric87 9d ago

They did change it to be significantly less grindy than at release. I just YouTubed the ending the first go around but went through it the second time.... it was maybe 2 hours.


u/signingtube 9d ago

As well, they removed the store in which you buy loot


u/Mediamuerte 8d ago

Was that from the change of policy regarding loot crates?


u/Alternative_Gold_993 8d ago

You mean the store that isn't there, anymore????


u/farilladupree 9d ago

Man, screw WB for creating one of the most unique and replay-able enemy systems and then doing pretty much nothing with it besides these two games. I get that it’s copyrighted, but the Nemesis system or something akin to it would be dope in so many other games.


u/TheAlestormGuy 8d ago

The new Wonder Woman game is apparently going to use it


u/Red0Raiden 9d ago

Idk about u guys, but i really enjoyed this game, as an assassins creed fan, this was a blast


u/Faddy0wl 9d ago

Nemesis mode is a whole other beast.

Game goes from average difficult.

To FUCKING difficult 😂


u/Palmergiana 9d ago

Your biggest nemesis is always someone that completely counters your play style. I refuse to change my style so I will struggle against Grok the Chad for the remainder of my days


u/Duel_Option 8d ago

Some asshole goblin archer I didn’t take out in the mid game got lucky and killed me and was promoted.

So I made it my goal to end him last, kept taking out all his underlings and fucking with him, but he got called randomly to some side mission I was on and I got overwhelmed.

By the end game he had every damn immunity except the flies and I never really used those before, so had to wait for the right time to scar him and get him one on one.

But then there was another captain that had a beast, which enraged him, so he killed me AGAIN.

When I finally took his neck off I cracked a beer, he was at the minimal a worthy opponent.


u/Palmergiana 8d ago

Amazing. It really creates a personal narrative and fuels hatred towards these orcs. It's always a fucking archer. They get a lucky shot from so far away and then boom! You're fighting them for the next 5 hours


u/Duel_Option 8d ago

It really was personal for me at a few different points, I had cruised through the game for the most part.

When it came time for the end game the difficulty amped up and I struggled with run and gun, had to adjust my play style to fit the moment and that’s when I realized the brilliance.

The entire game was a big training mission to teach you to use everything to your advantage at a split second notice.

I took a lot of time to watch patterns and pick off the body guards, adjusted my skills and went out of my way for very specific weapons.

This is one game where I didn’t stop because I was bored, anytime I picked up the controller it was going to be fun from start to finish.

Extremely rare experience for me as a gamer.


u/Victor_Wembanyama1 8d ago

Id say im a decent gamer but hell if that system didnt fuck my shit up lol.

I hope we get more of this thing


u/Mediamuerte 8d ago

I saw a post on reddit that the nemesis system is patented which sucks ass if it's preventing other games from making similar enemy mechanics


u/Faddy0wl 8d ago

Yeah, worst part about that (maybe not literally) was that originally it was gonna be for a Batman game, they couldn't make it work properly, so they went.

Just make it Lord of the rings and do it with orcs.

Then they patented it.

Then they never used it again 😐


u/Mr_GP87 8d ago

Heard a rumour they're using it for an upcoming wonder woman game (not sure how that will work).


u/Faddy0wl 8d ago

Aw.... this for a 40K game, or literally just keep using it for LoTR games....

I mean, aw because I don't really care about DC. High fantasy and space fantasy is my jam.

Plus, like you said.... how the hell that gonna work?

Seriously asking, is there anyone who knows wonder woman well enough to answer some questions on that?


1: are there any clone type enemies, could work easily enough with that. Plus, I'm fine with it being a simple concept, as long as the interactions are good.

2: as far as interesting enough Wonder Woman specific large enemies go, what has she got available there? I know giants are a thing for her right? Most Athenian type fantasy is on the table for this yeah?

I'll add more questions if I think of them. But, these two are kinda big ones.

Without an easy enough base (like the orcs. Very simple to make a blank slate and add flavour) the game won't work the same with the nemesis system.

And if there's not enough variance in larger troops, the whole thing will feel bland. The huge monsters and different sized creatures fill the visual landscape and add to intimidation factor. Both are a need for a game with the nemesis system.


u/Bouric87 9d ago

The double counter where celebrimbor ghosts out of you to parry an attack while you are already parrying an attack is still one of the coolest actions in any fighting game imo.


u/disguyman 9d ago

Just bought the game on sale on steam. I get to follow gollum around 10/10


u/jskylok 9d ago

You can’t even play as Gollum in that one though


u/Still-Pattern-6384 9d ago

You can't even play as Gollum in Gollum


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u/Strangieu 9d ago

Wish it was fkn crashing less.

Yeah I'm one of those, that are extremely unlucky with this damn game. I've read dozens if not tens of dozens of topics, threads, tried dozens of fixes.

Nothing. Nothing. It'd crash literally like clockwork, from 5 minutes in, to an hour i think i had fun the most. Max settings, lowest settings, file editing, windowed, Fullscreen, borderless, custom settings, patches, dubious downloads, fucking NOTHING helped.

