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Networking for Beginners
Purchasing Guide
Courtesy of /u/DaNPrS
Summary of how to use your own router with AT&T Fiber
Courtesy of /u/Mike45757

Critical info when posting
Courtesy of /u/tht1kidd_

Custom Firmware

Tired of your router's stock interface? Need some extra horsepower in that cheap box? We know where you can get your fix.

DD-WRT Main Site
Courtesy of /u/scottread1

Tomato Home
OpenWRT Home
Courtesy of /u/pat_trick

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r/HomeNetworking Feb 19 '22

How MoCA Networks Work - Collection Post


There's been an uptick of questions regarding MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) networks and how it works. I am not an expert, but I'd like to create this post to consolidate our overall knowledge in setting it up, for everyone's consumption. As a starting point, below are a couple of must-see links:

Multimedia over Coax Alliance Homepage - Deep dive into how the MoCA was developed, as well as list of MoCA certified products.

MoCA in Your House - Contains a collection of how-to videos and information in setting-up your home MoCA network. It also contains some recommended certified products you can acquire to include in your MoCA network.

Please share your tips and advise here as well! I am planning to have this pinned in our subreddit.


r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

my networking setup

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r/HomeNetworking 4h ago

Networking display UPDATE!

Post image

r/HomeNetworking 9h ago

Advice Should I cancel my mom's Xfinity and start anew in my own name?


My Xfinity account is in my mom's name. Sadly she passed away in 2019. Before she died I had to handle her account due to her dementia so I had my email, phone number and credit card added to the account to pay the bill. I've been using her account since but I'm trying to save. I could save $35 if I cancel her account and open up one in my name under the same speed but will it work? It's the same house address, same credit card, same email on file and same phone number just different name on the account. Would it work?

r/HomeNetworking 5h ago

Advice Can't seem to adopt and keep seeing my Ubiquity USG in the controller software.

Post image

r/HomeNetworking 1d ago Gold

Nothing after the builder finished, to 24 POE drops(still have 6 to pull). Week of vacation to redo the panel(cut out and replace), cut drywall, pull all the runs, patch drywall and paint, install AP's and Cameras. As well as going cross eyed crimping and punching down.

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r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

Advice Ring Base Station with built in router and another router set up


Currently, I have Ring Alarm Pro Base station (has built in router) connected to the Modem, and the home router(that i’ve been using before purchasing a base station) connected to the Base Station.
Later i found that that Alarm pro IS a router so i don’t actually have to use my home router (Nighthawk RAX48.)

Is it ok to create a different network name and password for Base station than the current router? I guess i'd have 2 wifi and 1 modem

r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

Unsolved MoCA Setup not working


Hi! I would appreciate some help with this setup.

I have a coaxial cable running from the wall through the moca adapter to my netgear router.

My google wifi is hooked up to the router and the wifi works fine.

However, in the below image, I have another moca adapter hooked up to a coax port in a different room, and if I connect a computer to that with an ethernet cable it gets no internet.

Could anyone advise how to debug this issue?

Does my internet provider need to do anything special to that other coax port for it to work with the MoCA?

Thank you!



r/HomeNetworking 5h ago

are these 2 extenders identical in performance? Re605x and Re600x


r/HomeNetworking 1h ago

Modem to managed switch to 4 routers help please


Hello guys. I have a Tp-Link TL-SG2210P V1 managed switch and I have ZTE f601 optical fiber terminal and 4X Asus AC2900 router. My ISP gave me 4 public ips and I would like to use them for all of my four routers through pppoe mode. The best way to do that is with the scheme. Zte f601 to tplink managed switch to 4x Asus routers. The issue right here is the switch doesn't allow any of my Asus routers to get internet connection though pppoe mode. But when I link the zte f601 directly with one of my Asus routers the internet works perfectly with pppoe mode. So there's some configuration that I have to do to the switch to get the internet works well with pppoe and get the fours ips that ISP gave me. Please help me what should I do?

r/HomeNetworking 1h ago

Advice My wifi is so slow need help!


