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Discussion Totally agree with this take. đź‘€

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Discussion Joe Staten says that he would love to do something like Halo 3: ODST again

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Discussion Whenever it comes time that Chief needs to be replaced, I really think there is no better option then Jerome and Isabel.

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Discussion The steam reviews have tanked

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Discussion Playing Halo for the first time :), is there anything I should know?

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Discussion 343 doesn't even know what halo is


"The core of halo is competitive " Wrong the core of halo is a social part game first and always has been !!!!!!!!! No wonder the game is in shambles when you don't even know what halo is !!!

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Discussion Am I the only one slow on the uptake that the Warthog is so called because it has 'tusks'?

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Discussion The simplicity of the H3 armor is why it's my favourite aesthetic

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Discussion I'm still not over the fact that 343i introduced such a fantastic antagonist into the series, an antagonist that has so much lore surrounding him, they even wrote a trilogy of books about him... Only to dispose of him in some poorly written comic book that most people didn't even read

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Discussion Ok, 343, how long is Co-op getting delayed for?


Let's just rip the bandaid off already, good lord. I dunno which of you managers at 343 think we aren't hip to the fact that we know there's delays, botched execution, missing features, or intentionally predatory design to announce every time they've said absolutely nothing during the leadup to a proposed launch or upcoming info session, but we know and can tell because you'll also crow proudly any time you can pull literally anything off, be it yet another feature the game should have launched with or that you successfully cut somebody else the check for some Halo-themed merch, and you haven't been shouting about how great co-op is or advertising it as we lead up to it's proposed launch date.

So c'mon. Please. Any time now. Tell us how much longer we're gonna have to wait and tell us which features are getting dropped so we can lower our expectations already.

Edit: It's also worth mentioning, for those of you coming in from the front page who haven't played in a while, that Halo Infinite in 2022 is, almost identically, the same game they released in 2021. There's been very little in the way of content updates. Forge isn't here yet, co-op was supposed to be here by the end of the month (which is, y'know, tomorrow) with near radio silence on the topic, they've barely added any playlists, there haven't been any new weapons, and they've added two maps over the course of the almost-year it's been since release and the state of online play is abysmal. Desync happens in offline LAN matches during tournament play. And of course, they've gone out of their way to communicate sporadically and, at times, entirely unfaithfully.

There have been christ knows how many skins we can purchase, though. They've been more than happy to communicate about those, even if 343 time-gates them to take advantage of the FOMO they promised us they wouldn't be utilizing.

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Discussion Roadmap update tomorrow. Looks like a delay is inbound.

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Discussion I feel like we need to boycott Halo Infinite.


With the most recent news, it’s pretty obvious the vast majority of people are upset, disappointed, and pissed off. This game had so much potential but because of shit management at 343i, we got a (barely) half finished game, cancelled split screen, a delay of season 3, and more.

We all HAVE to stop playing this game. I haven’t touched it in a while but everyone needs to stop giving it attention. That’s the only way for Microsoft to realize how big of an issue 343i is in its current state. And for the love of god, don’t buy any of their cosmetics. They don’t deserve your money (excluding the devs, I know they did the best they could with what they were given).

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Discussion I paid $20 bucks for wisteria... feels bad man.

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Discussion Threw together a quick comparison to show to scale that we are dealing with.

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Discussion Give me your honest opinion of Halo: Combat Evolved, disregarding the fact that it was the game to kick off the franchise.

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Discussion I'm officially defeated by 343 and the couch co-op being dropped.


I had the pleasure of playing through Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, ODST and Reach with my 14 year old son, we had an absolute blast and I got to re-experience Halo with him, and it was fantastic.

We even did so on the Halo Xbox Series X, and while we didn't go through Halo 5 as, well, we never got around to digging out the old XB1 and we were honestly unsure if it would work etc etc, we have been patiently waiting for Infinite's Co-Op to drop.

Now? Now I'm just crushed, despite the whole "All future Halo games will have co-op" I'm sitting here dead in the water, while I did play through Halo 5 in Single player (My wife and I played through the whole set of Halo in Co-Op and we both lamented the lack of it in Halo 5) I cannot fathom that I've been just knifed in the back again...

