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Lionsgate Confirms AAA John Wick Video Game In Development


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u/wtfburritoo 9d ago

Not holding my breath on that one.


u/The_Kurrgan_Shuffle 8d ago

Toss Max Payne 3 and one of the newer Hitman games in a blender and it could work

But until a developer is announced, I don't really care one way or the other


u/LibertaliaInTheNorth 8d ago

And cqc combos like from the Arkham games, minus the grappling hook and gliding mechanics


u/The_Kurrgan_Shuffle 8d ago

Oh yes, great idea.


u/DanteIshimura 8d ago

It's actually a really good idea. How to keep the gunplay fast and frantic mixed with melee combat. A style that can make even beginner gamers feel awesome, but can be hard to master for best outcomes. Everyone wins.

Though I don't know the relationship between the movie studios who make John Wick and Warner Bros games who could sell them the engine which could potentially save a lot of work.


u/Draconuuse1 8d ago

Maybe closer to Sifu?


u/pizzabyAlfredo 8d ago

All it needs is really good counters that you can upgrade along the way until you are a gun fu master.


u/Meeqs 9d ago

I am curious how it turns out. What makes John Wick an exceptional movie franchise doesn’t really translate into what makes great games. There is definitely potential there to be great but there is also a lot of potential to be aggressively average which is my fear


u/TheMackD504 8d ago

Don’t see it going any worse than Gollium


u/Meeqs 8d ago

High bar Lmfao


u/Peace_Hopeful 8d ago

Synthetik would be a great base imo


u/Nrksbullet 9d ago

There's a VR game called Pistol Whip that I always felt was a great John Wick game.


u/SeeJayThinks 9d ago

That is a proper RPG Game.

Role Playing Gun Game.

I can see JW type game going down that Hellsinger / Doom style gaming, keeping the pace with some level of realism, but I fear it'll go down the quick time button timed mashing game.


u/grodr2001 9d ago

My favorite song is the one in the cyberpunk campaign where your gun has no ammo so you have to do the entire song with nothing but the pistol whip and it absolutely murders your arms, especially if you actually try to punch at a rhythm


u/mexicoko 9d ago

Remember to purchase the pre-order as soon as its made available. /s


u/ArchetypeAxis 9d ago

Yep. Get the Wick edition to for $100 to make sure you can access the later DLC and maybe a dog skin.


u/Intelligent-Gift-493 9d ago

Don't be so dramatic. There'll be a car skin too!


u/WhatHappened90289 8d ago

Or for a mere $25 extra upgrade to the ‘Excommunicado’ Edition


u/Previous-Skirt-7557 9d ago

Given the latest run of AAA games can we just get an AA game instead?


u/Arya_the_Gamer 8d ago

There are a lot of AA games but people act like it does not have anything creative or inventive instead of being a clone or having "identity crisis". So nobody mentions them.

One thing that is a problem is that most of them feel overpriced like AAA games standards. It's best to keep an eye on them and buy it at a discount.

Here are some recommendations:

Necrommunda Hired Gun

Elex 2

Valkyria Chronicles

Tales of Arise

Scarlet Nexus

Code Vein


u/NeitherAlexNorAlice 9d ago

There's already a great John Wick game. It's called Sifu. They even have the club from John Wick 1 as a playable stage.


u/Neatnifty 8d ago

So Max Payne?


u/zdubs 9d ago

A battle royal like 1v99 where a random player at the start of the match gets to be John. Wick will be op compared to being one of the 99. Could be classes to choose on the baddie side like sniper, ninja, hitman, etc. Coordinate with your team to take out John wick. Bonus drops to whoever gets the kill. On the John wick side you choose your weapons and power ups before picking your entry point on the map. Can you take out all 99 and avenge your dog? Then hit the griddy for daisy with the new dance pack dlc


u/ParadigmEternal 9d ago

Prepare to be DISAPPOINTED.


u/ididntgotoharvard 9d ago

Unless sloclap is making it, I’m not excited.


u/PsyFi_ZA PC 8d ago

Oh no...


u/Curious-Apartment-16 8d ago

I generally don't like video games from movies. I remember thinking the Mad Max game back in 2015 was going to be really bad, but it turned out to be a pretty good game. Maybe this one will surprise me also?


u/MikeOxmoll_ 8d ago

The AAA curse. RIP JW game.


u/OddWillingness6271 8d ago

Splinter cell???


u/AyoubDBZ 9d ago

We already have Splinter Cell


u/justxkyle PC 9d ago

...have you seen any of the John Wick movies?


u/Bobonenazeze 9d ago

Id love to know how your idiot brain tried to connect these two.


u/masterskink 9d ago

Yeah. I was thinking max payne


u/Bobonenazeze 9d ago

Enter the Matrix but I see your point


u/M0U53YBE94 PlayStation 9d ago

Splinter cell is stealth. Have you seen Mr. Wick?


u/Hard2DaC0re 9d ago

Nah, you didn't just compare Baba Yaga to that dollar store mercenary.


u/martusfine 9d ago

Sam Fisher is Dollar Store? 🤣 The comparison is weird, but Sam is aces.


u/Hard2DaC0re 9d ago

lmao, okay sorry, that was a bit too much


u/xarw3n 9d ago

Tell them we already have hotline miami


u/NGEFan 9d ago

Wake the fuck up John Wick


u/kornx 8d ago

The only game in which you'll kill less people than in the movie


u/rapoeta 8d ago

First person shooter ARPG, with live microservices. Another one under the sun...


u/keving691 8d ago

A mix of Sifu and Max Payne would be amazing


u/ss33094 8d ago

This is also what I was thinking. Despite JW using guns primarily, it absolutely shouldn't be a third person shooter in the traditional sense. It should be something more in line with Sifu or a spectacle fighter, but with some TPS gameplay sprinkled on top. Everyone in here is cynical af about it but I've always thought JW would make a great game if done right


u/zoma2 8d ago

I hope this game will be good, John Wick is perfect for video game adaptation. It would be great to have an action game with lots of interraction with the environement, with mutiples takedowns and fluid gun play.

But I think they will have a fifficult time to do a better game than Max Payne who is the "john wick" of video games


u/kaloii 8d ago

AAA game? Id rather have just it in some B-tier, $30-40 indie studio level, at least if it stinks it makes sense why.


u/Havi_jarnsida 8d ago



u/Sinaloa187 6d ago

AAA is thrown around way too loosely these days