Hey guys so I pay for fast internet about 90 bucks a month and have had it for years my equipment is pretty old in a sense I guess. Anyway I get 60Mbps download and 9-10 upload. Sometimes for work I have to download files that are 8-14 GBs big and this takes a long time! I don’t know why when I download the speed is only 5-7.9 MBps sometimes even slower. I’ve tried everything and I’m so frustrated. At this point I feel like I should go drive and buy a new router! Does anyone think that would improve my downloads!?

My PC is Ethernet connected still only gets 7MBPS. I use spectrum.

r/HomeNetworking 1h ago

Advice Is it possible for me to share Ethernet from PC1 to PC2 without running the Ethernet cable all the way back to the router if there is two ports on the motherboard? Bridging kept giving me errors.

Post image

r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

Bringing home WIFI inside shipping container


I have a strong wifi connection just outside my shipping metal container, but obviously the signal doesn't penetrate. Basically I would like a device(s) that I can mount a receiving antenna on the outside, and the output antenna+device on the inside of the container. I want to rebroadcast the outside wifi into the container for other wifi devices.

I can't use powerline because the container is separated on its own breaker. I have fairly slow <5Mbs internet so no need for crazy top of the line stuff.

It's all a bit confusing and I would really appreciate some help steering me in the right direction.

Thank you

r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

Arris DG9450 Chipset question


Hello, I’ve been trying to research this myself but I guess I’m not very good in that regard. Is this a Broadcom chipset? I’m guessing it is because it’s not listed on the Puma chipset list. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

r/HomeNetworking 6h ago

Unsolved IPTV somehow being blocked by my new router (Linksys EA6900)


HEy :)
I switched from a 2 in 1 modem router thing yesterday and everything is working fine except my IPTV app on chromcast. After a whole bunch of trying to figure out WTF was happening I figured out that my router is denying access. I googled how to allow access and the linksys help guide thing says go to advanced settings and turn it on. When I go into my router, there is no advanced settings option. Does anyone know where I can find that / how to do this manually if there is something I can do?

Here is the link to the Linksys guide im looking at


r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

Cable splice for Starlink... Punchdown block or dual RJ-45s


This is really a cable question.. the Starlink part is incidental.. The Starlink antenna is going into a spot that would be a difficult new cable run. Fortunately, there is a Cat 6 there already put in during construction. It has an RJ-45 on it and it's been sitting in a waterproof coupler going to a microwave radio for a year or so. With Starlink I wouldn't need the microwave. I'm pondering cutting the Starlink cable and mating the antenna cable to the existing cable run. OPTION 1 Put an RJ-45 on the cut end of the Starlink cable and mate it to the Rj-45 in the existing cable, BUT I believe I would have to cut the RJ-45 OFF the existing cable in order to get it into a NEW good weatherproof connector. OPTION 2 . I could cut the end off the existing cable and mate it to the Starlink cable in a Cat 6 punchdown block. (My experience with pundown blocks USED to be extensive.. but like 25 years ago... gee there still might be a 110 tool out in the garage! Then the punchdown block would go into a a standard gray IP67 electrical box for weatherproofing. What do you think? Fresh RJ-45 to fresh RJ-45 or punchdown block. AM I correct that I WOULD have to cut off the existing cable's RJ-45 and start fresh to get it into the waterproof connector, would I not?

r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

How can I determine which Cat6 wall plate connects to which drop in the basement?


We just moved into a new home. Every room has three Cat6 wires come through wall plate in the typical “TV mount” locations. In the basement, where all of the Cat6 is dropped, there are just bundles of cables with no labels.

Is there a tool that I can connect to the cable in one room and then test the cables in the basement to determine which drop goes to which room?