Yes, they owe us nothing, but for god sake.... this is just rotten.

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Discussion Why Halo Infinite fails to live up to its promise of being legacy-minded


Text wall incoming, TL;DR below.

In the lead up to Halo Infinite 343 was conductor of a hype train which assured fans an experience embodying the spirit of the original trilogy. A game whose open world would elicit the same awe inspiring forlorn wonder of Halo CE. While the gameplay loop is incredibly satisfying and Halo has its signature look back, lets examine why core features have failed to live up to this vision:

Campaign - Ambitious but often boring. Unprecedented lifeless and barren open world which meagerly rewards your time investment and exploration. Without grapple hook it would be a chore to navigate. Clunky compromise between linear/non-linear approach which lacks vision and continuity unlike ODST. Copious forgettable boss fights which have never been Halo’s strong suit and continue to lack diversity with mechanics relying heavily on the premise of bullet sponges with larger health bars and overpowered insta-kill moves. General lack of set pieces and fun vehicle segments. Zero biome diversity. Cancelled splitscreen. Network coop failing to ship with campaign’s release. Inability to load marines in multiple vehicles for coop. T-Rating

Story - You have 12 new voice messages from Asthmatic Monke. Almost utterly absent UNSC. Major story beats being told through audio logs rather than incorporated into the game. Heavy dependence on telling rather than showing. Lack of impactful moments as so much happens off screen or is portrayed through holograms. Noir-influenced “picking up the pieces left behind” of a story that’s already happened, but not allowing us to play through those moments like Halo 3: ODST. Constant use of holograms in cutscenes dampens dramatic effect of major plot points. Heavy use of one-shot cinematography. 4th new enemy faction introduced for this saga, and if the endless aren’t precursor its yet another that will fail to capture the horror of the flood. Admittedly they’ve struck a chord with Chief’s/The Weapon’s characterization

Multiplayer - Prioritizes competitive rather than fun first. Free to play. Micro transaction riddled. Outlines rather than RVB. No map voting or veto system. No irreverent party modes at launch. A progression system completely tethered to challenges that dictate the way you play. No match performance based XP. Nonexistent career ranks. Missing medals. No assassinations. Lack of debris and interact-able objects strewn around maps largely due to quick despawns. Extraordinarily stringent implementation of SBMM across all modes (yes Trueskill 2 has been used in the past but it’s been tweaked to fit 343’s matchmaking philosophy). Social matches affecting ranked. No 1-50 ranks. Power weapon timers. Randomized asymmetrical weapon racks/vehicle drops. Random ordnance drops. No playable elites. Lack of friendly fire. General inability to take breaks from constant sweat fest. Unnecessary AI chatter. No Steitzer in BTB at launch

Weapons Sandbox - Smart scope (ADS) on automatic weapons with no ability to “descope”. Powerful AR in a series that has always been precision weapon dominant (Magnum, BR, DMR). Weapon balancing based on effective range. Spread and bloom, even for precision weapons like the Sniper. No sniper ricochet. Extremely lean and hyper sanitized sandbox that feels dull, especially disappointing after 5. No faster melee swings for sword/gravity hammer. Power weapons generally having reduced power (smaller AOE, less ammo). Very few legacy weapons. Lack of neutral equipment. Vehicles take too little small arms fire and too many explosives to destroy, inverse approach to traditional balancing. No EMP for plasma pistol. Grenade planting not automatically destroying vehicles. Shock weapons and equipment provide too many vehicles counters

Controls - On default setting this game feels like a different FPS game entirely on controller. By far the worst its ever felt. Aim does not scale with zoom. Fundamental issues with deadzones and acceleration curves. Aiming no longer consistent with other Halos

Physics - Grenade jumping removed in favor of being “thrown around” less. Teammate player collision turned off ruining immersion and allowing for frustrating self destructions because of phase through. Ground vehicles feel too floaty, don’t react enough to explosions, and accelerate far too quickly

Maps - Generic three lane maps dominate the design philosophy. Surplus of recurring human/UNSC facility environments and forerunner forests. No teleporters. Lack of true neutral power positions, more emphasis on run and gun. Cramped competitive environments giving precedent to quantity of engagements over quality. Zero remakes.