Seemed fun from the let's plays tho.


u/Mr_Cresswell 9d ago

Holy fuck!! I thought that it was just my computer that was bricked and SoW was the only game that was demanding enough to cause my computer to crash. It took me literally 10 attempts to try and do the second to last quest in the Galadriel quest line. Ive valudated the steam files, settings don't matter, not sure what else to try. What's annoying is it only started to happen about 10 hours into a completions run.


u/godlessvvormm 8d ago

lol this is such reddit-guy karma farming. “i know the new thing is bad. does anybody else remember this old thing that was good?”


u/CreatingAcc4ThisSh-- 8d ago

Controversial but, SoM was better


u/Prolapse4Jesus 9d ago

Cool story bro.


u/vynusmagnus 9d ago

I could never get into it. I wanted to like it, but it was like a worse version of assassins creed with lotr pasted on top.


u/Alternative_Gold_993 8d ago

If that's all you saw it as, then you were playing it wrong.


u/Johan_Hegg82 8d ago

I'll stick with Mordor, thanks. Better combat with less over the top super powers. I want to be a Ranger not a Power Ranger.


u/AlphariusUltra 8d ago

Fighting Wizard Lucifer by being semi-possessed by Ghost Elf Hitler to mindcontrol Ork armies was amazing. The real Shadow of War truly was the Uruk friends we made along the way.


u/Transcendingfrog2 9d ago

I thought the game was alright, I would love a game in this style with characters from the first 3 films.


u/McSchlub 8d ago

But Shadow of War is so bad?

Tried to give it a second chance about a year ago. Horrible. Mordor was ok.

The only good LoTR in a long long time is Lord of the Rings Online, if you're into the world/lore.


u/iCyanVortex PC 8d ago

This game was a 10/10 for me. Fighting armies and invading castles is something I haven't seen in many other games


u/Nasssi 9d ago

I have 2.7 hours in this game, played in 2019.


u/Tentacle_poxsicle 9d ago

It's boring but torturing the Orcs is legit 10/10. One Orc was a coward who saw me and said "I was ordered to kill you, now that I saw you I'm just gonna tell him I did" and he ran off .

My other favorite orc was a bard who sang with a guitar while chasing me and then used said guitar to bash peoples brains in.

You can also torture orcs, one time there was an orc named "human Slayer "and I shamed him so much. He went insane and then I recruited him and had him kill his blood brother. Which drove him deranged and he killed every orc screaming like a madman


u/BackPains84 9d ago

Terrible sequel. Overblown and repetitive.


u/Mister_E69 9d ago

Okay, but is it worse than Gollum?


u/Alternative_Gold_993 8d ago

It's objectively better, wtf are you on?


u/BackPains84 8d ago

what are you on? reviews for the first are much better. from critics and gamers.

On meta critic the user score for Shadow of Mordor is 8.0, and Shadow of War got 4.5. I'm not delusional.


u/Alternative_Gold_993 8d ago

Game critics lol


u/BackPains84 8d ago

I mentioned the user score smart ass. First one is considered much better no need to act like a butt hurt fan boy.


u/angmaranduin 9d ago

It’s good. Super satisfying when you smash an orc’s skull in with that spectral hammer thing. Not sure if there’s a game where the combat feels as good as this.


u/Meeqs 9d ago

Man those games are such good fun.

I’ll be forever salty the dumb ass business bros who don’t understand game Dev copy wrote the nemesis system


u/5dollernote 9d ago

I'm still yet to play this. A mate got it for me and the other in the series for Christmas. It looks like fun.


u/HungryNoodle 8d ago

Talion is hands down my favorite Lotr character. I wish he was canon.


u/Thorerthedwarf 8d ago

You mean, you don't want to play as Gollum? Devs should of asked this question before releasing that steaming pile of shit


u/Wanderer_3773 8d ago

I feel like a lot of people got caught up in the loot box thing and didn't give this game a real chance. I do wish that the dlc tribes had been handled a little bit better but overall it is still one of my favorite games.


u/Wanderer_3773 8d ago

They weren't even loot boxes they were those spoils of war chests or the ones where you could spend in game currency to guy orcs. People thought it was unbalanced and worried it would impact the multi-player, which quite frankly was a ridiculous idea.


u/Sakirth 8d ago

I kind of wish we could gey a third 'shadow of' game. I'm ready for a new one.


u/OddWillingness6271 8d ago

Great game. To bad the loot box intentional grind brought it down a few points. Excellent for some occasional orc slaughtering.


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u/OddWillingness6271 7d ago

They are the war chests you get for orcs and weapons. Had a whole online ecosystem for it. They removed the option to purchase them later. You can only get them by grinding now.


u/Philepay 7d ago

One of my all time favorite games, wish they continued with the LOTR style with the nemesis system instead of changing over to wonder woman.


u/Bob_Juan_Santos Android 6d ago

was anything preventing you from sticking to it?