I know this exists for coax, as I had the same situation with the coax wall plates and already purchased the Klein tester to figure this out.

r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

I have noticeable packet loss when playing video games for the entire day consistently


I've called up an isp tech multiple time this past year but I've gotten no solution to the problem

I use my own Netgear router and connect my pc through ethernet

I dont know what to do

r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

Unsolved Router is losing connectivity, showing solid orange light


Hi, i got my Archer AX1100 because i needed something fast and stable, and unfortunately that hasn't been the case. I've lost internet a few times today and it wouldn't be so bad except that when it happens the router shows a solid orange light and needs to be restarted by hand. Is there a way to

  1. Find out what is causing the hang
  2. set up some sort of auto restart on hang

Because as it stands i have little to no information on whats going on and it's interrupting my workflow

r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

Comcast Gigabyte pro & Juniper ACX2100 & Solo10G SFP+


Comcast Gigabyte pro & Juniper ACX2100 & Solo10G SFP+

I am in the process of upgrading to Comcast (xfinity) gigabyte pro (6GBs symmetrical). They use Juniper ACX2100 as the equipment. From there I will use the 1GB Ethernet port to run most of the house off a router. The SFP 10GBe port will be used to one computer (MacBook Pro m1 16”). I was planning on using this Solo10G SFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt Adapter and plugging directly from the Juniper straight to this with the MacBook. Will this work? Do I need another piece of equipment between the two?

r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

Advice Strange things showing up connected to router.


I don’t check the client list on my Router that often, but every once in a while I do and usually everything makes sense. Today I noticed some things that don’t.

I have a 4 Port Asus Router with 3 Desktop computer connected and an un-managed Netgear Switch (wired to the 4 ports).

Connected to the switch (wired) are: 1 Desktop computer, 2 Apple TV's, and 2 Asus Mesh Node Routers (a 3rd Mesh Node is wired to one of these).

Wirelessly I have a few cell phones, and two Blink Sync Modules which connect to outdoor Blink wireless cameras.

Today I connected a Wyze Smart Switch, after setup I unplugged it for now.

I took a look at the Client list, which is not always constant. It refreshes and sometimes things drop off then come back on (always was like that). I saw the Wyze switch before unplugging it.

3 Things I noticed which do not make sense are: Canon Photo Printer, Intel Corporate and Blink by Amazon, all shown as WIRED in the client list. Blink by Amazon no longer shows now.

In searching the mac addresses online, The Canon Printer shows as Amazon Technologies Incorporated. Intel Corporate shows as that, and Blink by Amazon (which I now no longer see) showed as Blink by Amazon.

Note that I don’t have any network printers (all USB) and none of them are Canon.

Normally the only Blink things I see in the client list (wirelessly) are the 2 Sync Modules, which I still see.

Any ideas on what these strange wired devices could be?


r/HomeNetworking 11h ago

Unsolved I am getting these certificate errors on some websites. I use Tenda AC2100. These websites work when I use a VPN. Can it be the ISP or is it the router?

Post image

r/HomeNetworking 1d ago

Found the motherload cleaning out parents big house. Can someone explain why there would need to be a Verizon switch(?) and sonos device for every room in the house when the rooms themselves aren’t that big

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r/HomeNetworking 4h ago

splicing fiber?


Is there an easy way to splice a fiber? My internet fiber to the house snapped in the hurricane and will likely take weeks to fix.

r/HomeNetworking 4h ago

Advice Trying to help my retired Dad manage his home network...


Hello! It's my first time in this sub but I wanted to poke around for some advice.

I'm getting a TL-SG105E unmanaged smart Switch so he can run additional connections across his property. The issue is it will be mounted outdoors... Can anyone advise about the amount of heat this thing generates if anyone has used it before? Will it overheat easily if enclosed to protect from dust/the elements? And does anyone have any advise on mitigating environmental factors?

They live on the west coast of British Columbia so weather is fairly mild year round, it very rarely goes below zero and almost never snows. The summers are also fairly mild.

r/HomeNetworking 4h ago

Is this CAT7 cable real?


I was wondering if anyone can tell or knows if this CAT7 cable is real, iCAN 10ft Cat7 Ethernet Patch Cable, 10G Double Shielded S/FTP, 26AWG, Gold plated, Black | Canada Computers & Electronics. I am not interested in cheaper options if this one is authentic. Tia!