Modes - At launch no snipers, doubles, SWAT, or KOTH. Still lacking team action sack, multi team, VIP, infection, grifball, assault, and race. No legacy settings playlist (sprint, slide, clamber off). No PVE modes. Firefight in any form AWOL

Customization - Restrictive and mostly locked behind a paywall. A core system explicitly designed to limit player expression. Inability to customize emblems. Inability to choose colors

Social features - Non-existent. No pre or post game lobbies. No partying up. No file share. No proximity chat. Mics off by default

Customs - Generally broken. Dearth of custom game options. Especially stale w/o forge

Theatre - Broken. Only useful demonstrating desync

UI/UX - Incredibly clunky and lacking cohesion. Absurd load times.

Forge - Will release in Beta. High hopes based on leaks.

I’m not saying all of these changes are inherently negative especially given the subjective nature of myriad facets of game design. I personally was excited to have a powerful automatic weapon in the sandbox. The crux of this post is pointing out the hypocrisy of claiming this game is legacy minded when so few components aside from the visual language are. At launch, I was elated to find how much progress 343 had made in terms of the grounded nostalgic approach to gameplay. 10 months in its felt like a bait and switch tactic. They had a worthy successor on their hands, but it may well go unattended only to end up like the Lindbergh Baby.

I don’t want to claim outright mendacity from the studio, the last thing we need is more sword rattling. I simply wanted to explicate thoroughly my disappointment in a platform whose foundation is rife with potential but fails to evoke the vast majority of affinity I felt for the originals. This post has been brewing for months and its cathartic to vent. 343 had the opportunity to cherry pick the best features and content from two decades of the franchise, and instead they’ve decided to cement their legacy of change for the sake of change with a content deficient game which superficially harkens back to the Bungie era but is nearly devoid of its spirit.

TL;DR: Halo Infinite is to the classic games what a kit car is to a classic car: a superficial lookalike that is most likely a shoddy work of hobby engineering underneath. An aesthetically replicated homage that lacks the soul of the original. I do hope the two at least have passion as a commonality.

Edit: The AR being overpowered seemed to be a sticking point for many, so I altered the wording

Edit 2: I’ve received multiple Reddit Helpline messages lmao

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Discussion is this a troll after all the recent speculation about the new IP that was pulled "The Endless"??

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Discussion Woke up and saw #fire343 is trending


Now that my extreme frustration is over I thought I would also say some words. As this roadmap could be the final nail in the coffin for a lot of people. Today #Fire343 was treading. Now I don't want, and I think many don't want the developers to become jobless. While we don't know the full story I'm sure its not their fault. As looking at the industry many developers are overworked and underpaid. This situation falls on upper management, and It is fair to say there needs to be major shake ups. I'm sure they're many great people, however its not working. It hasn't been working for over 10 years. I think it is a fair question to ask can 343i handle the halo franchise anymore. interesting questions I know and wishful thinking. Xbox made 343i to specifically make halo content after Bungie's departure. However, 343i has shown over the last 10 years they are struggling to make any content for us. Many broken promises and so on. This is an entertainment product after all. I think we should take a look back and think about this possible future.

Halo 4, being one of the most divisive games the community due to its multiplayer. Halo 4 took heavy inspiration form call of duty. That is where the multiplayer issues come into play introducing kill streaks, perks, customizable load outs, specializations. While all those are indeed interesting, not halo. To halo 4s credit it did a lot of stuff and they tried to make it work but it stumbled. Spartan ops very creative, forge at the time being one of the best. As well as great customization and graphics. However a very divisive art direction. Over all 4 was not great but it was not the worst.

Halo MCC, extremely ambitious not only would we get at the time halo 1-4 on Xbox one but also halo 2 anniversary. When it launched the game was plagued with crashes and bugs. Not only would certain halo games refuse to launch, but the multiplayer was completely broken as well. Extremely long que times random disconnects, horrible server latency. all this while the main team at 343 was working on halo 5. We kept getting a promise that they would fix it. However there was just dust and echos. It would take over 6 years later for the mcc to get into a stable condition. That was in thanks to many other studios work. with some 343 devs.

Halo 5, very questionable marketing to the point of misleading. We were told and marketed as this is a great hunt on our boy. Master chief seemingly going rouge. hunt the truth marketing with Benjamin Giraud. Game comes out there hardly is any hunting, poorly written characters and plot. This is all campaign related as well we haven't even gotten to the multiplayer. Multiplayer and marketing big push was on req packs for Warzone. remember the abused marking on those things. I encourage you to go back and watch them really anti consumer, to the point they tell you to shut up and buy them. several multiplayer modes missing forge and firefight being two giant ones. lack luster customization, Buggy and broken theater. Horrible performance on the original Xbox one. finally no split screen co op. That was giant uproar in the community. for the first time ever, a main line halo game did not have split screen co op. It was so bad Bonnie Ross general manager at 343 had to make a promise that all halo games movie forward will have it. They know they missed the mark and will improve now, right?

I honestly don't even think I need to cover halo infinite as its so recent, but I will. Was going to originally launch in 2020 with the Xbox series X and S. Promised us a return to form. The Halo Infinite show case 2020 arrives. Game play looks very promising graphics not so much. Game rightfully gets a delay. More details emerge Going free to play promised to put the "community first", that there will be no "predatory microtransactions". "This will be the next halo for 10 years as a live service". That we will be able to make "our spartan how we want". They were going to go to a "player first mentality". Games multiplayer launches for the surprise anniversary of halo CE. Turns out almost everything they promised us was a lie. Customization was water down to being locked to cores. Colors being locked to cores, helmets armors pieces everything. Armor sets being sold for $20. Battle pass being extremely grinding to a point it becomes a job. Missing progression system, several game modes and features missing. Extremely horrible server latency. Being told halo at its core as always been competitive when it never has been. Its been a party shooter game first competitive second, always! Game play is amazing yes but that's about all this game as going for it. with only so many modes and maps, it gets boring quick. Especially when the only thing to progress is a battle pass. Then recently another failed promise of missing split screen co op, and lack luster roadmap to season 3 while extending season 2 to ten months long.

I think it is extremely fair to ask the question can 343i handle halo after not one or two but four failed tries. We as a community are left wondering is this what is to become of halo. just sit and watch it die, with nothing we can do. Xbox head Phil Spencer once said "If we lose our way with halo, we lose our way with Xbox." Well Phil I think 343i and halo has lost its way. We as a community have given them time and time again. We let them make broken promises and lies right to our face. If halo is to ever get better there needs to be some serious changes. We as a community have to ask "when is enough, enough"?

As a long time halo fan it pains me so much to see what the franchise has become. Halo was my first ever xbox game. I played it on the original Xbox as a 6 year old kid. Made so many memories and friends over the course of 20 years. It pains me so, to see what has happened. That there is only negativity. I have ranted a lot about the game(s) recently to the point I'm just giving up. I have tried to give 343i so many chances. I have tried being simple and giving constructive criticism. It is just in one ear and out the other with 343i. Nothing is going to change with them. I know 343i has some amazing and talented people. However, I think they need to try different projects, that the studio needs to try different projects. So we are left asking ourselves is this the new normal? Is this what we wanted, when halo was given a 2nd chance after bungie left. Halo needs another chance, just one without 343i.

Side notes; Well everyone that's my rant I made. Tried to keep it as civil as I could, I was/ am past my boiling point with this situation. If you made it this far, thanks for hearing out my story/Discussion/Rant.

Edit- Thank you all for the awards and reading what I had to say. Also those contributing to the conversation. I really wasn't expecting this to explode the way it did. I was just trying to get my frustration out.

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Discussion Pick the best two Halo games but they need to be 5 years apart from each other!

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Discussion Halo Infinite Weekly Store | 27/09 Edition

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Discussion I hope the grif shot returns in Halo Infinite

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Discussion 15 Years ago today, Halo 3 was released

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Discussion Tashi's "Stay tuned - big stuff on the way" tweet, was not about the roadmap.

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Discussion What do you think this’ll be? Seeing a lot of people saying it’ll be some forge map remakes like in 5 but I’m expecting it to be some sort of new game type.

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